Taste of Salt Cover

Taste of Salt

by Theodore R. Treadwell

Publication date: June 2007
227 pages, 50 photos*, illustrations, maps, list of abbreviations, appendices.

ISBN 978-0-595-43860-0

List price: $19.95 soft cover
$29.95 hard cover (available Jan. 2008)

*Photos mostly by author

A true, personal narrative of the author’s four years in the navy during World War II. Two of the years were on a subchaser, the last eight months of that service as the commanding officer. Written with passion, humor and authority, Treadwell shares in vivid, graphic detail the people and places, the events and adventures encountered during those turbulent years.

A parallel thread in Taste of Salt is the life of U.S.S. Subchaser SC 648 from the day of her launching on April 18, 1942 to the day she was decommissioned, February 5, 1946. Three of those years were in the Southwest Pacific where she participated in four assault landings, the liberation of the Philippines, and the Borneo-Kuching P.O.W. liberation, earning five battle stars on the way.

If you liked Splinter Fleet you will like Taste of Salt. Treadwell knows how to spin a yarn without exaggerating, and without embellishment. His writing is relaxed, at times whimsical, and always fascinating. His recollections, drawn from hundreds of letters and photos saved in dusty attics over sixty years, will amaze you. If you want the aura and “feel” of those war years, both at home and in the South Pacific, this book is for you.

“...a classic memoir of World War II--evocative, personal and memorable. Loved this book.”
—Tom Brokaw, NBC News, author, The Greatest Generation
“To say I merely enjoyed reading Taste of Salt would be a gross understatement. I loved it. I’m reserving a half-dozen autographed copies.”
—T.L.Brown, CDR, USNR (Ret.) Naval Aviator, International Airline Captain.
“I couldn’t stop reading it. There’s so much in this book. Treadwell’s story speaks for the tens of thousands of boys who, overnight, became men. It vividly brought back my own experiences.
—Henry Strauss, CEO Henry Strauss Productions; ex-Commanding Officer SC 668; Rear-Commodore, N.Y.Station, Cruising Club of America

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5 stars “…an important contribution to World War II history” —DuaneHove

5 stars “This is one book I’ll keep in my library to read again and again.” —Don B.

5 stars “…refreshingly candid and self-effacing” —James V. Coffey

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