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I am looking for anyone who may served with my Dad on the US Las Vegas Victory during 1944-1946

Owner of the plank SC1327 Spring of l943 to November l945 and I feel I am the last man standing. Is there any body out there. Merry Christmas

Served on the USS Elmsmere from 12-54 through 3-56. Then was sent to USS Shadwell for 2 more years. Retired from being an electrician after 45 years.

Would like to hear from anyone who served on S.C. 641 in S.W. pacific during W.W. 2. Are all you guys dead?

I have just spent the last hour reading this entire guest book. When I scroll thru these messages reading the stories and searches of long lost shipmates, I realize that here, among these stories and requests for contacts, are the heroes who literally saved the world for us. I am free today because of them and what they did, all of them. It is heartwarming to read this guest book and it incites in me a feeling of reverence not unlike that which I felt when visiting the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor. It is equally as nice to see the pride felt by the sons, daughters and other relatives who seek information on their deceased veteran sailors.

I am also one of those who is researching all that I can find on my father who served on SC508 in the Mediterranean. According to my father’s records, the SC508 operated out of Algeria and saw action in the invasion of Italy in early 1944. The few stories that I remember my father telling precisely fit the mold of those that I have read here. My father was Robert D. Atkins, MOMM1C (3C while aboard SC508 from Oct 43 to May 44). I have just ordered “The Splinter Fleet” thru and look forward to reading more of what it was like for these rugged and proud “Maverick” sailors. Excellent website.

Mike Atkins

Looking for SC 1010 information for my Uncle Dude Phillips uncle served on the subchaser there anyone out there that may have served on this subchaser, or know’s of someone who did or are there resourses available that any of you may know of that i can access....????.....( for pictures, etc. ) all those who served, God Bless and thank you ....!!!!!!

Great site. My Dad, James Flaherty, served on SC 4 from 1917 until he was hurt by a depth charge from a British Destroyer that landed on the SC 4. He also served as a gunner at the front when Naval guns were put on railroad cars. Is it possible to get Ship’s logs from WWI.
I served in wooden minesweeps, destroyers and small boats on muddy rivers, I guess like Father like son,

My dad Harold S. Barker served on a Subchaser operating out
of Newport Rhode Island duringWWI. The boat spent all of the
war on Rhode Island Sound at the entrance of Narragansett
Bay.Dad found summer runs generally pleasant, winter runs
could bring fog, cold and very rough seas. His rate was deck
petty officer which kept him busy Because the Scripps Booth
gas engine would catch fire almost every other week.

The Commanding officer was a Lt. Robert Parker from Wisconsin. Any information on this boat its number and
crew would be appreciated. My father joined as a patriot
ready to fight sail the worlds oceans and never got further
than 200 miles from his High School in Newport Rhode Island!

Great Web Site; Keep up the good work.
I am looking for information about my father Kenneth R. Pinkston. He was a Seabee during WW11
He was in Hawaii, the Phillippines and I believe China. I don’t have much information to go on,
if there is anyone out there that might have known him I would be very thankful if you were to contact
me with any information you may have.
Thank you
Walter k. Pinkston

My father, Joseph B. Griffin, Chief Pharmacistmate, served on the USS Baron (DE-166) and was transfered to the SC-775 sometime near the end of the war while in Guam. They brought her back to the states (Bremerton, Wash. I think), then had orders to take her to Russia under the lend/lease agreement. after about a week at sea, the European war was over, so they were recalled back to the states. It has really been nice to locate this web site, for I have really enjoyed learning about the SC’s. My father was not very long winded when it came to WWII. He is gone now, but I wish he could have seen this site. I have a photo of it in Guam if you would like a copy.
Keith Griffin

My family was good friends with Cmdr. George Howard Earle. I understand he was the commander of the U.S.S. Victor, and was told that this ship was a subchaser during WWI. Can anyone tell me how I can get more information on this ship?

looking for anyone who was on sc703 in 1944 to 1945 my dad was on this ship looking for pictures his name (HOMER F> WEINREICH) rank MoMM2 please any one answer this need to know.

My husband served aboard the SC641 in the so. pacific in
WW2. Would be glad to here from any other crew member.
Edward R. Rapp

My father George N. Stibila served aboard the U.S.S Malone
PC 553 I would appreciate any information on this ship.

My dad served on the SC #254 from mid 1917 to late 1919 in the Ireland, Scotland, Wales area. Am writing book usinf his log and letters as basis. Anyone out there with dads on the #254?

Just a note saying how much I enjoyed your sight.I read the section on sc’s still afloat,I maintained one for 15 years,until 1998,when I retired from Canadian Fishing Company.
The vessel retired 2 years ago,an is now laying in Vancouver bc Canada.I hope this information is some use to you.

Looking for shipmates of Bob Maytash. He was a radioman aboard SC 1049

Very nice site. I served aboard the USS Hollidaysburg PCS 1385 in 1969 sailing the Great Lakes. From October of 70, to June 72, I served on the USS Kretchmer DER 329 & from then until April 75, in USNR. I am looking for info on the Hollidaysburg. Any photos or history of PCS 1385.It was used for traing during my time on her stationed in Toledo, Ohio


my late father douglas dee crawford USN , patroling the coast and island served on the SC-453 down in florida durning 1942. you have a great site.

SC-1033: My dad, Vernon Johnson (deseased 1989), served on this ship from June 1945 to November 1945, in the pacific theater. Any kind of info or pics or stories about this ship would be greatly appreciated, thank you, call collect, Mike 775 738 1200 anytime

I gave my dad’s diary and misc stuff to the Phila Seaport Museum
Dad was the only Doctor with Juggy Nelson at Corfu Greece in WW 1, and the battle of Durazzo.
Why doesn’t the History Channel recognize these boats, and America’s only surface naval engagement of WW 1 ?

I’ve been a ship spotter for at least 25 years and the hobby has led me off at many different tangents is the first time I have read about SC’s. Excellent site!

Like so many here, my dad served in the Splinter Fleet. He served as an officer on SC 711 and was part of the crew that decomissioned her. He also served briefly on PC 610, but only to bring her to the scrap yard after hostilities ended.

Would love to hear from any shipmates or schoolmates of Esn. or Lt. Robert Tombaugh. Unfortunately Dad died in Jan. 2000, before I found this site.

Thanks for the look into this little known facet of US Naval Service!


Ted actually discovered “me” first! He was doing some research and found my web page which
describes my Navy experiences from 1959 to 1963. Ted was then kind enough to drop me an
e-mail and a couple of nice kudos. Of course, he then enlightened me about his own work,
“The Splinter Fleet.”

Like many of you, I had never heard of the wooden sub chasers. After reading about them
on his web site, I am now hooked. One of my sons is a manager at Barnes & Noble and I’m
going to have him get me a copy of the book.

BTW, at the risk of being a tad self-aggrandizing, here is the URL for my own Navy Anthology:

“Fair skys and following seas!”

Tom Fisher

SC 732 - 1944, 1945 - Australia, New Guinea, Admiralties, Philippines, Borneo. I am still in communication with Jim Neighbor, Don Koch, and Kurt Steg. It would be wonderful to find some of the rest of that wonderful crew.
My e-mail is

I am ex British Navy, researching for a “compare & contrast” study of SCs and British Fairmile B type a few of which also served as SCs in USN. Your site is a wonderful mine of info. Thanks also, Ted, for generous “off site” help. If Bob McQuaid (Lt. USN. Rtd) would care to contact me re above, I would be delighted.

My Dad served on SC991, chapter 17 of Dan Treadwell’s book. Although he never talked much about it, I’m sure that he would have given anything to det sail again! I am most fortunate to have some photos of his, along with his discharge papers. After reading the book, and also meeting with Mr. Treadwell, I’d like to do a cruise also. By the way, my Dad’s name was George Tomlinson EMc3. If anyone is still alive from the SC991, please contact me. Cmmr Johns is still alive and well..

I served on the USS SC633 from 7-43 to 3-45 as a Ships Cook I would like to hear from some of my old ship mates, Iam sure some of them are still out there. SC633 was decomissioned at Guam afer WW2.If anyone has questions about the USS SC633 I will try to answer them.
Ted E. Koerner

Here’s a June 16, 2002 update in regards to the web page on the “Restoration of a Subchaser SC 1057” floating at anchor in
King’s Cove, Crystal River, Florida. It now appears to be a derelict ship run aground and listing to starboard side with
superstucture removed. It’s just a hull of a ship, an eye-sore for local complaining residents and clearly visible from Pete’s Pier
or Kings Bay road. Local scuttlebutt from residents say authorities will soon refloat it, haul it to shore and salvage it.
A sad ending to one of the few remaining subchasers.

A truly great site. I was not to familiar with the Subchaser until ROBERT CLARKSON of NY sent me the book
“Splinter Fleet”. Our town of Pictou Nova Scotia served
the war effort by sending some of Pictou’s finest & building the Liberty Ships “Park Ships in Canada”.More information can be found at our town site.
There are many untold stories of the horrors of war and also about many personal experiences that people have gone through.

I am also looking for anyone who served on APD 96, as well as SC 767/1068 Please contact me anytime. God bless all our men/women.

My uncle, Lou Rieffel, was on SC 1024 when it was lost in a collision on March 2, 1943. Does anyone know if there is a memorial to the men on that ship?

My Father was GM2/C Donald Hagins and was on the SC-1040 from late 43 through the end of the war. Left a message on this board a couple of years back and heard from one his shipmates. My Father said the SC’s had sister ships, believe theirs was the 1041. Any other former shipmates from the 1040 out there?

I served on PCS 1430 and PC 583, I was Sonarman/2nd class Diver. I served on these ships from 9-45 to 6-46, stationed at Pearl Harbor small craft docks. The 1430 was a 136’in length and constructed of wood. 583 was 173', contructed of metal, and carried two 3" 50 deck guns, one on the bow, and one on the stern. While on the 1430 I had the opportunity to dive in the Truk Lagoon. I was blowing open safes to recover documents and any gold or other valubles secreted inside. I find your site very interesting. Anyone who might have served with me can reach me at this e_mail site.

I am looking for anyone who served in ww2 on subchasers 767 or 1068, Especially 1068 - my dad was captian on that ship. I am also looking for Pictures of both ships, Especially 1068.

so happy to learn about this website. How do I get to the photo section of the site. I served as an rm3c aboard the sc1357. we worked out of Charleston,S.C. I was aboard from June 1944 until the end of 1945 when we decommissioned it and turned it over to the Coast Guard. We escorted merchant ships from Charleston and from Wilmington,N.C.,to meet their convoys on the way to Europe. We were scheduled to go to the Pacific,but it became unnecessary. It was great duty and a great time in my life. I would love to hear from other subchaser sailors, especially those who served on the 1357. Hugh Nickola

I wanted to tell you your book is great , we bought two copies one for dad and one for me. Dads read it twice. He was so excited because a picture of his ship is in the book. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!

I love this site ! It really helps me understand what type of ship my dad was on in ww2. Although I am very upset with our navy now, Dads 83 not in good health and I tried to get his medals and anything else I could for him because they were all lost in a Great flood after the war and the navy wants him to fill out tons of paperwork , It was to be a sur[rise,plus he does have a touch of dementia so now it’s impossable for him to get them! Thank you for caring navy !

sc1300 built at wickford r.i. 1943
duty charleston until early winter 1943
does anyone know anything about her duty after that date

Great web site, and searching for anyone that served on the SC1020 at anytime during it’s existance.

My father, Robert Marx was motor machinist mate on the SC699 during the invasion of Biak Island, 27 May 1944. The subchaser was hit by a “Betty” [kamikaze bomber] in the stern. My father was severly burned but obviously survived. My father’s last memory before he was blown off of the stern into the burning water was the smile on the Japanese pilots face as he dived toward the ship. My dad’s friend who was strapped into the “fifty”, did not survive.
When my father “came to” he was in the ocean which was blazing with burning fuel. He swam to a destroyer which was picking up survivors from the water. When a sailor reached down to grap my fathers arm, my dad slid back into the water as all his skin was burned from that arm. But anyway he lived to tell the tale. I have a fantastic photo of the 699 on fire off of Bosnik beach Biak island. If anyone is interested please contact me. I would very much appreciate hearing from anyone who was on the 699 or their descendents.

Served on the USS SC 513 in WWII.Have picture of the ship and crew. Taken in 1944. Will be glad to share..All members of the crew are named on the back of the picture..Ted this is a nice site and the book was so true.

my father served on the arlington ww11, in the
pacific. his name charles v carroll. would like pictures from ship. he passed away 1984 from lung cancer. survived by seven children and 11 grandchildren and 3 great grand children.

I know very little about Subchasers. Thanks for this site! My dad worked at the Seabrook Shipyard,
Seabrook, Texas where they built some subchasers during W W II. His name was Alexander
Randoulph Arnold (decised) but, everyone called him “Arnold” (for obvious reasons). If anyone knew
my dad, or could offer any information about the Subchaser Construction there, I would certainly
enjoy hearing from you. Thanks again.

My dad served on SC633 and SC1010 between July 1942 and Dec. 1945. His name was Clarence Williams. Any info on these sub chasers or my dad would be appreciated. Janice

My father (EM2) served proudly on SC1020 '43 - '45. Because of this website and guestbook entries he has been able to contact one of his shipmates from the 1020. I will be building a webpage for the 1020 in the future and will post a message when the page is operating. Anyone having any info on the 1020 can e-mail me. Thanks to all of the men who served during this time of need for our country.

Enjoyed seeing a site of ships that did simular duty. You can see what we did at: Sure enjoyed my visit to your site.

Ron... USS LOWE DER325

I am pleased to note that this great and valuable website has now put THREE former officers (and/or their sons)of the SC 1326 (see other entries above, also) in touch with one another. To all other 1326 sailors, or their descendants ---let’s keep the numbers growing! To anyone seeking info and old shipmates from the other SC’s --- hang in there, it works!!

My father,Clarence Wilson Williams, was in the navy from July 1942 untill Dec.1945. He served on USS SC 633 and 1010. We are looking for any information about these sub-chasers, where they were during this time and anything about my dad.

My father’s name is Charles D. Stremsterfer and was assigned to the SC 1326 during the war. He served as the Communication officer on board this ship. My father entered the Navy on March 26, 1943 and attended Officer Training School at Harvard, Cambridge, MA where he was appointed a Lieutenant (Junior Grade) USNR #271484 and was on active duty from May 1, 1943 to February 12, 1946. He entered the Navy from St. Louis, Mo but he and his wife Charlotte grew up in Springfield, IL. In 1944 he was assigned to the Sub Tender Howard S. Gilmore but became ill and was in the hospital in Sept. 1944 for two weeks. He then was assigned to the Sub-Chaser 1326. In Honolulu he bought many presents for his wife and two children. He recalled when the ship broke down with the starboard screws malfunctioning. It went into dry-dock and missed the battle for Iwo Jima. He was in the barracks for a year. One night on patrol, my father said that he spotted a Japanese plane at 2:00 AM patrolling the harbor in Okinawa. The pilot looked at my father and he looked at the pilot and let the plane go. The ship got to Okinawa after the battle was over. My father returned home on Dec. 4, 1945.
I have done some research on SC 1326 and found out that in October 1945 there was a terrific typhoon at Okinawa that grounded the ship. Perhaps another ship with the name of SCC 1326 fell victim to Japanese shore batteries while on beach patrol.
My father is still living, but his memory is very poor and doesn’t talk much about the war. I would appreciate hearing from anyone if you knew my father. My father played cards and sent money home. He was an accountant and went to work for the IRS after the war. Please e-mail me with any stories that you may have and if you remember Charlie.

I served on the U.S.S. SC1045 as a SOM 3/c. Would certainly enjoy hearing from old shipmates. I was stationed there in 1945. We were based in the South Pacific.

Excellent web site on subchasers, best on the net, with great infomation, pictures,
comments and links.

My father server on board SC-531, out of Espiritu Santo, NH in the South Pacific from about
Oct. 1944 thru Oct. 1945 under the command of (I think):

J.S. King, Lieut., Commanding officer also possibly Grant H. Wykhuis
R.S. Anderson, Ens, Executive Officer
E.W. Faulkner, Ens, Third Officer

I am trying to find his shipmates, logs, etc. Please email . Thx.

After getting out of gread school at the youn age of 15 I joined the Navy.After boot camp in Pensacola,Fl,I was assigned to S.C 1058.Late 43--and 44.At the age of 15.I am and have been a proud member of the P.C.S.A since 1991.If you know of anyone that served on the 1058,I would love to hear from them.GREAT WEB SITE!!

My father-in-law, Nick Burpulis, served as a chief cook on a subchaser in WWII. He had great stories for us, and would have loved to seen this site. Sadly, Nick passed on but I intend to find out which ship he served on and maybe show his daughter a picture of it. Thanks for the wonderful site.

I served aboard Sc650 from June 1943 untill Dec. 1944. Got aboard at Nemea New Caledonia and left from Manus Island in the Admiralties. Would appreciate hearing from anyone as to what happened to SC 650. My email address is .

My son & I truly enjoyed your talk at the Greater Loveland Historical Society on Sunday. Thank-you for sharing your history and time to preserve a part of history for generations to come!

Have photos of SC-288-290 from Cuba and Panama Canal. My grandfather served on SC-289 during WWI.

My Dad served on SC231 after it was turned over to the Coast Guard and re-named USS Blaze (WPC336). They were stationed in St. Augustine, FL and use to escort the east coast convoys. I bought the book “Splinter Fleet”, read it and really enjoyed it. My Dad is now reading it.

Bob Morris

My dad, Robert Traylor, served on the SC-724. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who served with him.

I served in....submarines (!) in the Royal Netherlands
Navy; subsequently with P2V-5s “ chasing subs !”,in peace-
time, of course. Retired Dec. 1962.
Loved your Essay on those marvelous little ships, and all
those photographs !
BTW, I was in Biak and.....Hollandia, 1951-53 !...with
PBY-5As....yes, CATALINAs.

Great site! My dad was on SC-631 during WWII as part of the 8th fleet amphibious forces. I’d love to hear from anyone else who might have been on this vessel.

I served aboard SC-741 from late 1944 to decommisioning at subic Bay Luzon. I went aboard at Tacloben Leyte Phillipines.
It was a great ship.My email address is . This is a great web site.

My father served on the SC-1311 in the South Pacific during WW II. I am looking for any information or pictures of the boat. Thanks

Wondering what happened to PCE843 last known to me to be a Reserve training ship out of Boston.

Very good site!!!
The FriedrichFiles

Served in WWII, Motor Machinists Mate (MOMM), 1944-46, Subic Bay, USS-ANACOT YTB-253, SC-1275. Great site, thanks for the memories!

Looking for info for a friend. Seaman First Class George Dean Burgess. Served 1944 & 1945.Served on USS Glennon DD840. Would appreciate any info.

Benny Santoriello Jan.14 2002 11:30 am Joined navy 12 19 41 to 1 7 46- I was put aboard the USS SC 677 in 1943 Transfered to USS 1071 in 1944 converted to PGM 6. PGM 6 was one of the ships to go up the Mindanoa River as you know it was worth it.(job well done) I"m living in Florida now just in case some of my shipmates are still around. (ex PGM 6) BENNY SANTORIELLO

Seeking info on Sub Chaser, USS SC 1024, understand it sunk after a collision around 2 0r 3 March 1943 off Cape Hatteras. What ship did it collide with? Is there a ships history avaiable? Any info appreciated. Please e-mail to

I’m particularly interested in a Radioman Chester Chapman. Helping his neice learn about him.


Duke Sumonia Glen Haven, Co.

I served on the scl327 and I am curious if there is anyone out there having served on this sub chaser? I commissioned the ship in spring of l943 and de commissioned the ship at Treasure Island in November l945. I am wondering if there are any of us left?

Oooops! I gave the wrong number for the subchaser at Mass. Maritime Academy. It was SC1321, not SC1301. Anybody interested in the photo - I will gladly e-mail it.

Very interesting - brought back memories. A friend recently sent me a photo of SC1301, which was at Massachusetts Maritime Academy in 1947. I attended Maine Maritime Academy from 1957 to 1960. We had a subchaser there as well. It had been named “Sewell B. Smith, Jr.”. I don’t know what its original number was.