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My father served aboard SC1072, he died 14 years ago.
I have been looking for anything on subchasers for a long
time. Thanks to your website I have found more than I ever
thought I could learn about them.I cant wait for your book.

thanks for the
Mike Cush

Thank you for referring me to your website. It adds one more piece to my beginning research on my father’s experiences in World War II. Thank you for being part of what kept him (and others in the 112th Cavalry RCT) safe during this time. Your website is very well done and I will watch for your book to be released in the near future. Connie

Served on PGM 5 along with George Puente - 44-46

Greetings Ted, Looking forward to the book. Good Luck. Regards, Bill ( ex-USS PGM-4)

Congratulations! This is a very informative site . I appreciate the work you have done. I will be visiting often!

4.0! I love the website. Will spread the word to others in my crowd. Thanks for the personal effort!

You fellows responded to the call without hesitation during WW-II. We commend you and those who followed. A dear friend of mine, Lou Rieffel, served aboard a subchaser that was lost off Cape Hatteras with its entire crew. Small in stature but big in heart, he was a great scholar and a fine athlete. We revere his memory and those who were lost with him. Thank you for the job you have done.
Dave Rosania (AF-29) 1944-46

I served on board the USS PC-566 which I boarded at Miami and was part
of the crew that helped train the “90-day Wonders” both at Miami and
later at Boston. The only time we did not act as a training ship for the
new officers was when we went to Bermuda for air/sea rescue and an
interesting period when we served as a “target” for submarine torpedo
practice off of the Florida Keys.
Thanks for a nice Web Site, Ted. Hope that someone with PC history
knowledge can come up with an adjunct to this site.

I really enjoyed your website. As President of the Patrol
Craft Sailors Assoc.I am glad to this additional info re the“Donald Duck” Navy. Thanks for the mention of the Bay City, MI. museum which reminds people of our roll in WWII.

"Bucky Walters
Pres. PCSA

Radioman aboard USS SC-633. Your discription SC’s behavior in heavy seas is right on. Road out two typhoons at sea and two in more or less protected anchorages. Great site, Ted. Looking forward to publication date.

Ted: A fine job! Enjoyed it all. I served aboard the PC-1178 for fifteen months, 1944-1945. To date we have contacted eleven of the crew. I think we all pitied the SC crewmembers knowing we had a steel hull and almost sixty more feet in length. Our PCSA reunion will be in Mobil Alabama this coming April.

Great, keep it coming.

Hi Ted !
What a wonderful memory recall! From SCTC in Miami to Normandy D-Day beachheads. Sailed with SC’s while serving on PC 618 in ETO channel operations. Your Web site is just great--especially the photos.

Trained SC crews at NTS Miami, Fla. in 1944 on the PCE 867.I belong to PCSA and I served in the Pacific on the USS PC 1224. Waiting for your book. Clay Glenn

Thanks, Ted, interesting info, keep up the good work. My wife and I enjoyed your efforts. We now reside in Humble, Tx. Hope to be in contact with you in the future. I served in the South Pacific on USS PC476.

Hi Ted!
Congratulations! If you’re ever interested in putting out a Japanese tranlstion of your book, you know who to call! Miss you!

Ted, looking good! Keep up the good work!!

Nice web site that is long overdue Joe

Very interesting website. Dan Glass, Hendersonville, NC

Great site with lots of useful links. All that hard research shows - there’s lots of obscure information here that would have been lost otherwise. My guess is you’ll have to start another subdirectory for “Postwar SCs”; telling the many tales of what happened to the SCs after they were sold after the war ended. Looking forward to the book. -Dan

Happy Veterans Day, 1999. I want you to know your website is fantastic. Very well done. Its so full of information that I never knew before. Thank you for sharing your experiences by writing so well. Warm regards to you and Betty. Jim in Danbury

A fantastic and well laid out site. Can’t wait for the book. Thanks for all your assistance with my project(s).
Jim Myers

Hi Ted,Rick here ,i like your new site,you have got a lot of good info here.My SC is doing very well,oh ,by the way it is sc1342.and was at the d-day invasion.give me a call or e-mail. Thanks Rick USS SC1342

Great website! Congratulations all around--on some heavy research, on publishing a book, on preserving a bit of history, on making it understandable. Hoping to see you soon, Dad.

Congratulations on your new and informative website! Little did we know of the important and strategic part the sub-
chasers and their heroic crews played in both World Wars. Looking forward to your book.

Best Wishes,

Andy and Gail (North Carolina)

Great web sight, Ted. Looking forward to reading your book!

Ted. Congratulations!! Great web site.. Nostrovia, Bob

Congratulations!!! Thanks for telling us about this site. We’re looking forward to your book. Have a great winter in Florida, and hope to see you in the spring. Your cousin, Larry Treadwell

This is an incredible web site!! I knew next to nothing about subchasers .... until now!! You are to be commended for doing an outstanding job of making this topic understandable to those of us in the dark. Can I have your autograph, Dad?

This is a great site. My brother in law, Burney Tucker , served on SC1016 and lives in Winterville, NC.