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Jane LovettDec 26, 2022 16:13
My father, John Lovett, was a Second Lt. on SC 982. He died in 2010, but I am just reading the Splinter Fleet book he bought several years before.
Any news about him or others on C 982 would be very welcome.
Thanks! Jane Lovett

Lauri AAug 13, 2022 19:22
My father served as sonarman aboard SC-648 from 4/11/1945 - 12/28/1945. We grew up hearing many stories about his time aboard this ship & we have photos of it on our walls to this day. Sadly, Dad passed away in 2011 before we ever discovered this website or the books about the 648. Does anyone know if there are any living veterans of the 648 today? I am looking for information that I have been unable to locate through research. I would like to know if SC-648 was in the Taffy 3 Task Force during the Battle of the Leyte Gulf. Any info will be appreciated.

Bruce TruogAug 04, 2022 18:27
My father, Vyron D. Truog served aboard SC 728. He came aboard as third officer and ended up C.O. He was convoy commander from Hawaii to San Diego coming home after the war.

amy kJul 12, 2022 03:34
My grandfather was on SC-1308. If anyone has any stories/photos/memories of this ship I would love to hear them.

Daniel NorheimMay 28, 2022 21:18
My father Enok Norheim was sonarman on SC1066 looking for photos.

Daniel NorheimMay 28, 2022 21:17
My father Enok Norheim was sonarman on SC1066 looking for photos.

Daniel NorheimMay 28, 2022 21:17
My father Enok Norheim was sonarman on SC1066 looking for photos.

StephenrusellMay 28, 2022 15:52
USS Iowa
USS Midway
USNA Museum
Naval Surface Warfare Hqs
Pearl Harbor Naval Base HI
USS Intrepid
USS Yorktown

John DelahantyMar 28, 2022 16:23
My father served on SC 1066 in 1944 and 1945. I am looking for any information on the SC 1066, including survivors who served at the same time.

SLJan 05, 2022 08:50
My mistake, I recently posted that my grandfather was on the USS SC-699, but was told he was on the SC-744, which met a similar fate. I’ll get to the bottom of this, lol.

SLJan 03, 2022 04:03
My late grandfather, Stanley Learn, served aboard the USS SC-699 Subchaser. They were in the South Pacific, near New Guinea. A falling G4M2 “Betty” bomber reportedly bounced off the water and collided with the ship, while trying to crash into the USS Sampson, DD-394 Destroyer. The SC-699 was essentially severed in half, as seen here - They were stranded in New Guinea for a bit. I’m hoping to hear stories, see more photos, and get more information! :) Email me please, thank you!