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Ryan NeiderSep 13, 2021 08:37
Herbert Boyd Neider, Radio Man 3rd Class was my Grandfather. He has since passed but served on SC 686. He had some great stories. He was at Okinawa and Iwo Jima. He talked about helping coordinate the different invasion waves. He also spoke of riding out the typhoon of 1944. If anyone wants to trade pics let me know! Gramps was very proud of his time and service on SC 686.

Terry R. EllisJul 03, 2021 06:28
my father would have been 1oo years old june 14, 2021. He served on sc755. He was proud of his service for his country. I believe he was the last of his shipmates. If I am in error,set me right. sc755 was in Hawaii most of the war 1943 on. escort, supply, and patrol duty. He was a mmac running the “pancake” engines on the ship.

LanceThrusterMay 29, 2021 00:35
Looking for information as to how the rear torpedoes were aimed and fired before PT boats started using roll off mounts.

It is my understanding the tube was pivoted and was aimed by the boat using a sort of side arm motion. Would love to have a manual link. My friend’s dad served on PT-299 and will be coming out this summer to let us see some of his keepsakes.

Anne WheelockFeb 26, 2021 02:10
Lawrence Ferlinghette, Subchaser officer, World War II, dies at 101

Rick MarcyFeb 12, 2021 05:17
Greeting Everyone- I am honored to be on the site and hope I have something of value to add.

My friend has acquired what we understand to be the Captain’s Gig from a WWII era Luder’s Sub Chaser. He acquired it from the relative of an SC sailor with the agreement he restore it to its original state.

We are very interested in any information or insight that anyone has about the boat. All we have is the Hull number (419) and the boat itself. Our only aim is to restore it and share it with people with like interests. IT IS NOT, NOR WILL IT BE, FOR SALE.

If anyone is interested in seeing it I would be happy to send the cluttered pics I have. Just shoot me an e-mail. I will clean off the clutter and take more pictures if there are folks interested in seeing pictures and discussing the boat and its history.

Thank you for your consideration! Rick

Mark BoeselFeb 02, 2021 17:44
I wish I could have met Ted. I could have listened for hours about things that he experienced in his life. Just so happens that I live about 10 miles from where subchaser SC 1342 sunk in the Mississippi River. I remember when the owner Richard Lindsay used the have it anchored in Prescott, WI, and I always wondered what kind of boat it was. I only wish I would have known then. Great stories. Thanks. Peace!

Greg BannerJan 13, 2021 18:02
I am researching several classes of small vessels built for WWII service. None of them are subchasers but in my research I came across one I am trying to clarify information on. The 7th Crash Rescue Boat Flight was the unit at Wheelus AFB, Libya which did water rescue up into the late 1950s. They had a number of vessels. Some comments are not related but supposedly they had an ex-sub chaser in their fleet. There was also reference to “old 1056” as one of their boats. I can only trace that four digit number to sub chasers (not any other boats which were in that location). USS SC-1056 was listed as having been converted to a PGM and then sold in the 1940s so the story line doesn’t track. If anyone has anything which might help clarify please reach out. Thanks.