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John W. RobertsonJul 15, 2019 17:12
Re SC691 re Richard G. Ballantine of Durango,Colorado. I am living with my daughter in Douglasville, Ga. I do not recall having any contact with the 691. Thanks for letting me know you saw my post. Best regards .

John W Robertson (skinny)Jul 03, 2019 18:34
Served aboard SC693 went all through North Africa , Sicily ,
Italy(Anzio) , Southern France . Gave ship to France. Now 96 years old.

Robert SmithMay 25, 2019 17:29
My father Benjamin s Smith was a 90 day wonder, in 1944. He was on a sub chaser until end of war. I have been unable to get service records, as I can’t find a service record number. He was from Ft Myers Fl, but went to University of Mi, Ann Arbor mi. If anyone knows a person I could call to get his records, I would be very grateful.
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Bradley HallMay 07, 2019 22:52
May 27th will be the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Biak and of the SC-699’s role in it. On this day Major Katsushige Takada of the 5th Hiko Sentai crashed his Betty into the small ship, he was aiming for a larger ship nearby. They got the fires under control, two men died (aside from Takada), and the ship was out of the war for a while for repairs.

The co-pilot managed to survive and swam back to the Japanese held part of the island and told them that all planes that went out crashed on enemy ships and sank them. Japan liked this so much it had an idea.

On October 20th of the same year they officially started their Special Attack, shinpu, otherwise known as kamikazes.

If anyone wants to talk about the 699 or knows anyone who served on it, let me know, I am a fount of knowledge, have a lot of pictures, and want to know more.

Lou Ella GreenMar 18, 2019 22:41
Around 1950ish my dad’s childhood friend bought an ex-subchaser and gutted it. Apparently the engine and important stuff had already been removed but Garland Oliver and his wife, Caroline, made an interesting home out of it and lived aboard till the mid 80s. The subchaser was always fun to be associated with and was a great conversation starter. It was moored in the little town of Alviso, CA. at the southern tip of the San Francisco bay. The ship, at times, would settle on a list when the tide went out so that was usually fun. Then the bilges would constantly contain water from the silty bottom of the dock and the smell permeated everything. Lol A fond memory. I have no other information on the ship but I do know it was made worthy and towed through the SF bay to the delta where they lived for several years. It was then purchased and towed elsewhere on the delta. Unfortunately the last I heard it had sunk. I was devastated, but my childhood memories live on.

Barbara BlaskiFeb 25, 2019 08:55
Hi! My father was on Sub-Chaser 982 in WWII. I believe he was in Halsey’s fleet during the hurricane on Dec 18, 1944. My father passed in 1987 and I never got the opportunity to talk with him about his service. His name was Seymour Hoyt Thomas. If anybody knows of him and has information, I would love to hear. I have a much older half sister who is now in end stages of Alzheimers, so her niece is sending me photos, etc. One photo has name on back of Albert Hoyt Bence, who I was able to look up and see he passed in 2012 in Alabama. Any info would be so welcome. Thank you.