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Daniel MacDonaldDec 21, 2016 21:50
Researching my Dad’s vessel, SC 1333, based out of Key West during WWII. I am interested in who might be his shipmates, other boats from Key West, campaigns, and essentially any information that can be compiled. Understand that they looked for the German U-Boats throughout the Caribbean. I have some photos that can be shared. My Dad was the BM1 on the SC 1333. Also any links to other sites would help. Thank You.

Jeff DankertDec 08, 2016 05:21
My uncle, Willard Dankert, served with the Navy from 1941-46. He was with USS Detroit CL-8 in Pearl Harbor. From Nov 1942 to Aug 1944 he was stationed on a sub chaser, SC-635. He boarded in Miami. After sub-chaser duty, he was stationed on USS Santee CVE-29 until discharge in 1946.

Betsy L HendrixDec 04, 2016 18:30
My father, Frank O. Hendrix, from Tobaccoville, NC (outside of Winston-Salem) was on the PC553 during D-Day Normandy. He was a radio sonarman 2nd class. Over the years he relayed experiences. The one thing that bothered him the most, I believe, was watching the soldiers drowning due to their gear. They were hollering and praying and yelling “Mama! Mama!” and “Help me God!”. It was the most heart wrenching experience because the PC553 could only pick up the ones close to the ship. I would like to get in contact with other veterans who were on this ship. My father died in 2008.

Mark MNov 15, 2016 17:54
I rode on the Nevada lady in the 1960s which was a 100 ft subchaser yacht conversion that sailed out of SF Bay. It had the Pancake diesels and variable pitch props. Went from SF to Half Moon bay and back over a weekend. Does anyone know what became of the Nevada Lady? It was owned by a man who owned some radio broadcast stations. There was another 110 ft subchaser hulk that seems to be omitted from this site’s list that was derelict for years in Tomales Bay CA (into the 1970s) tied up at the Vilicich Boat Yard at Marshall. The yard owners eventually towed it to the west side of the bay, beached and burned it which got them in trouble with the National Park Service.

Bradley HallOct 13, 2016 00:38
I think the guest book is the only thing updated now.

Rick CopelandOct 11, 2016 00:53
I just discovered that SC-1372 M/V Cairdeas is for sale by Hansen Yacht Sales in Seattle WA. for $104,000. Very nice pictures.

Is there someone who updates the status on the Hulls Still Afloat web-page?

Al Melcher (SC 506)Sep 23, 2016 22:06
Is there some way that this “garbage” like the latest entry can be blocked?

Daniel ClohosseyAug 03, 2016 00:20
Have posted before - Dad (Edward Clohossey) was a radioman on SC1349 1943-46, patrolling US East coast then served in the Pacific eg Invasion of Okinawa. Recently visited 3 crewmates of my Dad’s, 2 in Ohio and 1 in North Carolina. They are the Greatest Generation. Welcome any contact from anyone connected to SC1349 and can offer tips for those researching other ships.

John WoodsJul 06, 2016 16:08
I just finally got my father’s service records from WWII. He talked often of the South Pacific and serving on a Sub Chaser. He was on SC 995. Is there any way I can get the records of the daily logs for this ship? Are there any other crew members out there?

Al Melcher (SC 506)Jun 27, 2016 22:52
Is there a way to block these annoying unrelated messages that appear periodically on this site that is devoted to those of us who served on the SCs and their relatives and friends?

Robert Wiley RobinsonMay 30, 2016 00:16
I served on the SC1040 in the South Pacific from 1942 to 45 and have never been able to find any info on the 1040 -- except had contact from Don Hagin’s son Michael a few years ago. Would like to have any other contact info.

Bradley HallMay 28, 2016 01:08
Those of you who are visiting this site because of Memorial Day, please ignore the spam that is posted below (unless it has been removed when you arrive). Many people patrol this site for news of shipmates or to connect with people who have questions. We’re a good community of real people. So if you are or know someone who served on a sub chaser, someone here probably knows them, or knows enough to point you in a direction to learn more.

Jeff BondsFeb 11, 2016 17:12
My dad who died in 2010 served in the Navy from 1939 to 1959. His name was Eugene C. Bonds. In 1943 he served on the SC-669. I’m not sure if he was aboard when she sank the Japanese u boat but I would like to know. When he retired in 1959 he was an SKC but at the time he served on the SC-669 he was possibly a lower enlisted rank. If anyone out there remembers him, I would love to hear from you. Thanks.

Al MelcherFeb 03, 2016 23:26
74 years ago this week, on February 5, 1942, I was a 22 year old member of one of two crews assigned to the SC505 and SC506 that boarded a ferry in San Francisco to take us to Oakland. There we boarded a Western Pacific Railroad train to begin our cross-country trip to Stamford, Conn. Because there were about 40 of us, the railroad assigned a Pullman car for our exclusive use. Most of us were new reservists but there were a few regular navy veterans. I had reported for active duty only a month earlier. The ships were being built by a well-known yacht builder, Luders Marine Construction Co. under a contract with the US Navy. I was a yeoman 3rd class assigned to the SC506. Another yeoman was assigned to the SC505. The route was through the Feather River Canyon across northern US to Chicago where our car was switched to the New York Central Railroad. After arriving at Grand Central Station our car was switched to the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad for the trip to Stamford where they disconnected our car and put it on a siding. Someone phoned the shipyard and four of the ship’s officers, the captains and executive officers of each came to the station. Our arrival was premature and unexpected because the ships were still under construction. Since there were no accommodations, we were given an allowance for subsistence and quarters and were able to find rooms for rent and a local diner for our meals. The proprietor of “Charlie’s Diner” was so happy with the sudden increase in business that we were given a discount. The ships were not completed until mid April, then we took them to the Brooklyn Navy Yard for outfitting and commissioning.

Please refer to my earlier entry on this site dated February 11, 2008 for details of our assignment after commissioning.

Judy HolbrookJan 24, 2016 02:21
My father was an officer and acting skipper aboard SC-1372. I am looking for any shipmates or information to share with my Dad. I know about Cairdeas but am wondering who or what else might be known. We do not have a good original photo. Thanks for any help!

Brad HallJan 07, 2016 14:17
I wrote an article a couple of years ago about the submarine chaser 699. A few days ago, the rights reverted back to me.

I have since placed the article up for sale on Amazon as an ebook (you don’t need a Kindle to read it). I do plan on offering it on Barnes & Noble as well other places soon.

Here is a link to the Amazon page: