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John Robertson (skinny)Dec 11, 2014 17:58
I served on SC693 and SC 978 in med. I am now 91. Anybody out there serve on one of these? Did all of Africa, Sicily, Italy, Anzio, Southern France, then gave ships to France. specially remember Palermo.
I was on flying bridge at night outside Palermo and a torpedo bomber dropped a torpedo that went right under us amidship but it was too low for our 6.5 ft. Draft. I still fear the fear when I think f watching it come toward us. I knew I was dead but then it missed us.

Bradley HallOct 30, 2014 22:03
It’s me again. My grandfather served on the Submarine Chaser 699. If your loved one served on this ship, please contact me, I would love to share stories and pictures and information. This was an awesome ship (as they all were).

William CaseOct 25, 2014 13:52
I went through SCTC, Miami, FL, (1943) was MoMM 2/c. convoy escort duty from New York or Boston to Iceland and/or Caribbean. Then we put PC through shakedown & gave it to Brazil.Finally we got PC 1236 and continued same duty from New York/Boston to Cuba, until VE Day. Then took PC 1236 to Marshal-Gilbert Islands in South Pacific until we went home in 1946.

Phil RothmanOct 20, 2014 17:56
disregard any other messages on list. This is the latest and correct e-mail address to reach me. Crew member WW2, SC690, with Capt. J. Platz and Exec. Trickey, an duty in the Med. Ship turned over to the French in late 1944.

ChristianOct 13, 2014 15:46
A picture of some nice hulls;

amy m lameyOct 12, 2014 03:39
Wow, was just wondering if anyone knew who LT.Floyd “dixie”Howell or as I. Would call him Grandpa Floyd Dixie"a Howell on a Sub Chaser out of Key West?? Very proud of him. Always telling me he never regretted anything he did... Love him

Timothy EdwardsOct 11, 2014 22:32
My grandfather, Donald Edwards, was on the SC-1012. Unfortunately, I don’t know much information about his time of service on this ship. If anyone knew him or knew someone that served with him, please contact me. I’d love to hear about his experiences.

Phil RothmanOct 11, 2014 18:19
Served aboard SC690 in the Med under Capt. J. Platz and Exec
J.Trickey This will be my final search for crew members or relatives.

Daytona Maritime MuseumSep 28, 2014 13:49
Daytona Beach Boat Works built 17 Subchasers in WWII:
SC1486, and
Our Museum would appreciate hearing your or your family’s stories and any photos of the Sailors and the Subchasers you’d be willing to share with us.
Thank you.

Tim Mc HughSep 24, 2014 17:10
I asked my father, U.S. Naval Armed Guard Gunner, what the closest he ever came to “buying the farm” was. He said he had been drinking Chianti and playing cards on board another vessel tied up near his own ship, the S.S. Lou Gehrig. He left about ten minutes before German bombers came over the port and obliterated the boat he had just left. I found out years later that it was the Sub Chaser 694 in the port of Palermo on August 23rd, 1943. Every thing in my research backed his story even down the the pier or quay he was walking down when th4e bombers struck.

ChristianSep 24, 2014 17:01
Sub Chaser model hulls. In addition to the 1/32 Microglass hull you can now buy this hull in 1/72nd, 1/48th and 1/24th scales at

Richard G. BallantineSep 11, 2014 18:48
Tom Brady, you have set a high bar! A photo album set to music is a first for this site!
Wonderful photos. That’s a bi-winged plane that came apart on the surface of the ocean? And a shark hanging from the SC’s bow!
Richard G. Ballantine
whose father served on the SC691

Tom BradySep 10, 2014 21:22
I have uploaded pictures and video of my grandfather’s subchaser’s from his service during WWI. SC355 and SC284 William Manville O’Connor and Clyde A. “Cody” Carlsen" Collection. Here’s is the link to a FB page:

Phil RothmanAug 17, 2014 17:00
Anyone, crew member or relative, who served aboard SC690, please contact at e-mail" " . package_email_address("")
I served with an amazing crew in The Med., for about one year, until our ship was given over to the French Navy,
late in 1944. Capt.Platz was skipper, Lt. Trickey was exec.
I was RM2/C Disregard any previous messages.

Jim McLaughlinAug 02, 2014 14:35
My father, James M. McLaughlin USCG Academy Class of '41, was ordered 6 July 1942 “to temporary duty on the PC-527 during the trial runs of that vessel” On 17 July 1942, he was “ detached from further temporary duty under the Commander Greenland Patrol. Report to that officer for assignment to duty as Commanding Officer, PC-527.”

The SC-527 spent the next 11 months serving in Greenland waters. Dad was relieved from this assignment when the 527 returned to Boston in June 1943. Dad was a career officer, retiring in 1972 at Governors Island NY. Dad passed away in May 1992.
Semper Peratus

Ken S.Jul 26, 2014 13:03
An excellent website and I read and own the books your dad wrote outstanding.

Anne WheelockJul 22, 2014 17:06
Seventy years ago, on July 21, 1944, the SC-1326 was operating as a control ship during the invasion of Guam when she was hit and damaged. Five of the 24 crew members were killed: William Carlin, yeoman; Eugene Cherry, steward; Jim Economides, SOM2, Billy Graef, SEA2, and Raymond Link, SEA2.

My father, Howe Wheelock, from Larchmont, NY, was Commanding Officer; he served in this role from Feb. 5, 1944 until September 1944, when Emile Cancienne, from New Castle, Louisiana, moved up from Exec. to CO. Bill Johnson, from Valley Stream, NY, was the third officer at Guam and had been with the ship since February 1944. He had never been at sea before arriving in the Pacific.

Ted Treadwell describes the Guam action in his “Splinterfleet” book. Emile Cancienne also wrote his own account of the day, as did a reporter for the Baltimore Sun who was on board. I am now writing a narrative of my father’s months on the SC-1326 from June 1943 to September 1944 based on letters he sent to his mother and sister during that time. I will include his personal report of what happened at Guam along with the information I have about each of the men killed there.

I will also include a postscript to this action based on letters I have from the families of the men killed. It may interest some readers of this website.

It seems that the last date the men could send letters home before leaving Eniwetok for the Marianas was July 14, 1944, and each of the SC-1326 crew killed had sent a letter home dated that day. So imagine the shock of the families when they received official notice from the United States Navy that their sons had died on July 12, 1944. None of them believed it! Why should they? They had evidence in their sons' own handwriting that they’d been alive on July 14, two days later.

Well, it seems that a typographical error in the Navy’s communications to the families gravely misled them. The men had died on July 21, not July 12. But the families, not knowing this, and having only official word their sons had died on the 12th, all wrote my father asking him to explain what had happened and to confirm or deny the death of their sons. All hoped, of course, that he would tell them the official notice they’d received had been a mistake. And it was, but it was the date, not the harsh reality, that was in error. And so my father replied to each family. I don’t believe anything in their training prepared young officers for such a task.

My father never forgot the men who died on the SC-1326, and after the war he visited those families who had invited him to do so. Later he honored the men with a flag he bought for his hometown church. I am happy that some of my father’s SC-1326 shipmates are remembered in his letters. Each has his own story. I would be happy to hear from anyone familiar with the ship.

Daniel ClohosseyJul 19, 2014 11:52
Additional info re SC1349. Learned from correspondence that 1349 travelled from East Coast through Panama Canal to Pacific theater roughly Sept 1944 with SC 1338 and SC 1341. Would be interested if anyone has other info related to any of these three members of the Splinter Fleet. I also have a list of the original crew of 1349 including Navy Service No.'s and ranks per commissioning orders of 10/25/43, if anyone is interested.

Billie J MancilJul 19, 2014 00:28
More details about J R Mancil. SC 515 departed from South Carolina in 1941 and sent to North Atlantic. Mancil stayed aboard SC 24 months before being sent to Guam-South Pacific theater where he moved from gunner to cook.

Billie J MancilJul 19, 2014 00:13
Looking for information on father J R Mancil-Navy gunner statioed in France aboard SC 515 about 1941 to 1943. SC sent to Guam during Pacific theater.

Daniel ClohosseyJun 26, 2014 00:08
Since my last entry of a few weeks ago, I’ve contacted 3 crewmen from SC-1349 (my Dad’s ship). They are Bill Reed, Frank Sisk and Frank Brock. I’ve also obtained photos of the crew in Dec 1945, various informal photos of crewmembers and a photo of SC1349 from its commissioning in 1943. If anyone is interested in crew info or SC1349, please be in touch.

Marcia DownsJun 12, 2014 23:18
I just found a picture of my dad’s ship being sunk. Sub Chaser # 521. My dad was washed over board and was circled by other ships for 4 hours before one was able to pick him up. It happened during a storm July 9, 1945. It says 380 north and east of Guadalcanal. My dad is still alive and tells this story if asked. I have some pictures of other men. Their names (as best I can tell) Cecil Rogers, Frankfort KY Bob Halsey Cheney, KS, Dale Piermain, Bob Hilcken, Edgewater, NJ, Izzie Klien, Boss Evanstan, IL former sports writer from Detroit, Antonio Coloviita, Binghamton, NY. Whitehead, Ralph Territchett McAndrews, Santa Ana CA Glen Knight, Leach, Rogers, Richardson 1946

I’ve not found an account of this incident.

Daniel ClohosseyJun 07, 2014 15:48
My father, Edward A. Clohossey, was a Radioman 2nd Class on SC-1349 in the Pacific. Thank you so much for this website and if anyone with connections to SC-1349 sees this, would love to hear from you.

David YokenJun 06, 2014 17:13
On the 70th Anniversary of Operation Overlord / the D-Day Invasion, I salute all our brave fathers who gave in service to our country for freedom. Our dear father, Richard Lewis Yoken’s, Commander, USN, 1943 contributions aboard the USN SC 503 in Operation Avalanche and Operation Husky paved the way for Operation Overlord / D-Day. I am sure the Sub Chasers had an important role in this historic moment.

Roy J. KundtzMay 25, 2014 20:05
Roy Kundtz ,I was on sc 1326 from Oct 44 to Nov 45 . I was just 18 at the time . I was born in Cleveland, Ohio and now live in Oceanside, Ca I was Chief of police of Los Alamitos and Carlsbad Ca and still remember my ship and shipmates I’d like to see who’s still alive and here from you .I remember the typhoons that hit Okinawa and laughed my ass off when the boson was throwing the ammunition off the front of the ship and the Coxwain was tying down the beer in the rear. You can email me at" " . package_email_address("")

Kathleen C. StoneMay 25, 2014 10:31
My father, Larry Stone, served on 2 subchasers, one in the Med (with Fran Loutrel) and one in the Pacific, U.S.S. SC-1012. I was just looking at one of his books which he received while at Okinawa, November 1945, after the typhoon. If you have memories of SC-1012, or know of a dedicated site for that boat, I would love to hear from you.

Percival PoppycockMay 15, 2014 02:12
Congratulations on your interesting and informative site. Consider yourselves invited to visit my naval history site, Big, Bad, which contains articles about the WWI U-boat and antisubmarine campaigns including a precis of the SC110 and Elco sub chasers. We are more of the steampunk era than post-WWI times, and focus on pre-dreadnought battleships and cruisers, with some exploration of naval aviation, submarines, destroyers, gunboats, grand imperial strategy, etc. Main page is at


Phil RothmanMay 14, 2014 13:15
Made entries before at old e=mail address; would like to talk with former shipmates or relatives of Sub-Chaser 690, We served in the Med. with Capt Platz and exec Trickey.
Current e-mail address is" " . package_email_address("") “Hurry”, I am getting close to age 90!!!

Capt. Ozires MoraesMay 04, 2014 11:03
Very glad to announce the creation of an unedited website with thousand pages and pictures focusing the War Two in the South Atlantic. In them one can find the history of 16 Sub Chasers acquired by the Brazilian Navy in 1942 with their respective former designations, their action in escorting several convoys with badly needed vital raw materials for the allies, and the struggle of those brave sailors who defied the high seas and shark infested waters where German and Italian submarines sunk more than 400 merchants along with their American fellows of the 140 plus ships of the US Navy Fourth Fleet based at Recife Harbor. Click at
Warmest regards from Recife - Brazil

Phil RothmanApr 16, 2014 16:01
John F.Orwig, SC690. Glad to see your message in Guestbook.
I served aboard sc690 with Capt. Platz in the Med, right up till giving our ship to the Fremnch Navy. If you wish, use the e-mail above to contact me; Radioman RM2/C Phil.

Vivian FesselMar 30, 2014 09:54
My dad, Lorenzo Byerley served on the PCS-1457 in 1943-45. I have found some of his papers. If anybody has info on this Mine Sweeper I would sure appreciate the info.

George JurandMar 28, 2014 08:41
George Pultz, an engineman, served in SCs during WW2. I am trying to find out anything I can about him.

Linda SchrepelMar 01, 2014 16:34
My Dad, Louis T. Neun served on the 703 1942-1943. He was a gunner. A fellow sailor contacted him a few years ago. Dad hadn’t heard from or seen him since the was. His name of Bill Davidowski. They kept in touch by phone and shared memories.
We also were contacted by Norman Shaw whose father also served on the 703. His father, Marion, had died many years ago. Norman visited us a few years ago and Dad answered a lot of his questions. Dad died last August at the age of 97. I have a video of Dad telling all of his war stories. I’m glad I have that now that he is gone.

Linda Schrepel

Thomas A. BurcherFeb 13, 2014 21:59
My father John H. Burcher served on SC 505 in the South Pacific and PCS 1451 in Alaska

Mark FaragherFeb 11, 2014 18:08
My Father was on this Ship and His name is Thomas Faragher- sadly he doesn’t remember. Does anyone have any pictures?

phil leonoudakisFeb 03, 2014 00:39
sc 690 escorted lst 134 port de bouc southern france aug 26th 1944 First ships to enter harbor.

J.Z.Jan 27, 2014 00:05
I’ve just finished reading Splinter Steel Men and Wooden Ships indeed ! I’m so glad the book was written and sites like these exist.


Russell HillJan 15, 2014 23:30
My Dad Paul W. Hill was on the SC504 from 3/42 to 11/43 which I found out was around Tulagi in the Solomons from research. He was then transfered to the USS Caution 158 Mine Sweeper from 12/43 to 4/45. Dad passed in 1978 so I have very little info on these early years. Would love to know more. Russell Hill