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Kevin J. CoxDec 15, 2013 23:41
I meant... YOUR grandfather... I can’t seem to find a way to unpost my hastily entered note(s).

Kevin J. CoxDec 15, 2013 23:39
re: post by Patty Hobizal

Hi Patty,
I saw your post on “Splinter Fleet” today.
Reason being, I found and opened a folder that MY father, James R. Cox had amongst his documents which I took upon his death in about 1992.
I knew he’d been on a Subchaser, but when I opened the map he’d charted all his tours of duty, he showed, in pencil, the Aircraft Carrier Antietam AND in black ink, the SC 1049, including all the sea routes/ports they put in at during WWII.
So... I’m eMailing you AND Posting this info on the splinterfleet site. I’ll try to include any pics I have. Perhaps a photo of your grandfather, My Grandfather, Joseph Carreiro.

judy carney peacockDec 15, 2013 20:22
My father, Ross Carney, served on the USS PC-462 from 1943 thru spring 1945. I would love to correspond with anyone with a connection to this ship.

Bob WallstromDec 05, 2013 12:05
I am the historian for and worked, 1963-65, in the Drafting Room of Luders Marine Construction Co of Stamford, CT during the last years of the yard, and have been slowly working on the history of the yard, the owners - father & son, many of the workers, many of the vessels they built as well as the many yachts that served as coastal patrol boats. Luders designed and built several classes of tugs, The Six-Bitters for the USCG; the Seaplane barges (of which very few have ever heard of) for early naval aviation

Several years ago I met Ted and read his book. He did a great job of preserving the history of his boat, SC 648 and the class in general.

It was my great treat to reintroduce SC 1013 to MotorMac Jim Byington who was original Motormac aboard and who kissed he deck when he got aboard her again. And, he even got to steer her that time.

I would appreciate hearing from folks who crewed on those SCs or any of the steel 22 PCs that were built about the same time. or even folks of the Hooligan Navy who crewed the Py vessels.

Cheers and best wishes to those who sailed aboard them.

Ryan NeiderDec 04, 2013 19:15
My grandfather Herbert Boyd Neider, Radioaman 3rd class served on SC 686.

Are any of his shipmates kicking around out there still? Would love to hear from you.

annette divirgilioNov 17, 2013 15:46
my dad served aboard the USS Nestor during WWII - just checking to see if anyone had any memorabilia or memories of him from his years aboard the ship. His name is Henry DiVirgilio.

bob beckerOct 30, 2013 22:57
My dad Art Becker served on sc 1307. Stationed in England
And the sc 1307 was part of Nornady invasion. Dad passed
10/25/13. Rest in peace.

mary annOct 08, 2013 15:14
looking for info on SC1473. I own its banner--Donald Duck wielding a depth charge. he has a bull’s body, a dragon crest, a superman cape, a sailor’s cap and a gleam in his eye. thanks.

Bradley HallOct 03, 2013 22:11
Hey guys, I figured I’d let you all know a bit beforehand:

In late November or early November, Military Heritage magazine is going to publish an article I wrote regarding one of the SC-699’s finest moments. I’ll let you guys know again when it’s out.

I’m really excited about this.

CJ FreihautSep 06, 2013 14:06
Also looking for info on SC651. My father-in-law Walter Freihaut served as sonar operator on this ship.

Vicki YarnellAug 19, 2013 16:15
My father, Robert Dean Gott served on the SC 536 from 1943-47. His nickname was Goat and he was an Electrician Mate 2nd Class. He is 87 now.

Kathy WallisAug 13, 2013 08:28
I am working on a documentary on the SC 536. Any info on crewmembers between 1942 and December 1943 appreciated.

The SC 536 was converted into a Fishing Vessel, Moonlight Maid, and sailed off Alaska. Sadly, our research team learned that in Sept 2012, The Moonlight Maid was 60 miles off Resurrection Bay, AK, when it began taking on water. Her four man crew donned survival suits and launched their life raft. The USCG rescued all four men, but the Moonlight Maid was lost. Built in 1942, she saw a lot of action with her Navy crew during WWII, and went on to have a long life. We are extremely saddened at the loss of the vessel, but her legacy will live on, along with her crew, in the story we are getting ready to tell. Trying to find info on Crewmembers, especially Ed Kroeppke and Robert (Bob) Sales who served in 1942 on the 536. We are working with Robert Wood, another crew member. I can be contacted at" " . package_email_address("") or 575 430 2361.

John F. OrwigAug 06, 2013 19:37
Served aboard SC 690 with Cpt. John Platz and Exec. Harold Trickey. Went aground a battleship sub blister much to Platz’s displeasure.Layed smoke at Anzio.

Monte Bradford, JrAug 02, 2013 20:25
My Dad, Monte Bradford, was the exec on the 1326 from the summer of 1944 thru late 1945. Any old sailors or their kids please feel free to contact me at my new email address above to share pics or stories.

David YokenAug 01, 2013 06:25
Just to let all know, 70 years ago to the date was Operation Husky, the Allied invasion of Sicily. My late father, Richard Lewis Yoken, Commander, USNR (at the time of his service at the age of 23 years old, aboard the SC 503, his rank was Lt. JG, second in command) aboard the US Navy’s SC 503. The crew of the SC 503 played an important role during Operation Husky. If any of you would like an eye witness account from a fellow Sub Chaser sailor, please contact me and I can send you the .doc transcribed copy of my father’s war diary...fascinating and informative to say the least. Also if any one would like to view the most remarkable formal Arlington National Cemetery United States Navy memorial service for my later father, I will send you the “private” YouTube link that documents this event.

michelleJul 23, 2013 23:53
hello. i am looking for information on PC 462. My grandfather was on that ship and I have some cool pics i found when i was home on leave in an old trunk. Looking for anyone that might have been or had family members on there. I would love to upload the photos and share.

Melanie Taylor BennettJul 23, 2013 01:45
My grandfather, Thomas Loyd Conlin served on SC-676 in 1942-1943. Does anyone have any knowledge of this crew?

Ken RobinsonJul 19, 2013 08:30
I live in Richmond Va. I just interviewed Al Gehbauer 95 yr old who lives in Iowa. Al was on the crew of the SC718 delivered to Northern Belfast Ireland Oct 7 1943 aboard Liberty ship Willard Hall.
His mind is clear and a good memory of what he did .Upon return to NY ,picked up PC1175 till end of war ending in the Pacific. He is computer literate and I have put him on to your web site.

GRIZZ SRAUBJun 24, 2013 20:02

DonJun 23, 2013 11:19
Looking for info on WW2 sub chaser uniform, cap, or boat specific patches. Do they exist & where can they be found?

David YokenJun 10, 2013 02:23
My late father, Richard Lewis Yoken, Commander, United States Navy, was a 22 year old Junior Officer aboard the USN Sub Chaser SC 503. Below are his diary entries from 70 years ago (covering the past few days now in 2013). Dad was part of Operation Husky, the Allied invasion of Sicily, which began in the evening of July 9, 1943...fascinating eye witness accounts of these historic events...If anyone is interested, please contact me and I can send you his complete diary from 1943 - 44, including photos and other material as well as on line official confirmation of his personal documentation that confirms to the minute his entries):


Underway 0600 from Cherchell to Tenez. Escorting LCT. Arrived Tenez at 1330. Did some work on ship and base. Had duty at night.


Underway at 0600 for Cherchell. Escorting another LCT 215 to Cherchell. Rough sea, slow trip. Arrived Cherchell at 1530. Brought ship into narrow harbor entrance – and docked her with strong wind. Although went rather well. At 2300 to midnite saw sky lighted up with many tracer bullets, and heard much firing and found out later, that 6 German planes had attacked Algiers about 40 miles (60 km) up the coast.


Underway at 0700 for Tenez escorting the LCT 215 back. Arrived Tenez at 1200. Had liberty that nite, went to town, back early, not much doing.


Underway at 0800 for anti-sub patrol 20 miles of Tenez.


Nothing exciting to report. Reported back to base at 0900 after being relieved by patrol SC. Thick fog coming into harbor. Cleared up in the afternoon.


Underway at 0700 to escort LST and LCT going to Arzue – 160 miles west of Tenez. 0730 picked up contact on sound gear and dropped 5 charges: results negative. Searched area til 0900 then proceeded to Arzue. Arrived Arzeu 2318. Dropped anchor at Harbor entrance."

David KarpMay 28, 2013 18:54
I was told by my mother, the former Grace Dornin, that her father, Thomas Dornin, designed the the splinter fleet boat. He was a naval architect, but was afflicted by TB after designing the boat. He went on to head the Norfolk Waterworks, a less strenuous occupation.

David YokenMay 12, 2013 04:46
A rather belated note, our dear dear father, Richard Lewis Yoken, (SC 503) Commander, USN, after a very brief illness passed away on August 6, 2011. Our father was 91 years old, and so clearly aware up until his last moment on earth, and for that we are blessed. Dad had a long and wonderful life, loved by his family and friends, and respected by his colleagues. As per his wishes, I made all the arrangements for Dad’s final resting place at Arlington National Cemetery. We had a singular and remarkable life experience last June 19, 2012 at the formal US Navy military funeral service. If interest please contact me and I will send you the link to the video documentation from the day at Arlington National Cemetery.

AnnaMay 03, 2013 17:43
I love this web site, my father owned the Moonlight Maid for most of his life. Sad to say my father past away in the last year. And very sad to here that the moon light maid sank. I will alway love that boat she was more than just a boat she was my sister!

Dave SteppMay 01, 2013 23:37
Still looking for anyone that may have served aboard SC 1013... My dad served during WWII aboard her and I regret that I never really talked to him about his time and what they did... Also have some pictures of some of the crew he had...

Al MelcherApr 30, 2013 17:33
From most likely the only surviving member of the original SC506 crew, thank you Ted for removing those obnoxius messages. Now this site can again be used as it was intended.

David YokenApr 29, 2013 17:48
Thank you webmaster for removing those dreadful postings.

Jim HartApr 28, 2013 17:34
Thank you Ted for deleting the mess. NowI wonder if I am the last survivor of the 760. If not, please reply.

Dave SteppApr 28, 2013 10:50
I would like to take a moment and thank the webmaster for ridding this great site of the obnoxious spam from obviously ignorant lowlife idiots... Thank you Ted

Al MelcherApr 26, 2013 12:47
I fully agree with Mr. Yoken. Webmaster, please eliminate this unwanted trash mail that does not belong on this site.

David YokenApr 21, 2013 04:17
Would the webmester PLEASE fix this message is truly insulting to the honor of our family members and others who have served this country that this hacking continues. Thank you.

DaveApr 17, 2013 23:17
I agree with you... I also emailed the webmaster and so far no action has been taken... Sure would like to put some voodoo on whoever is sending this garbage...

JimApr 17, 2013 10:42
The place for the study of history of the SC;s of WW11 has been hacked with offensive crap of voodoo diatrides. Since the site will not deal with trash, I’m sorry for the demise of an otherwise excellant site. ALAS! THE END

Bradley HallApr 06, 2013 11:27
Dave, I’ve sent a message to the webmaster, maybe they can do something.

DaveApr 06, 2013 06:02
Sure wish there was a way to block the idiot that keeps posting all the garbage about spells, dr. wicca and everything else they seem to think we care about. They are ruining a great site.

HERBERT BARKERMar 26, 2013 12:27

patty evesMar 21, 2013 02:36
my dad is 88 yrs old he served in the uscg during 1943-1945 he was on the galatea wpc-108 his name is joe carey he has some drawings that his buddy fred worles did when they were on the ship and he has been looking for him or his family to see if they would like to have them my dad also was on the general jc breckenridge i would love to be able to contact anyone from these ships

Karen Copeland PaonessaMar 08, 2013 17:44
My Dad (William H Copeland) celebrated his 91 Birthday yesterday. He was the first gunners mate on SC 532.
Thanks Dad for your service to all of us. and Happy Birthday. Karen

Karen Copeland PaonessaMar 06, 2013 20:28
My Dad is celebrating his 91 st birthday this week and I just wanted to know if anyone is still around that served on SC 532. He was the first gunners mate. I would like to hear from anyone that may have served or know of someone that served on that ship.. thanks Karen

John Edward WilliamsFeb 26, 2013 19:05
Wow,I am truly speechless.

Thank you Sir for Each and Every Moment of You Life, for You Inspire All of Us to be a Better Person Each and Every Day. It just takes Patiences and Practice. May Your Higher Power Be With You Now, for You have Always Been With Me.

Thank You again Sir,

John Edward Williams
Chesapeake Virginia, 23321

R D Mutz, SrFeb 21, 2013 18:52
My father-in-law served on SC1311 in Pacific/Okinawa
He was from NJ.
His wife survives- lives with us, now. Reach back to me if this is of interest to any shipmates, some of whom attended their wedding 17 Aug 1946

Jerry DavidsonJan 26, 2013 02:42
My Father, Luther Andrew Davidson served on the ship SC1057 from 1944-1946 out of the New York and Virginia area
Is there anyone that served on that ship at that time
I would like to hear from them
Jerry Davidson--son