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Wi8lliam G. EnglehardtDec 29, 2012 14:50
I served on subchaser #697 in the Mediterranean Sea and wonder if any sailor is still living? I am 87 years young and would appreciate to hear from any one who served on this ship.

Duane FalardeauDec 18, 2012 21:20
Is there anyone still out there that remembers Anthony W. Gallagher who served on this ship (1430) in the Pacific campaigns. It appears he was in 6. I am trying to put together a more complete history of his service for the family. Anything will be helpful.

Stanley D Rogers Sr.Nov 25, 2012 14:50
Was stationed on PCS1385, USS Hollidaysburg at Toledo, Ohio.
Looking for ships patch. anyone? Tks

shawn husvarNov 20, 2012 18:27
my father emery husvar was on sc693 during southern invasion of france he’s still kicking an honary as hell he will turn 87 dec.25th 2012

Phil RothmanNov 18, 2012 11:32
Served aboard SC 690 in the Med. with Capt John Platz, 1944-45. Would like to hear from any crew member.

Jon HalvorsenNov 15, 2012 15:01
The “Air Snipe” SC1068, is still alive and well in Ketchikan, Alaska. My father is giving her some new fuel tanks and woodwork over the winter.

Gary PrestonNov 12, 2012 20:47
One of my best buddies served on a sub chaser. Was in the transport to France, later Pacific and ended up stationed in Japan for a couple years. His name was Jack E Whitehurst, he was born in Texas June 11/17, 1925. Served from 1942 until retirement in 1964. Jack passed away Dec 2011. Friends and neighbors here at the lake enjoyed his humor and would like to know more about him and what SC he served on..

kim park leitnerNov 06, 2012 15:23
Does anyone remember “flathat harbor” in Nyack NY?? subchasers made at Petersons shipyard in Upper Nyack and oue home was a home away for home for some of the crew while the ship was being built. By the way “mom” lived to be 100 but we often reminisedabout those days-great guys, great heros and to me, as a kid, worthy of hero worship

John LaneNov 02, 2012 16:54
Recently we purchased a WW2 seaman’s photo with a aluminum trench art type frame depicting he served aboard USS SC-731 and the name “Jack” inscribed across the bottom. Not much to go on but are trying to reconnect with family/shipmates or interested parties to share this wonderful photo and or information, email me and I’ll send copy of photo.

Respectfully, John Lane (Airpower Unlimited, LLC) 208-324-3650

Dan ShaferNov 02, 2012 10:29
My dad was a LT or LT commander that graduated from the Coast Guard Academy & served aboard Sub Chasers in & around
Jacksonville Florida.
His name was John W.Shafer from Ironton Ohio. He would has been 22 in 1941.
I am interested in the subchaser he was on & any other information available.
Dan Shafer

Richard F. LeCainOct 14, 2012 12:43
Still hoping for information and photos of crew of the SC-662. She was out of the Miami training base in 1942. Cmd. B.N. Williams, Crew member Billy Young. My Father was Henry Cook ( Dick) LeCain. Richard LeCain

Jackie (Cornell)GinleySep 29, 2012 14:12
My dad, Jim Cornell, was on the SC 1278. We have a picture of it. He always told us it was a wooden ship. He also told us he hated how they had to take salt tablets, consequently, he never used salt on his food the rest of his life. He passed away at age 90, on September 14, 2012. We had full military honors at the gravesite. God Bless all veterans!

Thomas MillerSep 23, 2012 15:41
I was in Corpus Christi recently and took pictures of a wooden vessel that I do believe is a subchaser. I was unable to find the owner but if anyone is interested in the pictures, email me and I will send you my pictures. I would be happy if someone did confirm the identity of this boat.

Vincent JansenSep 22, 2012 14:18
Sadly, the MOONLIGHT MAID sailed her last voyage on the night of September 20th, 2012. She succumbed to the Alaskan seas in the North Pacific. Thanks to the outstanding preperations of her Captain, the entire crew survived and were rescued by a Coast Guard helicopter from Air Station Kodiak. Sad day for the splinter fleet.

John Storey CorbinSep 11, 2012 15:39
My fother was John Wesley Corbin Jr.Capt. of SC1296 out of New York. If anyone can give me more info. on dad, his crew or the boat please contact me. Thank you for your help.

Rick TinsleySep 10, 2012 13:37
Hi, I am Directer of Daytona Maritime Museum. This is great
Our marina built 669.

Rufus NixSep 09, 2012 22:20
Would like to hear from anyone about the SC 1066I am at 796374 2489 Morganton Georgia.

MerrittAug 22, 2012 10:22
Last week America lost another WW2 veteran, and more importantly I lost a Great Dad.


It is an honor to be the son of a man that served our country so valiantly.

Dad was drafted by the navy in 1944 out of his high school senior year, and served his country on the Sub-Chaser SC1050 in the Pacific until the end of the war.

It humbles me every time I’ve had the opportunity of meeting a WW2 veteran. Sadly the greatest generation is rapidly shrinking.

I will miss my Father, but he left me with so many great memories.

Willingham, David W.Aug 21, 2012 11:45
My Dad (Willis W. Willingham) attended sub chaser school in 1943 and served aboard PSC-1379 (1944) and SC-742 (1945). He was a CMoMM. I would be glad to hear from anyone who might have known him.

Enloe MuseumAug 15, 2012 16:02
Information requested for USS SC672 for museum research and exhibit. Please contact" " . package_email_address("") with any information or questions regarding this vessel. Salute, to all of our brave sailors !

Fred Ware IIIJul 30, 2012 11:49
Thank you so much for creating this website! I just discovered from the Navy WWII muster rolls that my Grandfather, Russell McCauley, served on SC 648 for most of 1945! He rarely spoke of his time in the Navy, except for transporting Australian POW’s after the war. your site has been a wonderful discovery. Thank you so much.

Francis JunotJul 27, 2012 17:00
I am seeking information about the subchaser SC1326 and the sailors who served on that vessel during World War 11. It’s for a friend of mine (Paul J. LeBlanc)who was on the SC1326 during the War. Paul asked me if I would help him in his search for any and all info about the 1326. Paul due to his health problems is unable to do this on his own. All infomation about the 1326, its crew, photos, would be greatly appreciated. I can assure you that whatever I receive will be forwarded to him. thanking you in advance, Francis Junot (a dear friend of Pauls)

John WoodardJul 25, 2012 14:56
My Dad was the original XO on SC-1319 that was built in Nyack NY in 1943. I have found a number of letters describing the training in Miami, the outfitting and commissioning and the trip to the Pacific after commissioning. He also enclosed a typed poem about the “Splinter Fleet” that someone wrote in 1943. I will scan and send to anyone interested or to an archive to preserve it.

Gene HaneyJul 09, 2012 21:29
SC1323 service by Ralph W. Haney, Lt JG, Comm Officer. Deceased in October, 2007 in Dayton, Ohio. Any info or contact should go to Gene Haney at" " . package_email_address("").

Jeff O’MalleyJun 05, 2012 10:44
My father, G.F. O’Malley, served on two subchsers in the Pacific in WWII. He was first assigned as a sonar operator on the SC-520 in 1943. He had been a machinist in civilian life, and was changed to a machinist mate while on the 520. I have MANY photos from the time on the 520, and have names on some of them. After he completed a diesel school at Cleveland, he was assigned to the SC-723 for the duration. I would like to hear from anyone who served on either ship, or family of crewmates.

Kirk StephensMay 28, 2012 09:38
USS S.C 1355; My Dad, Rev. Oscar J. Stephens, Jr.,(Deceased), served on USS S.C 1355 in WWII. He was stationed in
Charleston, S.C I have a photo of him next to the gun, behind
an empty launching rail system. 'Would like to find out any info on the ship and crew. Happy Memorial Day and Thanx to all that served.

STEPHEN H. HUTCHISONMay 16, 2012 15:35
My father Walter H.Hutchison served on the USS Nestor(ARB 6) from the summer of 1944 to Dec 1945. I have photos of several unidentified shipmates that my father took and were in a scrapbook he kept. Also, I have photos of Typhoon Louise damage in Oct 1945, including a photo taken from the crows nest of the Nestor showing looking down on the ship it cut into. Please contact me more info and I would like to hear from anyone that served on the ship.
Thanks for the great site.

Jaime McKinnonMay 04, 2012 09:52
I am currently looking for any info. I can get on the Schroeder DD501. My Husbands Grandfather Authur Peare served on her around 1944. He was a Gunman. He is going to be 88 this August and is alive and doing well. He is a proud Navy man and I am trying to put together some of the info from his Navy career. If any info is available it would be greatly appreciate. Thank you!

Eric GolubApr 24, 2012 12:44
I just learned that Ted passed away in 2011. His book, Splinter Fleet, was a gift to all those who served on SC’s, and their families, who wanted detailed information on the lives of their fathers & grandfathers, who served on them. I dedicated his book to my father, who served on SC 646, just two numbers in production from Ted’s 648. To all who gave years of their lives on SC’s, as well as those who died on them, RIP.

Tom HicksonApr 20, 2012 21:34
I just found an old photo dated 11/1/45. On the back is written the name John W. Moser Jr, followed by what looks like MSMR and USS SC1303. I’d love to know a little more about him and the ship. Any chance anyone can tell me about the SC1303 and what MSMR statnds for. Thanks

Teresa Carr DeniApr 12, 2012 19:39
My Father, Henry Wm Deni, served on PC 465 and PGM 26 during WWII. Is anyone alive from these ships that can provide some insight? I’d love to know what others have learned and be referred to any books written by others on these ships. Thanks.

Rick SellsApr 12, 2012 12:22
Does anyone have a photo of the USS SC760. I believe my dad may have served aboard this ship. Thanks R sells

Rick SellsApr 12, 2012 12:02
I would just like to take this opportunity to thank the men of the Splinter Fleet for your service. We owe your generation so much- you saved our Republic! thanks so much! Rick Sells * My Dad served on a Sub Chaser in the Pacific in WW II.

Rick SellsApr 11, 2012 22:47
My dad served on a subchaser in The Pacific during WWII. His name was Claude Ray Sells and he was from Livingston, TN
does anyone remember him or remember serving with a Sells from Tennessee in the splinter fleet?

Clifford ChaffeeApr 11, 2012 18:58
During WW11 I served on the subchaser 1040 -- left New Orleans November or December 1942, patroled in the Carribean, proceeded through the Panama Canal to the South Pacific, and returned to the states in l944. Am interested in hearing from anyone who served on the 1040 during that time.

Ric E sellsApr 03, 2012 13:17
My dad was on a sub chaser in the pacific in ww 2 his name was Claude Ray Sells and he was from Tennessee. I am looking for anyone that might have served with him. Thanks Rick sells

Web BurtonMar 08, 2012 17:04
I served on the SC1002, AND PCE-903. was wondering if any shipmates are out there. Would love to hear from you.

Al MelcherMar 07, 2012 16:04
I’m back again, a “survivor” of the original crew of the SC 506 commissioned in the spring of 1942 at Brooklyn Navy Yard. I have changed my e-mail address so want to make sure that anyone trying to contact me will be able to find me. I had triple bypass surgery in June 2011 so I am happy to still be here at 92 years of age. For previous entries click on SC 506.

HERB BARKERMar 06, 2012 17:00

Heath BeggsFeb 27, 2012 12:04
I’m sending a photo of Cairdeas when she was owned by General Construction.

Gene Brick, GM3Feb 26, 2012 04:51
I’m proud to have served in the dungaree Navy aboard the SC 1266 from Jan. 9, 1944 to Mar. 12,1945. We ran aground at Gaudacanal. Small damage. We were in the invasion of Green Island. I was later transferred to the USS Drexler DD741 in Mar. 12, 1945 and am a lucky survivor of her sinking May 28, 1945. I would like to hear from any of the crews of the SC 1266 and the Drexler DD741. God Bless them, EMB

John RutledgeFeb 24, 2012 20:06
What GREAT Men and Women that served in WWII. My father was on the USS Lizardfish. God Bless and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.

MarkFeb 13, 2012 13:42
I took a trip between SF and Half Moon Bay on a yacht conversion of one of these subchasers in the 1960s. It was named Nevada Lady and at the time was home ported in the SF Bay area. It looked very original Navy at the deck level, most of the superstructure and all of the wheelhouse looked original. I was a kid at the time and my memory may be incorrect but I recall seeing two huge RADIAL diesel engines in the engine room that ran through right angle drives to the prop shafts. I remember that the had variable pitch props too and that the engines ran at constant speed. It was owned by a man who held interests in radio broadcast stations.

This Googled info might be about the boat I sailed on, age and length look about right, but I am not certain:

Summary of Motor Yacht NEVADA LADY

The Shipyard Work & Design relating to Luxury Yacht NEVADA LADY
In 1943 she was actually launched to celebration in Wilmington Ca and post sea trials and detailing was then passed on to the owner who commissioned her. Blue Trend Yachts completed their new build motor yacht in the United States. Her main hull was crafted from wooden. The motor yacht main superstructure is made extensively with wood. With a beam of 5.46 m or 17.9 feet NEVADA LADY has reasonable interior.

The Performance And Engine Room On M/Y NEVADA LADY:
For propulsion NEVADA LADY has twin screw propellers. Her total HP is 2400 HP and her total Kilowatts are 1766.

The Guest Accommodation Provided by Superyacht NEVADA LADY:

A List of the Specifications of the NEVADA LADY:
Superyacht Name: Motor Yacht NEVADA LADY Ex: - Built By: Blue-Trend - Built in: Wilmington Ca, United States - Launched in: 1943 - Refitted in: - Length Overall: 32.67 metres / 107.2 feet - Waterline Length:

Naval Architecture: , - Designers Involved in Yacht Design: - Interior Designers: - Gross Tonnes: 128 - Nett Tonnes: 43 - Displacement: - Hull / Superstructure Construction Material: wooden / wood - Owner of NEVADA LADY: - Cost To Build: - NEVADA LADY available for luxury yacht charters: - Is the yacht for sale: - Helicopter Landing Pad: No - Swimming Pool: - Jacuzzi Spa: - Material Used For Deck: wood

The Country the Yacht is Flagged in: United States - The official registry port is Los Angeles Ca and her home port is San Diego Ca, USA - Class society used: - Completed survey under Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) Large Yacht Code: - Max yacht charter guests - Guest’s cabins: - Guests Cabin configuration: - Maximum Number of Guests Whilst Underway: - Number of Crew Members:
- Total engine power output 2400 HP /1766 KW. - Potable water capacity: unknown. - Beam: 5.46m/17.9ft.

Alan DenneyFeb 05, 2012 18:09
For Gene Haney,
I spoke to my Dad today who lives in Vermont. He checked his notes that he has from his service on the SC-1323 in WW2. He did have your father in his list of personnel on board. He had him listed as LT on the SC-1323. He was not sure how long you father was on board. My Dad was a sonar man on the vessel.

JIM NAZYFeb 05, 2012 02:26
my father peter nazy (1918-1997) served on the sc 1044 and sc 762

jim nazyFeb 05, 2012 02:21
my late father Peter Nazy USN from chgo, il and his friend Ernie Swanson from MInnesota were on on sc in sicily and salerno invasions. they also gave general patton a ride onit from the gulf of gela to palermo patton with is pistols
said to my father and the ccrew U GUYS ARE ALL YOUNG FUCKN KIDS

Captain David Sullivan, USNR-RFeb 01, 2012 15:49
My father, James K. Sullivan, Lt., USN was a skipper on SC-511. I did not write down all the stories I heard when I was a kid...regret it now. He sailed out of Key West and was a convoy guard for runs to England at times. Wonderful web site.. I am retired and have time now to research the 511 history... thanks again.

lyn & jerry bontaJan 26, 2012 17:20
in june 2008 we sent ted treadwell an admiral billard banner from the 1940’s. my father herbert todd attended the academy 1946-1947. we recently found a '46-'47 publication and a 1941-42 publication. we would like to send these items to a new home. can anyone help? thank you

Dave LarsonJan 26, 2012 14:54
My Grandfather, Gerald Larson, served on the sc731 from approximately fall of '44 to fall of '45. I recently was given a box of photos he took and developed on the ship.I am curious if anyone out there served with him.

Bob GoodwinJan 18, 2012 14:41
I served aboard the PCS1441 and recentley found an old photo of some of the crew at the Spinning Wheel resturant in Seattle. Anyone interested in copies please contact me.

Bob Goodwin

Tim SmithJan 17, 2012 22:28
I’m sorry to hear of Teds passing, I enjoyed corresponding with him about the Subchasers over the years, and treasure his book.

Jerry VanLandinghamJan 11, 2012 12:15
That would be great. I would love to see them. It must have been an experience being raised on a SC. My dad passed away in 96, he never talked about the war. I have his discharge paper’s and I am looking for a pitcher of the ship he served on the SC746 that is on his dischare paper’s. I have looked every where and can’t find one. Thank You, Jerry VanLandingham

steve shawJan 10, 2012 20:11
I was raised on a conv SC in the s. Frisco Bay in Alviso. I have lots of photos. How can I post to this site.You can go to my FB page and see.

Jerry VanLandinghamJan 09, 2012 18:16
My dad was on the SC746 in ww2. Does any one have any pitchers of this subchaser?

Charles SprouleJan 07, 2012 10:30
from Charlie Sproule SC699,
Sorry to hear about “Ted” and the SC648. We served together in Hollandia, New Guinea among about 5 subchasers patroling the Harbor and controlling the coast line around Hollandia. I was 3rd officer aboard the 699 and the skipper was Phil Bash with John Dawley as 2nd in command.
We also had several trips to the officers’s club and raised “a few” beers together. Should any of you who are “still kicking” remember these times, please contact me at 410-745-5698.