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Harold Lea MondDec 26, 2011 20:53
I had the opportunity to communicate with Ted and he was always patient and answered my questions about life aboard ship. I’m reading Taste of Salt now and thoroughly enjoying it. I’m sorry to hear of his passing. I’m glad he was able to record so many of his memories it’s sad so many others have not.
Best Wishes

john w robertsonDec 24, 2011 22:28
served on sc693 and sc978 in africa sicily anzio southern france. anybody still arround. my nickname was skinny.

Elaine LeBoutillier SprinkleDec 08, 2011 04:16
My father, Edward LeBoutillier served on PCE(R)856 and then on SC1045 1944-1945. Would like to hear from family members of shipmates and expecially would like to see photos.

Robert B. KellyNov 29, 2011 12:39
I served on the SC986. Anyone have information on the crew.
We turned the ship over to the Russian Navy in 1945 in Alaska

john rossettiNov 24, 2011 16:40
Heard from my shipmate Allan Wellbrock who served with me on the SC1021. Hard to believe it was 65 years go. All this came to pass because of his daughter’s search on the internet.

John MooreNov 16, 2011 20:27
To a special loving and caring Grandfather you will be truly missed by so many who came to know you over your amazing life of 95 years old. REST IN PEACE!

Winnie Russell PazzelliNov 11, 2011 08:32
My brother Eddie Russell served on the sc600. He was in the pacific and in the aluetians durig ww11 Joined the navy in 42 and was there for the duration of the war. He unfortunately was killed on his job at the age of 32. He had lots of pictures of the crew. He spoke of a friend named North. Anyone out there know of anyone who was on PC600?

Bradley HallNov 09, 2011 20:32
I too just heard of Mr. Treadwell’s passing and wish to send my condolences to his family.

I spoke to him a few times online and always found him to be a great resource of information and an all around great guy.

The last time I spoke to him, I had come across a picture of his ship right next to the ship I had been researching and sent it to him. He will be missed.

Richard Karl ZoehfeldNov 09, 2011 15:55
I just read ' Taste of Salt ' in two days after receiving it in the mail. My Father was stationed on a Sub-Chaser out
of SCTC in Miami during WWII known as the “ 83-391 ”. It was
on patrol in the Caribbean hunting for U-Boats. Nothing was
mentioned in the book or accounts about the 83 footer SubChasers ? Are there other sources ? Do you know of anyone who wrote of serving on one of them ? Heard many stories over the years which sounded exciting to the family. Appreciate any info you could share, thankyou. When logging on to this website I was saddened to hear of Mr. Treadwell’s passing - my condolences to his family...

Nicholas EcockNov 05, 2011 15:36
I am doing a research paper on an old Sub-chaser. I have traced it to be once located in Lake Champlain, owned by “Champlain Gateway Cruises Inc.” in 1989'. The name of the Vessel was the Mount Independence. I am hoping that you can help me upon my research. It was first known as the SC-1355, after the war in 1949 it was sold as the CHIEF. Than some time in between 1981 to 1989 it was re sold as the Mount Independence. The same one as the one mention on the Splinter Fleet site as the SC-1013. I hope to hear from you soon for I must turn in my school paper before Thanks Giving.

Ed RappOct 26, 2011 13:15
I served on SC641 the same time as McGOWAN . I think we called him Mac. What was his rate? I wrote you an e-mail but got no responce.Don’t wait to long to contact me because i’m 88. I think i’m the last one standing.

anthony d’angeloOct 23, 2011 19:02
My dad,GEORGE D’ANGELO,worked on the ELMAR,in Sheepshead bay,brooklyn,in the late 1960’s,when it was a charted day fishing boat.He took me out a number of times and it was a great experience for me,he has since passed on,but i know he loved that job as he loved the sea.

Nicholas EcockOct 13, 2011 19:07
Hello, My Grandfather bought a Subchaser (USCG Air Tern (WAVR 474)/ex-USS SC-1355) named “CHIEF”. I am doing a research project on this vessel and have traced it to be the “SC 1013 - Mount Independence” found on your site. I would love to speak with you ASAP to share my research & to confrem that it is infact that vessel.

Jim McGowanOct 11, 2011 22:53
Hello. My father, Kenneth G. McGowan, served on SC 641 in the Pacific during World War II. He passed away in 2003. My mother, my siblings and I would love to hear from anyone who served with Dad, or who served on his ship. We just learned about the “Splinter Fleet” book and this site. We would really like to know more about his service experiences. Can anyone help? If so, please let me know. Thanks.

Phil RothmanOct 05, 2011 16:10
Would be pleased to talk with any crew member or crew member relative. I was the youngest of the crew during WW2; am hoping some of the guys are still around. SC690, Capt. Platz

Ed MurphySep 25, 2011 18:51
My father, Edward F Murphy Jr, (1918-1971) was 3rd officer and XO on SC 748 during 1942, 1943 and part of 1944. Stationed in Port Moresby, New Guinea. According to muster records, he sailed on SC 748 from Key West to Brisbane then to Port Moresby soon after the ship was commissioned in Quincy MA in late SEP 1942. Any shipmates of his out there?

Herb BarkerSep 11, 2011 13:26
I was sonarman on SC727. We toured many of the southern islands. In may of 44 we landed some Marines and equipment on the atoll Funifuti in the Ellis group. (Now known as Tuvalu). First move north towards the Marianas. Joined Task force as protective escort for three weeks off Saipan. Then to Guam as control vessel. We were extreme right of beach. took rifle and motor fire for two days. Lucky. Took no hits.

Phil RothmanAug 23, 2011 22:45
For years i’ve been trying to contact crew members of SC690 during ww2 in the Med. anyone, or relative please respond to above e-mail address. I realize that I was probably the youngest crew member and perhaps all the others are gone, but I’d like to hear from any family member.

Steve LawsonAug 09, 2011 17:12
My fatherinlaw passed 8/8/11 and was on the SC-503. I was trying to find any information on the ship or photos and anyone else possibly still alive who was on the ship with him when it left Norfolk Va. and headed to Africa. He had never spoken any about his tour intill 7/1/2005. All of his children we surprised at all the information about the war that he remembered and the battles and areas he covered while on the ship. Interesting that the ship took a close-call hit from the big bertha that bent the screws and had to be repaired. If anyone has any information on the ship or photos or is still alive that served I would apprediate and information. Thanks

Jim JacksonAug 03, 2011 15:12
My father, Lt. James W. Jackson was the engine room officer on a submarine chaser in the Pacific in WWII. He was in the invasion of Tinian and Si pan. I would like to know which chaser he was on. I think after the war it was sunk in a typhoon somewhere.
Any help with information would be greatly appreciated.
Dad died in 1972 at the age of 49.
Jim Jackson

Bill CaseJul 29, 2011 20:05
(My e-mail is temporarily down). I was on SC 1236 (North Atlantic convoy duty). Then we put PC1170 thru shake down for Brazil) and finally, we got PC 1171 for convoy duty from New York to Guantanamo,Cuba. After V-E Day we took our PC to Kwajalein and Eniwetok Atolls (Marshall-Gilbert Islands, South Pacific) for air/sea rescue. We came home- Dec. '46.

Wesley SandelJul 25, 2011 23:31
Thanks for the site. My father captained a subchaser, Guatanamo to the Canal, then the Pacific, then Plymouth to Channel Islands where they were “sunk” by a German Cruiser.

The main focus of his stories was that, as the smallest ship in the fleet, they would suffer horribly trying to make twelve knots as convoy escort. No one could eat during the entire voyage.

Lars PattersonJul 25, 2011 18:56
Thank you for this site. I am trying to find out the exact chain of events that led to 3 subchasers being made available for the operations out of Shetland. Who made the request. Who decided to make the subchasers available to the Norwegians?

The operations using the fishing boats had very heavy losses and was to be closed down. Then three subchasers were made available under lend lease. One of them was skippered by the legendary Leif Larsen. Any information on this would be highly appreciated.

Laura JensenJul 24, 2011 18:44
Thank you for this site! I have just started researching the history of my grandfather (Raymond Andrew Jensen) who served on SC 665 (XO in 1944) and SC 1273 (CO in 1945 including decommissioning 10 Dec 1945). I have enjoyed learning more here about his types of ships and things I had not even considered before. Thank you for the help. If anyone else has additional information about Ray or the ships he was on, I’d love to hear from you! Thanks again for a wonderful site.

Matt FidlerJul 14, 2011 07:54
My grandfather, Sgt. Bert Fidler, was in the U.S. Army, 4th Division, and crossed the Atlantic in May 1918. He spoke of subchasers defending his convoy as they approached the coast of France. This site is informative on that one little episode in his two years of service.

AL LIVINGSTONJul 08, 2011 15:07

Denis SegerJul 06, 2011 23:05
Hi, my dad Lester Seger served on a subchaser in the Mediterranean. he may have been on SC-532. Would be interested if any relatives remember him

Bob MaleckiJul 03, 2011 17:47
My father, Arthur Malecki, served as a radioman on the SC532. He loved that ship and he cherished his life as a sailor. He passed away in June 2006. I think that he was the last surviving member of the crew.

Derek BorgJul 02, 2011 01:18
My Dad Victor Borg served on PC 504 from 1943
to 1945. I have the brass plaque from the ship and am
wondering if any personel from 504 are still living. I
just searching the web and was somewhat amazed
that the ship was still afloat just a few years ago! A tribute
to the Rice Bros! Unfortunatly my dad passed away this
past Feb. but wouk love to hear from anyone from 504

Dave SteppJun 21, 2011 13:27
My father served aboard the SC1013 during WWII and would love to hear from others who may have served with him or who’s father may have served with him. I have several pictures of shipmates that I can’t identify (only have the names of 2 or 3). Also have other pics of the ship and activities aboard her. Look forward to hearing from anyone. Thanks

john a fryeJun 20, 2011 13:50
found obituary Harry J Taylor jr.SC722in the phillippines who served with me until i was dec,1945 i am asking any names of sdhip mates still alive,please step forward

Merritt McNeelJun 01, 2011 16:15
Mr. Veronda

My Dad Wesley McNeel may have served with your Dad on SC1050 1944-1945
He is 85 as well

Jo Ann YohnMay 31, 2011 11:47
my father was a radioman on SC-1340. 1942-46. I have been unable to find much information. Wondering if anyone out there has information or photos of this sub chaser.

Jim ShockleyMay 30, 2011 23:29
TO KEN BALL--Regarding SC-716-if you are still around could you contact me at my email address


BILL VERONDAMay 29, 2011 01:39
My dad Dick Veronda is 85 and served on several subchasers from 1943-1946. He said hull # 520/996/1050. He was a radio man 2nd class. If anyone has any info please e-mail me.

Bradley HallMay 26, 2011 23:54
Hey guys, I figured some of you would like to know that has added muster rolls and such to their database of stuff. I just looked on there and found a bunch of SCs listed on their site, you need a membership in order to actually look at the documents, but browsing to see what they have is free and they have a two week trial.

This is not spam, I have posted here many times in the past and am a frequent lurker here.

Nina BrownMay 22, 2011 08:07
My grandpa, William H. Brown of Sylvania, OH was a Signalman 1st Class on the SC 744 when it was sunk in the Leyte Gulf on 11.27.1944. He was one of the lucky survivors. Am looking for any information on publications regarding this vessel, as he had a book in his possession at one time that specifically referenced his valor by name. Someone borrowed it, and now we can’t remember the name. Think it may be Splinter Fleet by Treadwell?

Nina BrownMay 22, 2011 08:06
My grandpa, William H. Brown of Sylvania, OH was a Signalman 1st Class on the SC 744 when it was sunk in the Leyte Gulf on 11.27.1944. He was one of the lucky survivors. Am looking for any information on publications regarding this vessel, as he had a book in his possession at one time that specifically referenced his valor by name. Someone borrowed it, and now we can’t remember the name. Think it may be Splinter Fleet by Treadwell?

Andy WalkerMay 12, 2011 16:20
My Dad,
John F. (Jack) Walker served on a wooden sub chaser during the end of WWII from 44 - 45
I believe his CO died very young - Does anyone know the ship in which this happened on? - We have a photo of 1064 but I am not sure that was his ship or a sister ship - Thanks Andy Walker" " . package_email_address("")

Nick GleasonMay 08, 2011 00:11
I am the grandson of Charles Peeples, he served aboard the SC 536. I am researching his ship and trying to find stories for the first time. He is 91 now and I love to hear his old stories. Thank you all for putting this site together, it has been a great help to me so far, and I hope to get a response from anyone who may have stories or other information about SC 536. Thank you for time, I look forward to hearing from you!

Arthur C. AdneyApr 18, 2011 00:57
Hello Larry Parker
I tried to send you a e-mail BUT it came back undeleverd . I was on S.C.1034 and wondered if your dad was in the same area that we were at times.

Larry ParkerApr 06, 2011 11:39
I just went to a funeral visitation for one of my Dad’s Navy buddies on Sunday April 3rd, 2011. The funeral was for Victor F. Olsen of Waterloo, Iowa. My dad Raymond Parker served with “Ole” on board the SC1032 in I believe 1943. My dad seems to think he might be the only one still living from that crew. My friend helped me discover this site and I am now totally enthralled with finding more information about his ships he served on and the service he gave to our country.
If there is more information out there about individuals living or deceased who served on the SC1032 I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.
Thank you,

Larry Parker

Pamela Davis BolinApr 04, 2011 13:03
My Father served on the SC-1275. His name was Robert B. Davis. We have a few stories but would love to piece it together more throughly. If anyone has anything I would love to here from you.

Sandra MortimerApr 01, 2011 10:43
My dad, Walter N. Mortimer, was cook/gunner on the SC699 when it was struck by the kamakazi plane May 27, 1944. He was severely burned and spent months in a burn center in Australia. He never received a purple heart and we are working to put all the info together at this time. It’s pretty exciting. If anyone has more details, please let me know. It will help!!!

Chris DavenportMar 15, 2011 17:49
My father, Bill Davenport, was a gunners mate on an SC during WWII in Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. Don’t know the hull number, but his SC was sunk off coast of Galveston in a hurricane (Surprise in '43?). Dad and crew swam ashore. He also served on DD and AM - convoy escort duty.

Joan CarlsonMar 01, 2011 12:27
I have enjoyed learning about the “Splinter Fleet”. My father, Willis J Ellis, was on Subchaser 669 in the southwest Pacific. In his kit I found an interesting sketch by one Perry Pile, dated Feb 18, 1943, Guadalcanal and titled “The Fighting 69” (is that what they called themselves?). It pictures their ship sinking after an attack by aircraft, and was obviously meant as a “joke”. The kit also has a soda fountain token from Aore Island and two cards that say “Ancient Order of the Deep”. The first gives a location of Latitude 0000, Longitude 97 degrees - 41' N on 6 Jan 1943. The second gives a location of Latitude 0000, Longitude 18 degrees, 15' S on 3 Feb 1943. Apparently these have something to do with their work on the equator.

Can someone explain the “bar” pin that Bill had for his uniform? It has yellow stripes on one half and blue stripes on the other. There are three stars on the yellow side. I believe they represent areas of service. There is a magazine paper with three engagements that he has underlined:
1) New Georgia-Rendova-Vangunu Occupation, 20 June - 5 August 1943
2) Vella Lavella Occupation, 15 August - 16 October 1943
3) (handwritten) Peleliu, Palau Islands, 15 September 1944

Thank you for any comments.

J. loflandFeb 23, 2011 12:58
To; Robert Sonney We own and have preserved the site where your ship SC 1352 was built in Milford, Del. We have finished a documentary and exhibit to benefit our Milford Musuem. Would enjoy hearing from you and sending you a copy of our movie!

Randy SomervilleFeb 01, 2011 12:17
My father passed away Sept 2010. His name was Howard R. Somerville and he proudly served on the SC-675. He also served on the PGM-9 as well as the APA USS Peirce. He spent a year on the SC-675 while in the Caribbean and generally had a good experience during this period.

Glen DymondJan 30, 2011 11:25
I served on SC675 1944 until it was decommisioned. I wonder
if ther are any crew memberss alive?

SC690Jan 19, 2011 16:06
Would like to contacdt any former crew member of relative.

Gene BlackmanJan 18, 2011 12:01
My Brother Carl And I served on PC 1208 1952-1954. Would love to hear from anyone that served on PC 1208 anytime
PC 1208 was sunk off the Coast of Taiwan 1954 by Chinese Communists.

Phil RothmanJan 17, 2011 17:06
Served on SC690 in the Med. with Capt. John Platz. ANybody still alive from that experience?

CHARLIE SPROULEJan 17, 2011 16:59
Charlie Sproule
I’m wondering whatever happened to the SC699. When I left, we were training the Filipinos to take over the ship in 1946 and use her for protection in the islands. If anybody has any information,please e-mail me or call me at 410-745-5698.Thanks

Richard LeCainJan 14, 2011 16:02
I found a photo of the SC-662 and 663 at the Fisher Boat Works,Detroit, Michigan. I am still hoping for actual photos of the 662 and crew members. Richard LeCain

Richard LeCainJan 10, 2011 10:02
My Father Served on the SC-662 in 1942. Henry Cook LeCain (Dick)I saw a comment by Bill Young that his Father Billy Young also served on the SC-662. I tried to contact him via E-Mail and failed. If any one has any information on Mr. Young or the 662 please contact me. Thank You Richard LeCain