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Bradley HallDec 25, 2010 11:37
Merry Christmas to all of you reading this, especially if you served on a sub chaser.

John D. Mills(SFC/US Army) RetiredDec 23, 2010 02:31
Good to see a site telling of the wooded Subchasers life. My father (US Navy Retired,1943-1963),was on SC 1054 during WWII in the Pacific. I am wondering if anyone remembers GM John W. Mills

albert audette momm 1/cDec 13, 2010 09:36

CPT Jared CoxDec 11, 2010 11:37
My father received my Grandpa’s service record in the mail today. Grandpa never said much about what he did in the Navy. According to his record, he served on the SC 1371. His name was William Smith Cox. He passed away in 1978. This period of his life has almost no detail. If anyone has any info, pictures, stories etc of SC 1371, or of my grandpa, I would appreciate hearing from you.

CPT Jared Cox
208-406-2120 "
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Jerry D. KellyDec 11, 2010 10:29
My father Carl Kelly was on SC-995 and then stationed at New Caledonia on the ships repair base. I would love to hear from anyone who knows him. He is still alive and kicking at 87.

T WilliamsNov 28, 2010 14:26
I am a neighbor of Jerry Minor, who served aboard the SC-735 at the age of 17. Feel free to contact me if you were a fellow crew member of his.

albert audette momm1/cNov 22, 2010 09:48

Chip CalamaioNov 17, 2010 02:37
Since my posting here about a year ago when we were searching for information and photos on SC-1296 for our USCG Pequot website:

I was contacted by Marilyn Chapoton whose husband Gene was a Pharmacist Mate was aboard SC-1296. She found us! Marilyn donated many photos of the 1296 and we built a special page to tell Gene’s story. On our “Escorts” page after the section on the 83 footers is a section on Subchasers.

From that section you can link directly to Gene’s page at:

In addition to Marilyn A big thanks to Ken Liden, Ted Treadwell, Daniel Treadwell, Lawrence Levine, Jim Flynn, and Charlie Sproule for helping us work up the Pequot Escort and SC-1296 material.

Bryce McGinnessNov 16, 2010 18:35

Richard SteeleNov 12, 2010 14:25
I am sorry I did not add my Father’s name to the previous message but I am looking for information on the drownding of Jack Steele Home town Victoria B.C./ Mayne Island

Richard SteeleNov 12, 2010 14:20
I am not sure if anybody can help me find some information on my dad. All that I know is that the fishing vessel he served on went down off the west coast sometime in 1945/46. His remains were washed up around Tafino the only way to identify him was his Indian sweater and belt, that isnormation is a little uncertain.
Thanks for any information on this subject

Arthur C. AdneyNov 12, 2010 02:08
To all of my fellow ship mates that were with me on the S.C. 1034, my prayers go out to you where ever you are. You all left a deep mark on me. Though I some times have trouble remembering your name. When I look back at some of my old photos, I have nothing but respect and admiration of you all.I am proud to meet the sons of two of my ship mates that have passed away. Kevin Ahern and Richard Rebicek Have added photos and information that had slipped my mind. On this day November 11 2010, I want to thank all the veterans and service men and women that are still taking care of protecting the rest of our country.

Capt. B. KoschakNov 11, 2010 19:09
On this day we give thanks....

David YokenNov 11, 2010 15:28
On this Veterans' Day November 11th 2010 (and every day) I know I speak for all when I salute the Sub Chaser Veterans who gave so much to stop tyranny and spread freedom throughout the world.

We salute you all.

Respectfully, David Yoken

H. G. JonesNov 09, 2010 09:57
Although my book “The Sonarman’s War” (McFarland, 2010) is mainly about SC 525 in the Mediterranean during World War II, the following Sugar Charlies (SC) are also mentioned: 497, 503, 506, 507, 515, 516, 517, 519, 524, 526, 529, 530, 532, 534, 535, 561, 619, 638, 639, 649, 655, 666, 691, 692, 693, 694, 695, 696, 697, 770, 771, 978, 1029, 1030, 1034, and 1044. More than two dozen Peter Charlies (PC) are also indexed. H. G. Jones.

Richard LeCainNov 03, 2010 15:13
My Father Henry Cook LeCain,served on subchaser off of New York City in 1943 and Panama Canal Zone 1944. Looking for crew members,or any information on the subshaser he was on. Thank you Richard F. LeCain

Ellen VedenOct 30, 2010 11:54
1943-45 US Navy Station, Key West FL.
Seeking information on Splinter Fleet boats (2) sold to the Russians during this period. My Dad, Vladimir Serge Veden, US Navy was assigned to train the Russians on the use of these ships and interested in learning more.

Glenn DavisOct 29, 2010 12:13
My Grandfather’s brother served on the SC 1012, I am looking for anybody with any information about the SC 1012. Thank you.

John FisherSep 28, 2010 18:51
My father Frank Fisher, served on board the SC-503.He was 17 years old when he arrived on board for duty. he was a ships cook 3rd class. my dad is now 84 years old,and often wonders about the men he served with. dad has a serious heart condition, but if any crew member could contact him I know it make him very happy.(it would be very good medicine) I would like to thank all who served during this time (WWII),as I too served in the U.S.Navy during the Vietnam war John Fisher (son)

Mike ChouinardSep 13, 2010 15:37
"Barney" Chouinard (dad)was on an SC in the Med that was blown up, probably SC-694 or SC696. But if an earlier one was lost in the Med it might be at better time fit. I think he was a radioman. They were apparently prosecuting a German sub when the splinter craft was destroyed (Depth charge rack exploded/bomb, or what?) Can anyone confirm the ship hull or remember him, he would have been 90 now.

JoAnn Techentin-SebringSep 11, 2010 19:21
My father (Charles Techentin) served from 1942-1945 as the radio man on SC729. Was wondering if anyone is still around or has any info. He and I would love to talk to them.

Al MelcherAug 26, 2010 19:25
A few years ago I replied to an entry from Tom Faulkner, a former crew member of the SC506, that he had posted a few years ealier. In his reply I learned that he was the person who replaced me as the ship’s yeoman when I was transferred to Naval Intelligence school in D.C in July 1942. We never met, he reported after I had left the ship. In our correspondence I learned that he lived in Arkansas. I recently received word that Tom passed away August 13th at age 90 and was buried with full military honors. I was hoping that we could meet someday but that was not to be due to the distance. Since I have received no other reply from anyone who may have served aboard the SC506, it is possible that I am the sole survivor since I am 90 years old and many with whom I served, were older.

Paul DeRosaAug 07, 2010 14:06
I served on the SC-737 between 1942 - 1946, I was Sonar Operator 1/c, we where in New Guinea, the Philippines and Australia. I’d love hear from anyone who also served on my ship, please email:" " . package_email_address("")

Steven J GreeneAug 03, 2010 20:03
SC 743 Thanks to this sight I was able to find one of my father’s shipmates a few years back . They had gotten to speak on the phone after all those years. I was wondering if anyone has pictures of SC 743 and if so could you plaease send me copies to my email address " " . package_email_address("")

Thanks to all for your service to our country

Steven J Greene

Andrew L. ChannellJul 23, 2010 21:39
My grandfather, BMC Lawrence “Larry” Murphy served during World War II aboard SC-649 until she was transferred out of the service. He later served aboard USS Picket. My grandfather kept a camera with him through much of the war. When he passed away in 1993, he left his navy photo album to me. I have started scanning these original photographs which are an interesting and valued reminder of his service. There are photographs of the SC-649, the crew, a host of other US Navy and foreign vessels, and locations as far apart as North Africa and Japan. I would be happy to share these with anyone who is interested. If there are any living veterans who served with my grandfather aboard USS SC-649, I would especially like to hear from them. Thanks you to all of our World War II vets!

Robert MaloneyJul 16, 2010 22:11
My father, Joseph T. Maloney served as radioman on SC-43 in
the north Atlantic during World War One. Any information on this vessel or men who served on it is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

George Converse, LtCol (USMC (Ret)Jul 13, 2010 18:11
Ladies and Gentlemen, I am currently doing historical research on SCs built in Elizabeth City, NC in WWII. SCs 515-518, 638-641, 704-709, 1276-1287, and 1488-1491. This is for a book on the EC Shipyard and for the local museum. Any information is appreciated.

Paul OstranderJul 12, 2010 21:25
My father Robert Edwin Ostrander (Guns) gunners mate second class sailed on the SC729 from 1943-1945. Talked about coming home and seeing the Golden Gate Bridge. I have sent out emails to those who have written on this site but am looking for anyone with any more information or pictures of the boat or crew. Would love to talk.

John L. Whetzal III, SMSgt, USAF (Ret)Jul 11, 2010 14:36
My father, John L. Whetzal, Jr., passed away on 10 Jul 2010, at the age of 84 years. He was an MOMM 1st Class, serving on the SC-1275 in the South Pacific, 1943-1946. The Splinter Fleet guestbook enabled me to contact the daughter (Patty Ziehm-Yaroch) of former crew mate, the late Dayton Ziehm, MOMM 2C. From that contact with Patty, I was able to make contact with 12 former crew members/their families and shared nearly a hundred photos of themselves/their beloved family members. These photos were new to the family members, as my Dad took the photos and kept them in his photo album. My Dad spoke on the phone regularly with his former shipmates...their 1st contact in 60+ years! I have made friends with many of my Dad’s former shipmates, most in their mid-late 80’s. Additionally, I was able to secure the Gang Way and Visual Dispatch logs from the SC-1275. Patty Ziehm-Yaroch and my Dad became great phone friends and Patty always baked and sent him brownies and cookies--Patty became known affectionately in my family as “The Cookie Lady”. Thank you Splinter Fleet--your guest book brought happiness to an “Old Sailor” in his final days and allowed me share with many of his buddies from WWII!

Gene Eric SaleckerJul 09, 2010 18:55
Hello all. I am the author of four books (three on World War II) and have just finished writing a book about the West Loch Explosions of May 1944. I am currently researching a book on Typhoon Louise which hit Okinawa on October 9, 1945. If anybody was there or on one of the ships that left Buckner Bay because of the storm, please contact me at this e-mail or at home at (708) 453-2069. Thanks.

Gene BrickJul 05, 2010 19:45
Still looking for former crew members of the SC 1266, From Jan.1944 thru March of 1945. Would like to hear from them. An SC is “rock and roll”, over one and under two, you guess of what? God Bless all SC Swabbies!! Gene

ALBERT AUDETTEJul 03, 2010 09:23

ALBERT AUDETTEJul 03, 2010 09:23

REX FAIRJun 30, 2010 15:17

Rebekah DavenportJun 28, 2010 05:59
my fathers name is Claude B Sims he served on the
CVE 72 USS Tulagi and I am trying to find somone
who may have known him. He was from Mobile Alabama
He passed away on sunday
if any of you remeber please contect
my name is Rebekah Sims, Davenport

William ParisianJun 06, 2010 20:12
My Granddad also served on SC1312 during WWII. He at the time was recently married (Oct. 18, 1941)when he was called to duty. We do have some pictures; most of them are of Granddad in the foreground and at dock....

marlena thomasJun 04, 2010 16:22
I’m looking for anyone who served with my father, James O. Cameron, on SC1004 during WWII. I have photos, my father’s diary and deck logs.

KathyJun 02, 2010 02:49
I believe the author included a short recollection from Robert Wood, now 91, who served on the SC 536 in the book. A team of researchers has been working diligently for the past several years to prove the accuracy of Mr. Wood’s account. It is a shame that his recollections were so hastily dismissed in the book. I hope we get the opportunity to set the record straight. There are only two surviving members from that sub chaser, and Mr. Wood is one of them.

Bradley HallMay 30, 2010 23:23
I’d like to wish all of you sub chaser veterans (and anyone else who reads this site who has served) a happy Memorial Day.

Lori Kisiel (Kisielewski) BabbittMay 19, 2010 22:04
My father Bernie Kisielewski served on SC1326 in the Pacific during WWII. I am looking for any survivors or information on the subchaser. The only information I have is he served in the Pacific on this subchaser and his service dates are 3/2/1943 to 3/7/1946. All of you have served are heroes to me no matter where, no matter what, no matter when.

Lori (Kisiel)(Kisielewski) Babbitt

Charlie SprouleMay 16, 2010 11:05
Looking for anyone who served on board Subchasers stationed in Hollandia,New Guinea 1945-46 with the SC699. Name is Charlie Sproule...started out as 3rd officer with Capt.Phil Bash and John Dawley...ended up in Manila and took command before being shipped home to PA. Call 410-745-5698 or e-mail.

John ShawMay 12, 2010 06:56
My father, Marion F. Shaw served on SC 703 during 1944 and 1945 until it was disabled 1 Apr 45. I would be interested in talking with anyone who has information about the 703 during that period. I have some pictures, copy of ships log and have the U.S Flag (battleflag) last flown on the 703. Hope to find someone who can help me put together info about her.

Roy PalmMay 05, 2010 21:22
I was a plank owner on the SC1342 Built in Rockport Texas.
Mo Mach 1st. Would be happy to hear from any surviving

Ed YorkMay 02, 2010 12:01

ATTENTION! A brand new website has been launched for veterans and active duty service members to locate each other. The Armed Forces Locator website is a FREE service for veterans and active duty service members who have a desire to find old buddies. It is the first directory-based website on the Internet. When members from your old unit register you are automatically informed. It is a great service. Try it out today!

Ed RappApr 28, 2010 13:54
I’m still looking for some comment about the S.C.641. It’s as though she never existed. I must be the last one standing. I’ll be 87 in May. If any one knows something contact me. Ed. Rapp

John ChristiansonApr 26, 2010 11:55
My mom just got a visit from a shipmate of my dad’s. His name is Lee Lynn and he lives somewhere in Massachusetts. I am not sure about the spelling of his name. He is 88.

Rick ThompsonApr 19, 2010 12:38
My father Donald Godwin Thompson served on the SC 1022. “Bud” Talarico was a crewmate. I should have some photos this week of the 1022 and its crew (4/19/2010). I intend to scan them and make them available to relevant sites.

Bill GagneApr 19, 2010 12:20
My dad recently passed away at age 84. He served on the SC 731 the length of the war in the Pacific, but refused to speak about his experiences. If anyone has info on the ship and its history, I would be most appreciative. Dad’s name was Walter R Gagne, (Wally

Candie LeonardApr 18, 2010 16:21
My father served as an officer on the SC1010, patrolling the San Francisco Bay and was later transferred to the USS Ringness. Does anyone have any information about either ship? Does anyone know someone still living who may have known my father, Edward Leonard?

Richard G. BallantineApr 12, 2010 11:52
From an obituary in the The York Times, April 11, 2010:
Worthington Minor Adams, 89, of Rye, New York and formerly of Farmington, CT...“World War II veteran, Navy lieutenant on Subchaser SC743 operating in the Pacific.”

StephanieApr 11, 2010 21:18
hello out there! Any one know what has happened to the Pacific Laurel since Aug 2006 when it took on water off Hawaii? My father owned SC 504 during the 1950’s when he converted it into a fish packer. Based in Victoria, B.C.,Canada, he packed fish up & down the British Columbia coast. He named it Pacific Laurel. If anyone knows, please forward any info! Dad would love to know. Thank you!

Jeff O’DonnellMar 31, 2010 15:43
My dad Edward F O’Donnell served as a radioman on PC 487 and SC733 from sometime in 1944 to end of war...he was from Newman Grove, NE...was wondering if anyone remembers him?...

Scott CarpenterMar 22, 2010 10:58
My Father Charles F Carpenter (MM1) served abord USS PPC 452 during WWII, she was an experimental test bed for steam turbines. Later she was rename USS Castine (IX 211). If anyone is interested I have pictures of the ship and her crew. Mt Father never said much about his time onboard, if anyone has any information regarding the specifics of her duties and mission, I would love to hear from you.

Libby PyleMar 06, 2010 22:04
My Great Grandfather, John Fabris was a very honorable man. He enlisted at 43 yrs old, in 1917.(World War I)
John Fabris served as a machinist’s mate (1c) on submarine chaser SC 179. In a notable wartime incident, crewman Fabris held an engine part in place with his hand to keep the chaser running during the bombardment of Durazzo harbor, and suffered severe burns. For this service he was awarded the Navy Cross. Anyone with any more info on him or questions, please contact me.

Robert (Bob) GoodwinFeb 11, 2010 16:27
I was on the PCS1441 in 1944 to 1946. We served in the South Pacific. Are there any of the old crew or their families around. I would like to hear from them.

Martin VealeFeb 01, 2010 15:28
My Dad Martin Veale Sr Served on SC987 He and his Wife Joan
my Mom Curently live in Toms River NJ

Jennifer BrockJan 26, 2010 15:11
my dad served in the navy world war 11was on subchasher 1312 is there anyone out there that has photos. also anyone that their father has passed with mesotheleoma or has been diagnosed?

Hugh [Buzz ] CrawfordJan 25, 2010 12:26
Served aboard SC1357 1945 to 1946
The ship operated out of Charlestown South Carolina.
At end of war was de-comissioned at Corpus Christie Texas

deb wiessJan 22, 2010 02:51
Are there any of the crew of SC 643 alive - - would appreciate any correspondence from them or family members. I have a picture of the ship and of crew members and all my dad’s notes medals etc.
Deb Wiess

Glen DymondJan 21, 2010 18:40

Jim LeinerJan 18, 2010 19:38
I would love to hear from any crew member of Subchaser 1316.
Built and launched at the Julius Peterson Shipyards in Upper Nyack, NY on 11 March 1943. This sturdy craft was sent to the Pacific where on July 21, 1944, it was damaged by Japanese Coastal Mortor fire during the invasion of the US Marines on Guam under the direction of Adm. R. L. Conolly. SC1316 was transferred to the US Army in 1946 and was later sold and turned into the fishing vessel Helen E. On March 5, 1951 the Helen E was beached north of the entrance to Coos Bay in Oregon.

Debbi RoundsJan 16, 2010 21:29
My grandfather is 91 and is looking for information on his first ship, the Subchaser 657. If anyone has any information on it or knows anyone who is still around that was on it, please let me know. Thank you.

Debbi Rounds "
" . package_email_address("")

Debbi RoundsJan 16, 2010 21:29
My grandfather is 91 and is looking for information on his first ship, the Subchaser 657. If anyone has any information on it or knows anyone who is still around that was on it, please let me know. Thank you.

Debbi Rounds "
" . package_email_address("")

BRIAN J OZARKJan 13, 2010 19:08
This email was sent to Rex fair maybe some others might recognize names and replay (SC 686)

Hello Rex. My name is Greg Ozark. I am proud to respond to you on behalf of my father. As you are aware the “greatest generation” was fast to come to aid of our country but slow to come to terms with the internet! So I will handle the email part.

Roman Leonard Owczarza was part of the crew of the 686 starting in 1944. He trained in HI and departed from there. He was on the boat until 1946. He was part of the communication team and remembers two mates - Perry and Neider (can’t recall why those two stuck in his head). His captain was “Crash Carter” because he always crashed into the dock.

I note the dates on your email and and have no answer for the date of destruction difference. His memory is a little blank. I read the book on the splinter fleet and have heard conflicting stories about the 646. Look forward to hearing back from you, take care and thank you for your service.

Jim PatseyJan 11, 2010 22:37
My dad, Francis C. “Pat” Patsey, served on the SC-709 and was on board when it foundered off the coast of Nova Scotia in 1943. Pat died in 1983. I would like to hear from any crew members or their families, and would love to find some pictures other than the one of it frozen in the ice.

Jim Patsey - Denver, CO (303) 564-4918

RoadDogJan 07, 2010 22:33
I read that the SC-1316 made an appearance by Coos Bay, Oregon as a result of El Nino erosion.

After the war, it became the fishing boat Helen E. and wrecked in 1951.

Jack Read (CMoMM, USCG) WW2Jan 04, 2010 16:15
Great site---excellent practical information from one who 'has been there'--I served briefly on SC 659 that was transferred to USCG in '45-'46?---US Coast Guard 83' wooden patrol boats (WPB’s) did many of the same ops except long distance runs since they had gasoline engines and limited range---60 were used at Normandy beaches 6’6’44 (CG Resflo 1) for SAR along with mine sweeping, dispatch runs, you name it, we did it-- same type cutters were sent for Pacific duty in Japanese Invasion but not needed after Atomic Bomb (Thank God)---Semper Paratus

Charles SmithJan 04, 2010 15:23
My father, Enoch Smith served on SC 648 during WW2

Larry PlewsJan 01, 2010 01:51
In the last 2 weeks I have been watching the appearance of a subchaser which ran aground in 1951 and burned on the N Spit here in Coos Bay Oregon. The bottom part of the remains is fairly well intact and you can see the wooden hull and ribs, rudder post and some of the interior metal structure. If you have information on this wreck or would like some photos please let me know.