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John SuttonDec 18, 2008 20:54
I am looking for any who served with my father, James Edgar Sutton. He was in the navy during ww11 in the pacific. I have little to no info of his service.

albert audetteDec 17, 2008 10:26
may i wish all if any one is still alive from the sc 748 1943 1946 a merry christmas

christine hodgesDec 15, 2008 21:38
I apologize for this but I stated the wrong dates of service for my father Melvin. He actually served in the 40’s and was a Seabee. Thank you!

Christine HodgesDec 15, 2008 20:12
My father, Melvin C. Houck, was in the US Navy in the 50’s and I know nothing about where he served. He is no longer with us...passed away 5/20/85. If there is anyone out there who may have known my father please email me. I would love to know more about him.

NORRIS G. JamisonDec 13, 2008 10:50
I served aboard the SC 1010 in WWll would like to hear from anyone that served on her or a relative of some one that served on her, thanks.

John RossettiDec 11, 2008 20:55
Still looking for news from any of the crew of the SC1021. It was a great ship and great crew. Left her in 1945.

John Rossetti RM3/C

Lester VogtDec 03, 2008 22:17
This is Les Vogt. I was the sound man aboard the SC 732 (The Dirty Thirty Two). Does anybody know if William Charles Kelly (Bill Kelly) is still out there? I am now living in Wisconsin. Please write me if you were aboard The Dirty Thrity Two.
1201 E Park Ridge Ave
Appleton, WI 54911

Paul HansenNov 20, 2008 17:32
Isn’t there anyone out there still alive that served on the SC1065? Would like to hear from anyone.

Bob BeckerNov 10, 2008 10:07
My Dad was on SC 1307. Served in the Atlantic. Was at Normandy. He is in failing health. I was talking with him and he dragged out this suitcase I had never seem before. He has photos of ship and all his shipmates he sailed with.
Never spoke much about it. If anyone was on this ship, would like to hear from you. Thanks, Bob Becker

Patty HobizalNov 09, 2008 22:20
My Grandfather, Joseph Carreiro served on the SC 1049. I would love to hear from anyone with any stories regarding that time.

Edwin Weston em3/cNov 03, 2008 14:39
I was on SC741 as a electrian striker, went aboard at Tacloban Layte Phillipines Feb. 13 1944.Mar 9, invasion at Zamboango, Mindanao. March 15 invasion of Basilian. March 28 invasion of Sangi Sangi. Aoril 7 invasion of Holo. May 17 escort convoy to Tarakan, Borneo. June 10 invasion at Bruine Bay Borneo. Jan 25 The ship was decommisioned at Subic Bay north of Mannila. Apresiate an email from anybody who was onboard.

Cynde BlackOct 31, 2008 20:25
Hi, Great site. My father served on SC-773 in WWII in the Pacific. I am looking for any information about the history of this craft and crew. I am also in possession of his photos from that time. Many of them are labeled with the names of the sailors in the pictures. I would be willing to share them with other families. Please contact me if you or your family member was a member of this crew and you would like to view the photos.

Charles W. RiceOct 28, 2008 06:40
I am collecting information to write an article on the Submarine Chaser Training Center in Miami for the journal of the Historical Museum of Southern Florida. If any former students or instructors at SCTC have any anecdotes, reminiscences, photographs, manuals, or other information about it or Miami at that time, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks very much. Charlie Rice, 305-679-9744.

Tim WorleyOct 17, 2008 07:58
SC-708 - My father (96 now and doing well) was aboard this sub-chaser @ 1943. MM2 with many memories. Any shipmates around????

John L. Whetzal IIIOct 13, 2008 15:17
My Dad, John L. Whetzal, Jr. served on the SC-1275 1944-1945. I have pictures of some of the crew members. Some of their names are; C. L. Endicott, Red Sizemore, Pop Stewart, R. R. Belling, M. L. White, E. Russell, A. B. Davis, J. E. Wood, A. D. Ellis, J. W. Harper, Bob Horwath, F. Relyea, C. F. Schaur, Ray Prater, Al Goodhue, Wilbur Rees, G. M. Garrison, C. M. Oden, John Casaly and H. H. Hanshaw. Are any of you folks still around. Please email me. Thanks.

John L. Whetzal III, SMSgt, USAF (Retired)

Mark BiagioliOct 13, 2008 14:49
Still seeking any information regarding the SC 740 and her crew. Any help appreciated.

albert audetteSep 21, 2008 11:12
still looking for ex shipmates on the sc 748 -1944-1946 i am 85yr old still kicking hope i am not the only one alive lv to hear from you ALBERT AUDETTE MOMM/1c

Al MelcherSep 17, 2008 16:49
I still haven’t heard from anyone who might have information on any of those who served aboard the SC-506. I was a member of the original crew who took delivery in the apring of 1942 at Luder’s in Stamford, CT then took her to Brooklyn Navy Yard for commissioning. Am I the only survivor?

John A. FryeAug 26, 2008 16:48
having served on the sc722 from oct.1944 to dec.1945 to when i left her in davao,mindanao.i wonder if any of the old ship mates are still alive and love to hear from them.i am 83.i have a picture of the sc722,be glad to send to any ship mates.

Mark K. SmithAug 22, 2008 22:01
I have a attached a link to a photo I aquired of the submarine chaser PC-565, The 565 gained attention when she sunk the German U-Boat U-521 on June 2nd, 1943.

Mark K. SmithAug 17, 2008 15:49
Here is a link to the photograph of the SC-736

Mark K. SmithAug 17, 2008 15:40
Hello, I have aquired an excellent official US Navy photograph of the submarine chaser SC-736 measuring 8" x 10", I would be more then happy to send a copy to anyone who served on her or any relative who may have had a father or grandfather, uncle, brother who may have served on her as well. The photograph exhibits excellent clarity. The SC-736 was commisioned on Feb.27th, 1943.

Guy CarpenterAug 14, 2008 23:23
Does anybody keep a list or is gathering a list of known crew members and what ship they served on? It sure would be nice to have a page on the website for each subchaser

Guy CarpenterAug 14, 2008 23:18
SC 995: My father; John (Jack)Carpenter served on the SC 995 , I still have the wall photo of the ship and his ribbons and a photo or two of when he was in the US Navy but none of him onboard or of the crew, but I do have the King Neptune proclimation of crossing the international dateline at the equator! he had also told me that he was trained to be the diesel mechanic and was also taught to operate the “Big” guns onboard, he passed in November of 2001 - I do not know the names of other crew members or their rank, my dad had two stripes so I think he was a Petty Officer 2nd class.

Bill BaldaufAug 11, 2008 03:37
SC-982, World War II, from 1943-1945 - sole Electrician, called “Bulb Snatcher” or “Sparks”. I’m still alive and still kicking - but not as high as I used to. Living in NW suburb of Chicago, IL. Would love to hear from fellow shipmates.

Robert Morten, Jr.Jul 13, 2008 23:49
My dad, Robert F. Morten, served on SC 1281 from 1944 until her return to the United States after the war ended. He had some interesting stories of his time aboard, including one story regarding depth-charge practice and the dangers of setting the depth too shallow.
Dad passed away in October 2007. He was very proud of his service on the 1281.

John RossettiJul 13, 2008 13:54
Hoping to hear from any of the crew of the SC1021. When I went aboard we were based at Coco Solo Naval Station in the Canal Zone. We turned the ship over to the Russians at Cold Bay Alaska in 1945.


Jackie ElderJul 13, 2008 09:56
My father served on SC1029. His name is Ernest Philson. He passed away 20 years ago but my mother would love to talk with any of his shipmates. There is one person in particular that she remembers, his name was Roberson. (I’m not really sure of the spelling) He was an artist and was from Philadelphia.

PAUL BUZ SANDY 682 from IllinoisJul 08, 2008 08:47
I have pictures of the 682 with the pet monkey named “matey” and the list of names on the back.Please email me with any info you have.

Frank FisherJul 01, 2008 17:02
Thank you Mr. Richard G. Ballentine, for your story on the S.C.691. It brought back many memories to a once very naive 17 year old ships cook 3rd class who served aboard the S.C. 503 in the same ports and the on the same dates. I also served in the Southern France invasion. Thank you Mr Ballentine.
Frank Fisher

William E. Clayton BM2CJun 29, 2008 21:50
Served aboard USS SC1032 1944-45.

William E Clayton BM2cJun 28, 2008 20:12
Served aboard USS 1032 1944 1945

lyn & jerry bontaJun 26, 2008 16:25
my father herbert todd attended admiral billard in the early 1940’s. he has passed away. i am in possession of his admiral billard pennent. he would want it to go to the right home. please email if you are interested. thanks

Sean CriswellJun 15, 2008 23:01
My wife’s grandfather, Leroy Seevers, served on SC-676.

Bob TuckerJun 07, 2008 20:54
My Father and Uncles built SC1029 & SC1030 in a Vermont Shipyard.

H.C. (Robbie)RobersonJun 04, 2008 16:34
Plank owner of USS Nestor ARB 6.Commissioned at Baltimore Shipyard, 1944. Sailed to Pacific, destination Caroline Islands. Transferred to USS Pc 1178 1944. Wouldm like to hear from fromer shipmates.

Paul KrauseMay 31, 2008 08:58
Seeking anyone who was part of the PQ16 convoy to Murmansk in early 1942. Every time I see May 27th on the calender, I think of the 5 ships sunk around me that day.
Paul “Punch”rause SM 1/c Oct. 1941 to Dec. 1946

Thomas McLeanMay 17, 2008 20:04
When leaving YMS (mine sweeper), i was sent to Norfolk and reported aboard thw SC 664,an EM2. It was tied up at the mouth of the St. James river near the sub net. I think that this was a previuos site of the yacht club. Our task usually was to search for reported submarine sittings or escort slow freighters along the coast.
The skipper received sealed orders to proceed to Washington Dc and report in at the navy armory. We had a few days to see the city and then was restricted to the ship or pier. about 4-6 civilians came on board and some of the men had to give up their bunks for a couple of days,going to “warm bunks” after a watch. We then went down the Potomac to Mt. Vernon and escorted the presidential yacht, Potomac out into the Atlantic. Pres.Roosevelt had been put aboard his yacht while we were at Mt. vernon. After escorting the Preident out over the hohizon , he was put aboard a cruiser and went off to Yalta to meet with Stalin and Churchill.
During this time we cruised around like we were having a good time enjoying the scenery, fishing and swimming. This lasted until it was announced that Roosevelt was in Yalta. The papers and radio ( no TV back then) was telling the public that FDR wa on a train to Canada to meet with Stalin and Churchill.

gary r listMay 14, 2008 14:22
it has been some time since i have updated my research on sub chaser activities in the aleutians during ww two the first to reach kiska was the 1069 arriving the last week of august 1943 it remained there until early january 1944 when it was sent to patroll around adak the 1067 arrived at kiska in early sept but since the island had been evacuated by the enemy it was sent on to attu for patroll on nov 19 1943 the ship was lost but all hands rescued during the period jan-mid sept 1944 the 1069 along with 1026 1027 1032 and 671 took turns in the adak patroll area the 1026 and the 1069 left adak in mid sept to return to the puget sound naval yard for overhaul and were sent to the south pacific in dec 1944 until the end of the war

Edward R. RappMay 08, 2008 16:07
I have been checking this web site for some news about the S.C. 641. It’s as if this S C never existed. I served on her for several years in the s. west pacific and decomissioned her in Bremerton, Wash. after the war. If any knows anyone that served on her let me know. I’ll be 85 in a week so perhaps there is nobody left. Ed Rapp Momm1/c

Randy SomervilleMay 07, 2008 14:53
My father Howard Somerville served on SC-675. We heard from Glen Dymond (a shipmate)through this site and would love to hear from anyone else that served on the 675. After the 675 was turned over to the Russians in June 1945, Howard spent time on PGM-9 which was later grounded during a hurricane off of Okinawa in October of 1945.

Larry L. McFallMay 06, 2008 06:35
My father, Leroy Loren McFall had served on Subchaser SC-1363 in the Pacific during WWII. As a young lad born before he left for the war I was prime for stories upon his return. I truly believe that the men that served on such vessels as, the subchaser is special. They are definately special in my heart and I love the looks of the ship and of course, it takes me into the realm of my father. My father is gone now as so many that served. I believe this site does help maintain the memory that they all so richley deserve. God Bless them all.

Arthur AdneyMay 06, 2008 00:16
This is for any person that was aboard the S.C.1363 some time beetween 1944 and 1946. I have a picture of a small monkey sitting on a life ring. The life ring has the S.C.1363 marked on it. A son of my fellow shipmate sent the picture to me. So far I have met two of the sons that their fathers had served with me on the S.C. 1034. I think that ship was with our ship in Okinawa. And maybe other places in the Pacific. I would love to hear from you and compare notes. The two sons have told me that their fathers had told them storys and had pictures of some of the crew. They did not find this sight until after the fathers had passed on,but they read my entrys that I posted a few years back and made contact and we have exchanged pictures and storys. It has been great to talk to the boys. Some of the crew, I could not rember their names but with what their fathers had written down some of the crews names,I was able to put a name on the face. I some time come back to this sight to see if I may find an old ship mate. Ted Treadwell has done a wonderful thing opening up this Sight. Thanks again Mr. Treadwell. Arthur C. Adney

gary listApr 28, 2008 13:10
Ted i sent my article on subchasers in the aleutins durig ww two did you recieve it?

Wesley E. HallApr 22, 2008 09:12
I’m wondering if any of the officers and men of the SC1318, SC995, SC1066, or the other two subchasers that went along on that fantastic odyssey from New Caledonia to the Philippines in 1944-1945--are still alive and kicking. I was a radioman and 20mm gunner (during GQ) aboard the 995 and returned with her to Treasure Island after the war ended. I’m 82 and living in Holly Springs, MS; and I would like to hear from anyone associated with those 'Donald Duck' sailors.

Zinas M. MavodohesApr 20, 2008 19:34
Iam looking for my late brother-in-law,s shipmates that he served on a SC , I think 745. His nane was Nicholas L. Kustas from Poughkeepsie,NY. He trained at Sampson and was a sonarman. Thanks, Zeke Mavodobes

Charlie MatthewsMar 22, 2008 19:31
Hello Looking for any info and photos on SC-655 based New London/Groton 1942-1945 Thanks

Pim van WijngaardenMar 18, 2008 12:34

Enjoyed browsing your informative and well-done website. I served on HNLMS (Her Netherlands Majesty’s Ship) Jaguar - F822. Better known to you guys as the PCE-1609. The Netherlands received the Jaguar and 5 of her sisterships (PCE’s-1604 thru 1608) by means of the Mutual Defense Assistance Program, or MDAP. She was my home from October 1980 thru her final de-commissioning on December 22nd 1983, a sad day in history. For anybody interested you can still virtually visit her at
Thanks for keeping history alive!

Fair Winds and Following Seas.

Richard G. BallantineMar 17, 2008 20:42
Here is the crew of the SC 691 in September 1944, shortly (days) before the ship was to be turned over to the French.
This list is from a signature page of a three page “thanks and appreciation” to the SC691’s captain, Arthur A. Ballantine, jr., from the crew. The “thanks” serves to document, in general terms, the SC691’s activities since Ballantine became captain on Aug. 27, 1943.
While time spent in the port of Oran, Algeria (“our supposed recuperative period”) seems to have been very popular (with “vino joints”) where the crew became “social lions,” the ship received “well dones” from higher-ups following participation in the “capture” of the island of Ventotene, the landings at Salerno, “protection of the Anzio beachhead with its flare-studded nights and E-boat actions,” and the lightly defended “invasion of Southern France” when the ship set a record for the number of days at sea.
The SC691 also participated in “more than its share of convoy duties for ships bearing vital supplies to various Italian ports.”
Of interest is the comment “from the engine room” that “some 6,000 hours, more or less, are on record, enough miles travelled to have taken us twice around the world with some time to spare. It is a record we are proud of...”
It is possible, it seems to me, that those engine hours might have begun with the ship’s launch in September 1942, or its commissioning on Dec. 29, 1942, rather than when Ballantine became captain.
The crew as it is listed in alphabetical order (fitting, as Ballantine is described as “a truly democratic man”):
Otto L. Ariens, RM 1/C; John W. Bota, GM 2/C; John R. Burke, QM 2/C; Willaim B. Charles, SOM 1/C; Nicholas J. Cammarano, SC 2/C; Chalmer Combs, F 1/C; Louis S. De Sousza, PHM 2/C; Raymond J. Fournier, MOMM 2/C; John Fox, SM 2/C; Dean G. Hensley, CMOMM; James E. Humphrey, MOMM 3/C; Melvin E. Jacobs, CBM; Edward P. La Vorgna, SC 2/C; Marin Lovs, CMOMM; Edward Malo, RM 1/C; Marshall Mansfield, COX; Fred C. Montgomery, SK 1/C; Francis E. Musnicki, COX; Lee A. Myers, GM 1/C; Michael G. Oszterling, MOMM 2/C; William R. Schaffer, S 1/C; Robert M. Sherman, GM 2/C; Harvey J. Stommel, Y 1/C, and John T. Styron, EM 2/C.
I see no officers listed. Perhaps the XO was Philip Johnson, who joined the ship in April 1944 according to an issue of that date of the ship’s newspaper, 'News Bouy.'
(Ballantine became a reporter after the war and would edit and publish with his wife a daily newspaper in Colorado until his death in 1975. It would have occurred to him to transpose the vowels in a item of the sea - buoy - to create the image of “boy” as in the all-important newspaper delivery boy.)
Ballantine was preceded as commander of the SC691 by Lt (jg) William G. Crenshaw, who was assigned to the U.S. Navy Subchaser Training Center in Miami (Crenshaw’s orders state he will receive a $7 per diem while outside the U.S.).
On the day command was transferred, Crenshaw and Ballantine signed an 11-item list of the ship’s condition. All was in order except for “slight damage to starboard gunwale and port beading, currently being repaired by base workmen.” (Where?)
I hope these crew names and this brief history of SC691 add to the wonderful content on this fascinating web site.
Richard G. Ballantine
Durango, Colorado

Joel FryeMar 15, 2008 22:22
Hello, My Grandfather served on SC 722, any information, stories, pictures, history etc... would be greatly appreciated.

eric maniskasMar 13, 2008 08:58
My father was no SC1071, later renumbr to PGM 6, in the fare east. He died in January opf 1985. If there is anyone who served on this ship I would like more information, he told many stories of his navy travel on the ship.

Richard G. BallantineMar 12, 2008 18:46
My father, Arthur A. Ballantine, told some memorable stories about SC691 that he skippered in 1944. There was a rough trip across the Atlantic, the mistaken launch of a depth charge during a refueling, and in the Mediterranean the SC691 had the task of picking up any downed pilots in the Allied landings at Polermo and Anzio.
The family scrapbook includes a few snapshots, one of a motorcycle on deck, possibly from a stop Casablanca.
Arthur was captain when the ship was turned over to the French in late 1944 or early 1945.
Other SC 691 crew out there?
Richard G. Ballantine, Colorado

albert audetteFeb 27, 2008 11:30
had the pleasure meeting you at your book signing at barnes nobel at waterbury conn i interduced my self as one that spent from 1943-1946 on the sc 748 am on my third reading thank you again for bringing back great memories albert audette momm1c

Dean SchroederFeb 25, 2008 10:30
I just found some old pictures of my dad. I know he served on PC625 and I have pictures of the ship and of him with navy buddies around 1944. Looking for any of his shipmates. His name was Henry W Schroeder.

Richard E CarterFeb 23, 2008 10:51
Hello John
I am looking for John Stremsterfer who worked in Salem for Radiac Abrasives. Have I reached the correct John??
Richard Carter

albert audetteFeb 15, 2008 10:14
still waitting to hear from any one that was on the sc748 1943-1946 albert audette momm/1c hope i am not the only one alive love to hear from ya

Irving KnightFeb 11, 2008 22:19
I was on the sc1282 1943-1945. If anyone is interested in more information e-mail me.

Al MelcherFeb 11, 2008 17:14
I just ran across this site and found some very interesting reading. In early 1942 after only a month in the Naval Reserve as a yeoman 3rd class, I was transferred from the Naval Base at Treasure Island (San Francisco Bay) to Stamford, Connecticut as part of two crews for ships being built by Luders Marine Construction Co., a well known yacht builder. These were the PC 505 and 506, later changed to SC 505 and 506. I was assigned to the PC 506 under the command of Ensign M. M. Maxwell and Ececutive Officer, an Ensign by the name of Berchinger (don’t recall the first name). Maxwell was in the Maritime Service before being called to active duty and was an experienced seaman and an excellent skipper. The 505 had two officers who had recently come from civilian life. Each ship had two officers and 22 enlisted men at that time. I think that the number was increased later. We stood watch “4 on, 4 off” while at sea. The ships weren’t completed until mid April of 1942 at which time we went to Brooklyn Navy Yard for outfitting then on a shakedown cruise to Boston. For a few months we were assigned to convoy duty from New York to Cape May New Jersey, down one day and returning the following day. We had air coverage with Navy PBYs and Blimps and saw the wrecks of many ships along the shores that had been torpedoed by the Germans and beached after being hit. In the summer of 1942 we were assigned convoy duty between Key West Florida and Port of Spain Trinidad. I the fall of 1942, I was transferred from the ship to Naval Intelligence school in Washington DC. In 1943, I was commissioned and when the war ended, I was a Lieutenant stationed at Terminal Island, California. After the Japanese surrendered, some of the ships were brought to Terminal Island for decommisioning. One of my last duties before I was retired from active duty was to assist in the decommissioning of the SC 505. None of the original crew were aboard and no one knew the fate of my old ship, the SC 506. I retired from the Naval Reserve as a Lieutenant Commander and now live near Sacramento, California at the age of 88. I would like to hear from anyone who might have served aboard or has information on the SC 506. I am also an amateur radio operator with the call sign W6ARM.

albert audetteFeb 10, 2008 11:36
from 1943-1946 i served on the sc 748 is any one still walking on top of the grass i am 84 doctors still have me{still thinking of drinking beer and chasing young girls so keep on dreaming) albert audette mom 1c

L. M. (Lucky) PowellFeb 07, 2008 17:30
I served as a Gunners Mate on SC1326 and was aboard when the ship was beached during Typhoon Luise in Buckner Bay, Okinawa.
If any of the crew are around I’d sure like to hear from them.
My address is 341 Grantsdale Road, Hamilton, MT 59840
Phone (406)363-2116
L. M. Powell
February 7, 2008

Doyne RainwaterFeb 02, 2008 00:59

lorn cooperJan 30, 2008 14:15
Regarding sc729, have just found two more names of shipmates in a Feb. 03 2006 entry. They are Skipper Peter Van Zandt and gunnery and supply officer Wayne Goodman. The listed e-mail address is no longer current. If you read this, please contact me.

Lorn Cooper " " . package_email_address("")

lorn cooperJan 30, 2008 12:53
Regarding Sub Chaser 729. while searching for info on my bro-in-laws service aboard this ship I found Frank Fraquelli’s listing. Had several e-mail exchanges with him. He remembered Victor “Candy” Candelaresi ( my bro-in-law).His e-mails stopped coming in may of 2005. Must assume he passed on. He and Victor were the last members of sc729. Victor passed away 27 January 2008. If anyone reading this knows of another survivor please contact me.

Nancy HedgeJan 26, 2008 18:17
Many thanks to Ronan, owner of the Cape Pine: his SC is not the one my father refurbed the engines for: turns out she was the Lady Goodiver (then the MapleWood). I will be adding n a chapter to my book about her. Hope to go see her sometime soon.

Nancy HedgeJan 24, 2008 12:28 I am wondering if this is the same ship currently afloat somewhere in Vancouver, BC, and if I can arrange a visit with her. My father died in July of 06, and this boat was one of his bets memories. Please email me, if you know the boat I am talking about. :) Thanks,

N. Hedge

nancy HedgeJan 24, 2008 12:23
In the late 70s, my father worked on restoring the engines of a SubChaser belonging to our landlord, an East Indian or Persian doctor (I was a young girl: I don’t know his name). My father was a jack of all trades mechanically and grew up on boats on Vancouver’s North Shore... I remember the day he fired up the big old boat’s engines: would have been sailed in around July or August 1980. What I don’t recall was her registration number, but the name “Maywood” has stuck with me.

Tom MIllerJan 11, 2008 12:13
I am trying to locate Vic Bosteels who was looking for anyone who served on PCS 1413 (Elsmore). My dad also was on PCS 1413. Anyone who served on that ship please contact me or if you can help me find Vic.

Dick RebicekJan 09, 2008 20:40
I believe my father, Richard Rebicek served on the SC 1034 as a GM 1944-1945. He passed away in 1988 and it has taken me this long to make an attempt to follow up on his history. I have been reading the Guest Book for several hours now and I must say it has been a pretty emotional experience for me. If anyone knew Dad or has info on the 1034 i would love to hear from you. I do have some well worn pictures of 1034 and some of his shipmates that are identified in the picture