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frank bolefahrNov 18, 2006 13:04
Served on the USS Lowe DER 325 1959 What happened to the ship?

JamieNov 03, 2006 15:56
i am looking to see if anyone has any information on the SC-437. This is the ship that my grandfather was the skipper on. His Name was Hartley Lord. he has since pasted on and i am left with no information about it. If anyone has any information i would like to hear form you.

Thank you,
Jamie Merrill

SteveOct 28, 2006 11:28
I am looking for any of the crew from WW2 who served aboard the USS SC 998 under Meshback or at least on the boat!!

Daniel L. Winstein, GMC, USCG (Ret)Sep 25, 2006 12:18
My Dad, George D. Winstein, Capt. USCG (Ret) was a BM1 on four Sub Chasers during WWII. They were SC-9400, SC-996, SC-541, and SC-711. He also was on the USS Bronco, a converted Norweanian Whaleing ship, used for hunting subs from what I understand. I am trying to gather this info to put together a book in his memory.
Thank you.

Erin J. Taber-KnoxSep 19, 2006 13:08
My grandfather, Chalmer “CJ” Taber was on the SC-995. He was very proud of his time served there.

joel goodmanSep 16, 2006 01:42
Glad to have found this site. I remember two converted SC’s, in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. The Elmar and the Effort.

I just found out they were both lost in the 1970’s.

I remember them as being among the most beautiful boats I ever saw, and always wondered about their past as Sub Chasers.


hugh mccormickSep 14, 2006 21:40
my dad, hugh mccormick, was commander on the USS 525 world war II. He is anxious to be in contact with his shipmates! Please contact him if you have any information.

hugh mccormickSep 14, 2006 21:40
my dad, hugh mccormick, was commander on the USS 525 world war II. He is anxious to be in contact with his shipmates! Please contact him if you have any information.

Charles E. Rose, Ensign SC #59Sep 12, 2006 09:09
Ensign Charles E. Rose was Executive Officer On SC #59

Bob Erwin qm/3cSep 11, 2006 17:28
Served aboard the SC 1294 from Jan '45 'till early '1946. would like to hear from anyone who served aboard at that time. Also If someone could tell me where I might get a copy of the Blue Jackets manual for that era, I sure would appreciate it. If any one replys be sure to use Sub chaser in the subject slot so it doesn’t get deleted. Hey I’m 81 years old so don’t wait toolong

Bob Erwin qm/3cSep 11, 2006 17:27
Served aboard the SC 1294 from Jan '45 'till early '1946. would like to hear from anyone who served aboard at that time. Also If someone could tell me where I might get a copy of the Blue Jackets manual for that era, I sure would appreciate it. If any one replys be sure to use Sub chaser in the subject slot so it doesn’t get deleted. Hey I’m 81 years old so don’t wait toolong

Boyd GoddardSep 05, 2006 13:02
I recently came across a crew photo of SC 1051 with 3 officers and 18 crewmen pictured. My father taught at the radar school in San Diego during the war, and he might have been acquainted with one of the officers at the time, but he does not recognize anyone. My mother can’t recognize anyone she might have dated, either. The photo is from the O.W. Waterman studio, San Diego, and appears to have been taken while SC 1051 was nested in the harbor. I can email a copy if anyone’s interested in SC 1051. Also of interest are the adjacent vessels with varying flying bridges.

Michael ChernAug 10, 2006 23:38
My father, David S Chern served on SC 643 in 1942. I believe the ship was stationed in Miami and Key West. He later served on another subchaser, whose number I do not know, out of San Francisco in 1943. I have a photo of 643 with the list of crew which I am trying to find.

Joe LinnemanJul 28, 2006 20:17
My Father Bernie Linneman served aboard SC1267 in WWll. I enjoyed your web site and printed up pictures to send to him as he doesn’t have a computer.

Glen DymondJul 28, 2006 10:44
I served on the 675. I will be 80 years old in Sept. are there any one around that had their ship stationed in Key West in 43 0r 44. This is a great site.

Julie A. MostJul 28, 2006 08:52
My dad, James A. Most was on a sub-chaser. I am told they started in Casablanca, then to Dakar, Bizete and Algiers and other ports along the Barbary Coast. They went to Sicily and then were involved in the invasion of Anzio. From there they were involved in the invasion of Marseilles and then went on the Naples. The sub-chaser was refitted in Bremington, WA and they then headed for Saipan to see the conclusion of the war. Does anyone remember him or his ship?

Robert D. SonneyJul 27, 2006 14:00
Update on comment I made on 02 July 2004. Two former shipmates and the grandson of another has contacted me. Sure was great to hear from them. I served in the Navy from November 1941 and retired July 1961. I hope to hear from some of the rest of the crew on SC- 1352.
Thanx Bob Sonney

Bill Ulmer (Flags)Jul 26, 2006 11:46
I served on SC1352 from 1943-1945 as a signalman. I’m now 80 years old, still golfing, and would like to hear from anyone who served with me.

Ray HillardJul 14, 2006 07:25
I was a radio operator on the SC1272 in 1944-45. I will be 80 years old in September and would like to hear from anyone that served on this ship. I reside in Adrian, Michigan and in good health.

Bill GloverJul 05, 2006 20:33
Does anyone have any information on SC-760 or on any of the crew members that served on it from 1945-1946? I’d love to learn any information about what happened to my ship or any of my fellow crew members!

Ed GrafJun 20, 2006 23:13
SC732: Are Don Koch and I the only ones left from WWII in New Guinea, Admiralties, Philippines, and Borneo?

Chris FrickJun 01, 2006 17:11
I was happy to stumble across this site earlier today. My father was the commanding officer of a subchaser in WWII after graduating college and attending officer’s school. He’s still alive and doing remarkably well at 86 years of age -- plays golf several times a week.

He still tells some great stories from the Navy days, probably the best being how he was scared for his life on VJ Day when the big boys started shooting rounds into the air -- most dangerous day ever at sea. Unfortunately, I don’t know the number of his boat. He had a scale model made in wood which used to sit in our living room, but it was stolen a few years ago.

Bruce H. LaVigneMay 29, 2006 12:35
After Sonar school in Key West in 1942 I went to Quincy MA and waited for the 749 to be built. Served on her in the Pacific until 1944 and finished out the war on the Bailey . Wonder if there is anyone out there besides Ed Brady and I that served on the 749? Would also like to hear from anyone on the 492. Called back in for the Korean war I was on the Palau and the Kula Gulf. The Maritime Museum Director is writing a book on the wooden subchasers built in Vermont that should be of interest when published.

john flemingMay 15, 2006 03:21
I am looking for an M.L. 1323 that was handed over to the phillipine navy in 1958 and withdrawn from service 1962.
Request from the phillipine navy for help was ignored.
7 of my shipmates were killed when fired upon by chinese gunboat sept 1953 off of hong kong.
many thanks for any assistance you can give.

stan jeffersonMay 14, 2006 17:36
The little wooden subchasers bring back memories of a derelict hull on Hood Canal in Washington State. As a kid I remember it beached in an inlet somewhere not too far from Hoodsport in the late '50’s or early 60’s. Anybody know the history of this unit? Was it really a subchaser as my dad told me or was it a minesweeper? Love to know.

Irving ShulmanMay 08, 2006 09:57
I served on the USS Nestor ARB 6 during WW II . I was Asst. Engineering Officer as a LT Junior Grade. I would like to hear from any members of the crew. Please write to" " . package_email_address("") (Date: 5-8-2006)

Larry NixonApr 28, 2006 13:51
My father, Jim Mac Nixon, now 81, from Prairie Grove Arkansas, but now lives in Fayetteville Arkansas, served on the Mt. Olympus from mid 1942 to 1945 under VAdmr Wilkerson--trained as a coxswain on Higgins Boats at Coronado, caught up with the Mt. Olympus in Pearl Harbor and then sailed to the fleet staging area in Guam region and then up along the islands to Leyte while serving on the staff of the Admr. If anyone would like to contact him (still sharp of mind)he is at 3820 East Huntsville Road, Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701.

Dwight HaleApr 23, 2006 23:59
Used on sail from Nassau to Hatchet Bay Eleuthera Bahamas on the “Fifty Two Miler” a converted subchaser during the mid to late 50’s. Privileged to hear Dick Ramsey’s experiences on a SC during WWII as a radioman including having his SC destroyed by Typhoon Louis near Okinawa.

John (Dutch) ZuchApr 02, 2006 07:44
I served on the SC 703 and would appreciate hearing from anyone who served on that ship.

peterMar 29, 2006 20:53
hello See our website or it’s the last PC still afload build post war in 1952 as PC1610

William C. Jewell (Bill) JewellMar 27, 2006 02:41
Served on the SC1272 1944-45. Looking for anyone still around. Living in Oklahoma City, OK just had my 80th Birthday party

Susan RidgewayMar 19, 2006 20:11
My dad, Al Ridgeway, was the skipper of a SC in the Pacific '42-45. He had a wonderful story of turning the boat over to the Russians at the end of the war. My grandfather, Al Ridgeway Sr., was on the same kind of SC in the North Sea during WWI. I have a wonderful photo album full of pictures from his wartime experiences. This is a wonderful site. I have looked for information for several years and am pleased to find such great pictures, stories and information.

John ChristiansonMar 14, 2006 06:27
My father Ken Christianson served on SC 1293. They were out of Florida and stayed along the eastern seaboard. Ken lived in Chicago. He is 82 years old and does have some decent photos of the ship.

Graham DunnegeMar 12, 2006 14:38
My dad, Royal Dunnege, was a plank-owner of SC 1371. He of course attended SCTC Miami, also. He’s gone now, but the memories are great. This is a great website!

Walter PinkstonMar 10, 2006 16:56
I am looking for the next of kin to Melvin C. HOUCK, WW11 Sailor....I have an old navy uniform that belonged to him.
I understand he died on 5/20/1985 and is buried in Fort Mc Pherson National Cemetery, Maxwell, GA.
Any relative that would like to have it is welcome to it.

Walter Pinkston

John LoofMar 07, 2006 21:51
My dad skippered the 996. Dad is well and resides in California. I came across some photos of his boat and pics from graduation from training school. I stumbled onto the sight and would love to hear from anyone who knew my dad. He went from the 996 to a PC, bur he doesn’t remeber the no. and from there to the Vincennse. Lt JG John Loof.

Merritt McNeelMar 02, 2006 21:59
Just an update on my father who served on SC1050 1944-45. His name is Wesley McNeel age 80 from Galveston,TX. He now resides in Magnolia,TX. I would love to hear from any of his shipmates that remember him.

Dan Senecal-AlbrechtMar 02, 2006 01:04
SC-1029, 1030, 1504, 1505, 1506

I’m doing some historical research on Shelburne Bay on Lake Champlain in Vermont.

Go to this site

maintained by University of Vermont for an excellent photo of the 1030 and part of the 1029. You can e-mail" " . package_email_address("") and he can send you a very high resolution JPG file of that picture.

Also, here is an excellent article from the Rutland Herald newspaper

concerning the 1029 and Mr. Anthony Sankowski.

If any of you have other info about these subchasers, please contact me.


Dan Senecal-Albrecht
Special Projects Planner
Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission "
" . package_email_address("")

Forrest RobletoFeb 27, 2006 01:22
I served aboard PC 566 in 1948 as a naval reservist
I took acouple of cruises to Baltimore on weekends,and
took a two week cruise to Miami.
We were unaware of her history at that time. I would like to know where she is now
Forrest Robleto

ERNIE MYERSFeb 13, 2006 16:31

Teddy Jean LameyFeb 13, 2006 04:31
I am looking for information about my father’s service on a subchaser out of Key West Naval Base in WWII. I do not know the identification number of the subchaser. His name was Lt. Floyd “Dixie” Howell. I would appreciate any information and/or a picture of the ship. I am working on a scrapbook for my children and grandchildren and want to include as much as I can about his Naval career.

BiagioliFeb 11, 2006 08:13
Correction regarding my fathers service on board the SC 740. He was not ships cook 1 st class, but rather F2c and was a crew member from Nov. 25, 1942 till grounding on June 17, 1943. He was apparently promoted from AS rate to F2c during this time frame.

Biagioli, MarkFeb 07, 2006 06:45
SC 740 seeking any information (crew or family of crew). My father was ships cook 1st class when she was grounded on the Great Barrier Reef.

Lucien G. FontaineFeb 06, 2006 21:16
My father was on a subchaser in wwII #pc1136.

MaryFeb 05, 2006 08:20
Heartbroken daughter looking for anyone who served on

S.C. 1068
S.C. 767
APD 96

And do any of you remember martin.
please contact.

I also wanted to share a heartwarming story for all you subchaser veterans.
I work in a doctors office and the other day a very kind veteran from the army came in well we got talking and he asked what my dad did in ww2 I told him he was a Lt. on a subchaser and was in charge of the ship. He looked me square in the eyes and said man you gotta hand it to thoose guys they were sitting ducks out there. This came from a man who was buried for a while in a fox hole and it took them a long time to release him from it but, he still gives hats off to the subchaser men. God bless my dad and that man and all our veterans and military people.

Gary GoodmanFeb 03, 2006 02:11
My father, Wayne Goodman, was an Ensign on SC 729. He replaced a man named Baker in the South Pacific. He recalls the Skipper was Peter Van Zant. Wayne was the gunnery and supply officer.

The 729 was on patrol as supply ships came into Ulithie Atoll.

He was on the 729 when it sailed into and was decommissioned in San Francisco in 1945.

Dad is now 82 years old and in reasonably good health. He has a photo of the crew of the 729 that he is currently trying to locate.

Mike TierneyFeb 01, 2006 07:27
I noted my email address was screwed up on previous note

Mike TierneyFeb 01, 2006 07:25
My Uncle Roger Ward served on a subchaser that was hit by a kamikaze. He recieved the Silver Star for his actions that day. I would be interested if anyone could give me sme information on either what ship or what the circumstances of the Kamikaze attack might have been.

Donald ModglinJan 31, 2006 20:20
I put the YMS 281 in Commission, then Put the YMS 393 in Commission. Was on the 393 till Oct of '45. We made the landings at Hollandia,Halmahera,Morotai and Leyte. We have located five of our shipmates. We are having a ball exchanging stories and pictures. Any one know of someone who served aboard,would love to hear from you. Modg

Kim HayesJan 27, 2006 16:40
My father served on the SC 746, and is interested in finding any shipmates or what happend to the 746. He is 87 years old and living in Los Lunas, NM. After the war he became a watch maker and owned a jewelery store in Los Alalmos, NM, then retired. Hope to hear from anyone. By the way his name is Melvin Hayes, he was a Chief Machinist Mate. Thanks and good luck. Kim Hayes (son)

tony blumeJan 18, 2006 03:34
would like to know if anyone out there served on sc680
in ww11. if so remember my uncle george colling. served as cook. loves to talk about those days he is 84 now.

Deb CloreJan 12, 2006 16:32
My father was on the SC-1363. He is 82 years old and looking for other old shipmates. He has a few pictures and had written a diary during the war of some of the events on the chaser. We had them typed up and put into a binder. If anyone is interested in exchanging stories with him please let me know. His name is Clay (Spike) Iott.

Glen DymondJan 08, 2006 19:43
I have a copy of The Splinter Fleet. I got it from the library. Excelent book. Thanks to the Treadwells for a great site.

Roger PearsonJan 02, 2006 02:13
Greetings from 'Downunder' (Bendigo, Australia).

I have recently finished reading “The Shetland Bus” by David Howarth, a very interesting book telling of the ferry type service running between the Shetland Islands and Norway during WW2. When it became too dangerous to use Norwegian fishing boats the organisation were given three US Sub Chasers by ADM Nimitz, CIC USN Forces Europe in either 1942 or 1943.

Brief details I have so far are: 110 feet long and and quite heavily armed with a Bofors, 2 Powered twin 20mm Oerlikons, a 2pdr and 2 Colt MG’s. Crew was 3 Officers and 23 men (all Norwegian) and they had boat davits fitted to carry 2 motor dinghies.

My Question: Are there any photo’s available showing these ships during their Norwegian service ?

This is all part of my modelling 'Allied Light Coastal Forces 1914 -- 1945'.

Thanking You,
Roger Pearson.