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Edwin LittleDec 31, 2005 01:39
My Dad, Edwin Little,Sr, passed away about 6 weeks ago at age 90. He served.with great pride, as a quartermaster on SC 1034 1944-45, including the Okinawa campaign and Typhoon Loise. SC 1034 was converted into a minesweeper toward the end of the war. It has been a very moving experience for me to read all of these entries, so many of which speak of the pride of the crews of these small ships, and regret over the loss of these old sailors as time takes it’s toll. I would like very much to hear from anyone with a story to tell; I saw at least one request for photos- I have some of Dad’s ship, 40 mm gun, some of the islands, etc. God bless the Treadwells for starting this site and keeping it up- you don’t know how much I wish I found it six months ago. If any of you have not read The Splinter Fleet, you would really enjoy it- although out of print, it is locatable- my wife got a copy from Barnes and Nobles.

Jo Grose BaumanDec 26, 2005 19:07
My Dad, Roy James Grose, served on the SC 741 from Jan. 1945 to Sept. 1945. If there is anyone out there that served with him, I would like to hear from you. It would please Dad so much to know there are shipmates still around. He doesn’t have a computer, but his address and phone number are below in case you want to write/speak directly to him.

Roy J. Grose
P.O. Box 124
Procious, WV 25164

phone (304) 548-7936

God Bless You Brave Men!

Joey Grose Bauman

Bernadette RoyDec 26, 2005 17:25
I have a friend Mr. Roy N. Mong who served in the Navy in 1944 at Guantanamo Bay Cuba. He is 97 years old and he is very alert and healthy. I am trying to find some other links to print for him so he can tell me more stories of his life. I have seen a picture of the gunnery school he was in at Guantanamo and we have hung it up in his home. If any one knows of links or could email me any pictures or facts, I would greatly appreciate it. My friend lost his wife about 4 years ago and although he cooks for himself and lives by himself I know that he could use some simulating conversations so please help me. Thanking you in advance.

Warren FaulkDec 20, 2005 05:38
Laid to rest Uncle James Wilbur Champion (84) 19 December 2005, believed to have been aboard the NEMISIS SubChaser
Bow # 111. Lived his life near Fairhope, Alabama. Worked
in Mobile and Pensacola at the bases until retired. Also

Brad HallDec 18, 2005 08:01
I love this site. I’ve been trying to find information on SC-699. I know there were two people already on this site mentioning information on it, but I guess I’m too late since neither of their email addresses work. Does anyone have any pictures or other information? I’ve found a little about the ship and its missions, but no pictures.

Clyde HallDec 09, 2005 08:47
SC-1368 Radioman 2/c. I recently heard from Ingmar Molde Skipper of Sc 1368 in 1945. He commanded a group of Sc including SC658,716,773,1363,1372 and SC1368 from Guam to Okinawa in Sept-Oct 1945. We ended up in THPHOON LOUISE OCT 8,9,10 1945 . He left the boat after that episode and Pierre Salinger took over as C.O> and we returned to San Francisco and I returned to Dallas, TX. Please contact me if you were assigned to any of the SUB-Chasers listed here. Ingmar is 92 and would like to hear from anyone. Clyde Hall 360 629 2602.

Ed GraafNov 20, 2005 09:47
USS SC 732, WWII. New Guinea, Philippines, Borneo, etc.
Anyone left??
Please contact me.
Ed Graf "
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Mark BrighamNov 16, 2005 22:28
My Dad was on the SC1049 and would like to contact any shipmates

Norris JamisonNov 14, 2005 01:17
Still searching for original crew of S.C. 1010 or others that served aboard her.

jack mooneyOct 30, 2005 01:42
Served on SC 656 in Panama as SC2C. Decommsioned ship in Seattle. Recalled in 1951 and disharged as Ltjg. Met shipmate Stanley Sobal for first time in 2004

Robert E. IngersollOct 15, 2005 19:42
I was aboard SC 1368 when it was commissioned in 1943 .. I served aboard 1368 as sound and radar man 1943 to 1944 . I was wondering if there are any others who was aboard in this time period .. I was then transfered to PC 820 and severed out the rest of my time in the Aleutian Islands ..

Mac MageeSep 29, 2005 02:23
I’m putting together, a sort of “memorial” to my dad, including a model of the USS SC 705. His name was James R. Magee. He was a civilian working with the Coast Guard group at Race Point Light, on Cape Cod, in 1943-1945. He was briefly aboard the SC 705. I’d appreciate hearing from anyone who served aboard that ship around that time.

Bart/Bob/ Robert SnyderSep 25, 2005 03:02
Hi ship mates, I served on the USS SC 741. Any one out there please give me a reply. I do not do computer so please reply to the given address. My friend Loring Derusha served on the USS YMS 393

Paul WilkinsonSep 23, 2005 20:46
RM1c Richard (Dick) Wilkinson served on SC-1066. He passed away with his family at his side on 1/1/2002. I am his son, and wish to learn and research all I can about the SC-1066. I have some imformation and a few pictures. I am interested in any communication dealing with SC-1066. If emailing me please use SC1066 as the subject so that I won’t delete it as junk mail.

Gray PedersenSep 22, 2005 22:24
I’m looking for any information on SC 1371. My father, Lt.(jg) Paul H. Pedersen, was her exec and then skipper in l944--they did a lot of patrol duty, especially around Pearl Harbor and the Hawaiian Islands in general.
Theodore Treadwell’s book “Splinter Fleet” has an entry in the appendix stating that SC 1371 “may still be afloat,” with no further explanation; I have written toask him about this. It would also be great to hear from anyone who served on 1371, or knows anything about its status.
Gray Pedersen
Seattle, WA.

H.C. (Robbie) RobersonSep 22, 2005 18:30
I served on PC1178 from 1944-1946, transferring from the USS Nestor while at Ulithie, Caroline Islands. Would like to hear rom former shipmates

Virgil W. SheltonSep 22, 2005 03:34
I am 81 years old and served on the USS SC 1032 from late l944 to late 1945. South Pacific around Siapan. Radio Man. Virgil W. Shelton

Don MannSep 19, 2005 21:26
Served on SC1023 out of Norfolk, VA plus on one out of New Orleans (can’t remember the SC number)for a brief period of time. Both tours of duty were interesting, and would be interested in hearing from anyone who remembers one or the other of these SC’s

Pamela CipollinaAug 28, 2005 07:13
In the late 40’s to early 50’s my uncle “Roy Royals” aquired what I believe he told me was a WW II Navy launch. It was 38'-40' with a lapstrake hull. He then built her up into a very fine cabin cruiser. He sold her to someone in Conneticut, I believe, in the 70’s. He is now deceased. Has anyone seen one of the launches OR can you tell me more about them AND their use AND maybe where they were built???? Thanks so much, Pamela Cipollina
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David CasstevensAug 22, 2005 22:00
My father, E. Reber “Cass” Casstevens, served on SC 665 and I would be interested in hearing from anybody who knows anything about this boat or my dad. Thank you.

JOHN AMBURGEYAug 20, 2005 21:46

Les NelsonAug 20, 2005 18:45
Just noticed that my address was wrong as entered back in April. If anyone tried to contact me, you failed. Sorry. What I was trying to do was to locate someone who was stationed at Camp Crocodile, on Guadalcanal, near Carney field in 1943. Head honcho was Admiral “Ping” Wilkinson. I broke my fool neck in a diving accident in December '43 and was shipped back to the states. What might have happened to me if I’d stayed?

gary r listAug 10, 2005 16:37
katy" " . package_email_address("") i too have been researching my dads sub chaser tour i suggest you contact the archives and get the muster rolls for your dads ship then go on zaba people search you may get lucky in finding some one who served on your dads ship i was fortunate to locate the co of my dads ship he is 91 years old but his memory is remarkable good luck

KathyAug 10, 2005 03:00
My dad served on the SC-637. He passed away when I was too young to get to hear anything about his life or experiences in the War. I’m so proud of him and I’d love to hear from anyone either from the SC-637, or anyone who was a Gunner’s Mate like he was - or who served on a subchaser so I can get an idea of what his life was like then.

MaryJul 23, 2005 09:13
I am looking for anyone who served with my Dad on either S.C. 767 or S.C. 1068. We lost dad in 2003 and would like to talk to or hear stories about dad. If any one out there has pictures it would be great to see them. Please cotact us we are heartsick over the loss of this great man and would love to hear from anyine who served with him or knew him during ww2.

Mark K. SmithJul 23, 2005 08:35
My late Father “Carl D.Smith”(Smitty) served on the SC~1039 from Jan. 1943 until April 1944 mainly in the Pacific theator. He was a MMM 1st Class and although he has been gone since 1983 I can still remember his many stories of his Navy days on the SC~1039, I own several photographs that he must have either sent or brought home of the 1039 including “on-board shots” “goofing around shots” and some of him posing with his shipmates..I would love to hear from anyone who also bears a connection in regards to the SC~1039...Mark

Becky ReynoldsJul 17, 2005 08:45
My father was on the subchaser 650. I would love to hear from anyone who might have been on that crew, and I am sure my father would too. His name is Darrell Stephens from West Virginia. This is a great site!

David SteelyJul 15, 2005 19:58
My dad was exec on SC-695. I’m interested in exchanging pictures in .jpg format with anyone who served with him or any relatives.

SPC Christopher MottJul 11, 2005 00:11
Looking for people with prior military service currently living in California. Your expertise is needed to help support and train soldiers of the California National Guard by serving as a volunteer/paid soldier in the California State Military Reserve. Check our web site at for more information.

Robert JewettJul 06, 2005 23:44
My uncle served on a Sub Chaser during the D-Day invasion (SC 1353). I’m looking ANY photography of the ship.

Craig AdamJul 06, 2005 08:40
Made an entry several years ago pertaining to my dad, Fred Adam who was from Philadelphia and served aboard the SC-770. Have since changed my email address and still wish to hear from anyone with info on the 770 or whop may have sailed with her.

Tommy L. PooleJun 30, 2005 04:35
I served on the USS SC 1273 from the Quincy Adams Boat Yard to Lingalyn Gulf in WWII as a B/M 2c .If anyone is around yet give me a holler.

gary r listJun 27, 2005 21:41
want to clean up all the typos on my first message dad served in the aleutin islands kiska adak he often remarked that the bering is often quite rough with 60 foot seas and more thanone ocassion his little ship would get sos messages from larger ships that were breaking apart the wooden construction of the sub chasers kept them from the same fate the skipper of 1069 was a man by the name of sevilla or sebilla

gary r listJun 27, 2005 15:15
my dad served on sc 1069 that defended the aluetin islands during ww two the ship waslaunched on43 26 43 and was commissioned 4 13 43 transfered to coast gaurd on125 45 anyone with further info plase contact me

Alexander T. Muzyczenko (SKI)Jun 24, 2005 23:37
I’m a survivor of SC 696 that was bombed in Palarmo, Sicely. I was sent to the 91st evauation Hospital. While there General Patton came to see me and gave me my Purple Heart. Anyone with information please contact me at my E-mail address.

H.C. (Robbie) RobersonJun 19, 2005 03:18
I was plank owner of USS Nestor ARB 6. Sailing her to Ulithie, Caroline Islands. Transferred to USS PC 1178 in '45. Would like to hear from old shipmates

Thomas M. (Tom) Hudson Jr.Jun 09, 2005 00:58
My father, Thomas M. Hudson, of Clarksville, Tennessee, joined the SC 1039 sometime in early 1943 as a green ensign fresh from SC school. Both his older brother Bill and his younger brother Jack also served in the Navy during the war. At that time the 1039 was patrolling the Caribbean for German subs. When the 1039 was ordered to the South Pacific later that year, the CO was given a new assignment and the XO was made CO, and my Dad became the new XO as the ship transited the Panama Canal. When they arrived Noumea, New Caledonia, HQ for the US Navy/South Pacific, the process repeated itself and my Dad was promoted to Lt.(JG) and made CO of the 1039 in September 1943.

Dad recalled his days aboard that ship fondly; it must have been a happy ship. There was a dog on board at some time, also a motorcycle used when in port. During a storm, Dad fell down a companionway and dislocated his shoulder; after convalescence in a hospital at Pearl Harbor, he was assigned as XO of the PC(C) 802, LT John C. Shaffer commanding, out of Portland, Oregon, in August 1944.

Dad had a few old small grainy photos; from those and from Navy archival photos I had my friend Warren Kirbo draw the 1039 in ink. I presented this drawing to him for Christmas in 1996.

My father was killed in a single car accident 1 February 2000. I would be interested in any more information on the 1039 and her crew.

Norris G. JamisonJun 06, 2005 22:08
Thanks to this site I have been able to contact a shipmate from the SC1010 we were togeather Sept. 27 1943 when the ship was rammed by a freighter with the loss of two men and 3 men injured.The two that were killed were Freshwater BM1/C and Jones EM2/C. Any one that has more info,please contact me.

Bill CaseJun 03, 2005 21:14
I served aboard SC 1236 (1943). We escorted convoys from New York to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Then we went to PC 1170 and PC 1171. The latter we took to Kwajalein, Marshall Islands, in the South Pacific. I am trying to find a list of the crews, especially of the PC 1171. Do you know where I can seek such information?
Thanks for your help,
Bill Case

William L. MingMay 26, 2005 00:14
This is a great web site. My thanks for building it.
I was a MOMM3c on the USCG SC 527 in the Philippines.

FrankMay 22, 2005 08:12
My friend is the current owner of the SC 772 - the “Lady Goodiver” - out of Nanaimo, BC. Were trying to put together some history about the ship, her service and personnel. Any information would be greatly appreciated and treasured. Many thanks. Cheers, Frank

Brooks LoopMay 10, 2005 07:24
I was the sonarman on SC749 in the South Pacific during WWII. Over the years I have kept in touch with several of the men who also served on that ship including Bob Snyder, Art Ledgerwood and Rick Rubino (now deceased). During the past year I have heard from Orv Ross who was the skippper at the time the war ended. I would be pleased to hear from any others who may have served on the 749.

Clyde HallMay 08, 2005 14:09
May, 8, 2005: AHOY MATES; Having posted my comments on Sc-1368 on June 24,25 2003, I am happy to hear from Al Newell yesterday who was Exec and Skipper of Sc-1368 during years 1944/1945. Al is now 84 and I am 79. We both sailed with Pierre Salinger third officer, Exec and finally Skipper of Sc1368: Pierre passed away this year in France and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Al Newell and myself updated ourselves on Chasing subs in South Pacific early 44/45 and riding Sc1368 onto a reef in Pelelieu. We later went to Guam and the war ended. We were converted for Mine Sweeping in Guam and sailed to Okinawa in October '45 where we encountered “TYPHOON LOUISE” Several Subchasers and many other ships were sunk or damaged and Pierre Salinger, M/M Mayhew were involved in rescue of Seven crew of the Southern Seas, a Fleischman Yeast Yacht “Officers' Bar” The typhoon altered our plans as we were on way to Inland Sea, Japan to sweep first mines, after the war. We crippled back to Pearl and later San Francisco and Sc-1368 was decommissioned in Richmond, Calif. I have had contact a few years back and visited with Carson Williams, Sonarman and that is the extent of my contacts with former shipmates except for my telephone visit yesterday with Al Newell. Our memories were refreshed and it is heartwarming to talk to a former Skipper that I was with when 19/20 years old. In 1962, I visted Pierre Salinger in the White House and also talked to President Kennedy. It was fun to compare notes on PC-109 and Subchaser 1368. My phone number is 360 629 2602. Now living in Stanwood Washingon near Seattle.

John WoodsApr 27, 2005 04:50
My dad served aboard a sub chaser in 43 and 44. He was a motor machinists mate. He was around the Alice and Gilbert Islands. His stories of being on a SC were great, never about the war, but just daily life. He also told me that he was on a sub chaser that depth charged a whale. He ate lots of mutton and spam. He said his boat had credit for one sub. My dad’s been gone for a while but I was moved when I saw this. I’ll talk with anyone. His name was John Woods too.

greg mansfieldApr 23, 2005 14:15
my dad served aboard the sc1043 and did tell me a few stories. the commissioning pennant he gave me is from that ship.

glen knightApr 22, 2005 15:38
Great article about the sub chasers! I am an American missionary, living in the Philippines and working within two hours of Pikit on the Mindanao River, mentioned in the article. I’d like more information about that incident, if possible!

MeganApr 10, 2005 22:10
i am a high school student and was asked to do an interview of a person who was involved in WWII as a history project. I found a man who was in the navy and served on the SC 729. i know there is some one who was looking for crew members and thought you might like to know. Email me for other information.

Les NelsonApr 10, 2005 11:52
Anybody still alive out there who can answer this question: What happenened to ComAmphib, under Admiral “Ping” Wilkinson? I was part of it at Camp Crocodile near Carney Field on Guadalcanal when I broke my fool neck in November 1943 and was shipped back to the states. I’m wondering what might have happened to me if I’d stayed.

LonnieApr 09, 2005 12:59
Some of the ex subchasers still afloat in British Columbia are Lady Goodiver,Radient,Norqueen,Pacific Laurel and the Pacific Express and a couple more that escape me right now,not sure of the navy designations.All but the Pacific Express are still operational.

Tami GoldsmithApr 06, 2005 21:46
My father served from 1944-46 on the SC-1036 - any info out there?

Don GrayApr 06, 2005 15:53
An excellent site. We have one for a Dunkirk Little Ship, Rania. If you have a moment, please sign the guest book.

Ken BallMar 20, 2005 21:42
To Jim Shockley searching for info on Lee Willamson GM/3c
Your e-mail address did not work for me. I have some info that you may find helpful. E-mail me your current address.

Sharon McAnnarMar 20, 2005 18:16
Great site! Looking for anyone who might have been on SC-631. Please email me. Thanks

Bob AngellMar 19, 2005 06:49
I served the first half of my time in the Navy off the coast of Africa on the SC-1335 and the SC-516 any information or pictures of the crews or the ships would be appreciated . My daughter surprised me with my own web page on my recent 81st birthday It has a few pictures I took. One of the SC-1336 crusing off the coast of Forida Keys She wants to keep adding to the story If you could help fill in some blanks that would be great.’s%20Story/index.htm

Bill MostertzMar 18, 2005 15:48
I served on SC1312 as executive officer in 1944/45. Stationed at Pearl. Great website which my son just showed me.

Glen DymondMar 17, 2005 00:02
I served on SC 675 We had a trip to the Aleution Islands and decommisioned the 675 in June of 1945. Would like to hear from any ship mates.

Robert DavisMar 16, 2005 21:23
SC1275 I served on the sc1275 and have not been able to find any info nor pictures on this boat.any info would be greatly appreciated or if you also served on her please contact me

Jill ErberMar 11, 2005 13:23
Anyone ever been on the SC-1268? I lived on this ship after it was converted to a yacht in the late 70’s. Beautiful vessel. Would love any info or stories.

Jasper L HerdmanMar 01, 2005 23:08
My Dad, Jasper would like to make contact with shipmates On the SC1004 1943-1945

Larry R. LarsonFeb 25, 2005 04:10
This is an additional comment to my recent entry to the Guestbook. I found the name of my father’s ship after being contacted by the daughter of a deceased crewman of a subchaser. My father, Robert L. Larson, last served on the USS SC-678, noted on the reverse of his discharge certificate. He was honorably discharged on the day I was born. See my sister’s comments below. If you know of anyone that may have served on that vessel, please contact me.

Lynne J. Larson CowdenFeb 21, 2005 15:56
This is an addition to the entry my brother, Larry R. Larson, made on February 20, 2005. Not only was our father discharged from the Navy on my brother’s birthday, he was discharged on my brother’s BIRTH DATE. My brother arrived in Chicago on August 24, 1945, the very day our father was discharged. I think both my parents enjoyed the fact that their first born was delivered on such a significant date as my father’s discharge papers indicate. Great site and so good to know so many people are keeping good memories of those WWII days alive and willing to share with others. Lynne J. Larson Cowden

Larry R. LarsonFeb 20, 2005 20:59
My father (Seaman 2C) Robert L. Larson (originally from Chicago) served on a subchaser stationed at Key West from the period 1942 or '43 until almost the end of the war. I do not know the name of his ship. If anyone remembers his name, please contact me. He was discharged on my birthday in August 1945. He told me shortly before he passed away in August 2004 that he was proud to have served his country.

Norris G. JamisonFeb 17, 2005 05:41
Thanks to this page I was able to have Glenn Stimer contact me about more info. on the now contacting him on line. Hope I can find others esp.Shipmates.
God Bless old Sailors.

QMCS Larry Richter USCGR RetFeb 12, 2005 01:39
Looking for info on SC-716. In June of 43 there was an explosion on board while she was tied up at the Port Terminal in Morehead City, NC. Any info on the 716 would be most appreciated.

Glenn SteimerFeb 10, 2005 21:39
Looking for crew members from SC 1011 Built at Fellows and Stewart--San Pedro, Ca.
Also Pancake Engine Class from Treasure Class at Treasure Island.

Glenn SteimerFeb 10, 2005 04:18
Was on the SC 1011. My address is 267 Bettis Road, West Mifflin, PA 15122. Am currently at my daughters home and having a difficult time at present with my computer. Feel free to drop me a note. Glenn

Frank FisherFeb 08, 2005 21:19
would love to hear from anyone who served aboard the SC503 between late 1943 and 1944. I was Ship Cook 3rd.class, was seventeen years old, am 78 years old now.

Raymond SproulFeb 07, 2005 18:21
I was a gunner’s mate on sc 653 from 43 to end of war. if any old shipmates still around sure would be nice to here from you

WAYNE COFFIELDJan 31, 2005 05:43

PaulJan 24, 2005 16:41
Great site! Very interesting. It’s a nice tribute to unsung heroes of the navy!

V. LaytonJan 19, 2005 06:52
More subchasers may be around than listed on your wonderful site. Several became party boat fishing vessels in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn, New York and perhaps other areas. I remember the Rocket and the Victory as two. Although not still there, they were sailing in the 60’s and to perhaps the mid 70’s. They were probably sold but may still be in operation along the east coast. My father owned an air-sea rescue WWII boat (65 feet). We added a third diesel and boy could she fly. There were also WWI subchasers around New York at the time. The Sea Queen out of the Bronx was one.

Dick BernardJan 10, 2005 23:27
I served aboard SC 502 from November 1944 to its decommission in San Franciaco in Dec of 1945. I was third officer, then executive officer . Our 'ping duty' was mostly in the Guadacanal area ( Tulagi). We did make an R &R trip to New Zealand (Auckland) in early 1945.
We were ordered to leave Guadacanal area in late July, 1945 with five other SCs but encountered gale weather which caused one ship to founder ( we took off the crew) and were forced to return to the Solomons for a board of naval inquiry. We were absolved, received a Presidential Unit Citation for the crew recovery. In early August we started out again, and before we got to Palmyra Island, we learned of the A Bomb and the end of the war a week later. The beer bust on that Island lasted for days! We were never fired upon, nor did wever have to drop depth charges. But that sea rescue and a five star 'fix' I got with my sextant remain high points in my SC 502 memory!

When I came aboard, the new skipper took over. He was Richard Cooper of Chicago The new Exec was an older man, out of Pittsburg, PA whose first name was Hugh ( I can’t recall his surname), There was a crew of 23 led by a top notch boatswain’s mate first class ( he later became a CPO. ( I can’t recall his name either). He kept us all ship-shape!

I visted Dick Cooper’s family in Chicago en route to my other assignement , PCS 1384 in Key West, Florida. Hugh must be nearly 90 or more now.

If there are any members of the crew of SC 502 out there I would surely like to hear from them ( as well as crew members from the PCS 1384.) I’d also like to get a photo of the 502. The few I have are small and aging.

Jim BundshuhJan 09, 2005 12:58
My Dad Edward Bundshuh served as CGM on the SC1278 in WWII. If anyone knows anyone who may haved served on her or have any info on her please e-mail me.

Arthur AdneyJan 09, 2005 08:49
I have been away from this site for sevarel years. I served on the S.C. 1034,as a GM2c. during about March 1944 to about February 1946.Going aboard at San Pedro CA. To convoy L.S.T.s to Pearl Harbor,From there we went into the South Pacific. We were in Okinawa when Japan surrendered.

Bill BaldaufJan 08, 2005 02:35
I served on SC-982 from 1944 until my discharge after 18 months on this subchaser. I would like to hear from anyone who served on the SC-982 in the South Pacific either by e-mail or regular mail to Bill Baldauf, 172 Parkview Drive, Wauconda, IL 60084.

sean kelleyJan 02, 2005 04:44
My grandfather Doyle Gene Kelley served on sc701 from 1943 until the war ended. As many of you know information on specific sub chasers is next to impossible to come by. So this is a plea to anyone who may have known my grandfather,served with him,or has info or by some miracle a photo of sc701 to please contact me.