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Jeff BondsFeb 11, 2016 17:12
My dad who died in 2010 served in the Navy from 1939 to 1959. His name was Eugene C. Bonds. In 1943 he served on the SC-669. I’m not sure if he was aboard when she sank the Japanese u boat but I would like to know. When he retired in 1959 he was an SKC but at the time he served on the SC-669 he was possibly a lower enlisted rank. If anyone out there remembers him, I would love to hear from you. Thanks.

Al MelcherFeb 03, 2016 23:26
74 years ago this week, on February 5, 1942, I was a 22 year old member of one of two crews assigned to the SC505 and SC506 that boarded a ferry in San Francisco to take us to Oakland. There we boarded a Western Pacific Railroad train to begin our cross-country trip to Stamford, Conn. Because there were about 40 of us, the railroad assigned a Pullman car for our exclusive use. Most of us were new reservists but there were a few regular navy veterans. I had reported for active duty only a month earlier. The ships were being built by a well-known yacht builder, Luders Marine Construction Co. under a contract with the US Navy. I was a yeoman 3rd class assigned to the SC506. Another yeoman was assigned to the SC505. The route was through the Feather River Canyon across northern US to Chicago where our car was switched to the New York Central Railroad. After arriving at Grand Central Station our car was switched to the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad for the trip to Stamford where they disconnected our car and put it on a siding. Someone phoned the shipyard and four of the ship’s officers, the captains and executive officers of each came to the station. Our arrival was premature and unexpected because the ships were still under construction. Since there were no accommodations, we were given an allowance for subsistence and quarters and were able to find rooms for rent and a local diner for our meals. The proprietor of “Charlie’s Diner” was so happy with the sudden increase in business that we were given a discount. The ships were not completed until mid April, then we took them to the Brooklyn Navy Yard for outfitting and commissioning.

Please refer to my earlier entry on this site dated February 11, 2008 for details of our assignment after commissioning.

Judy HolbrookJan 24, 2016 02:21
My father was an officer and acting skipper aboard SC-1372. I am looking for any shipmates or information to share with my Dad. I know about Cairdeas but am wondering who or what else might be known. We do not have a good original photo. Thanks for any help!

Brad HallJan 07, 2016 14:17
I wrote an article a couple of years ago about the submarine chaser 699. A few days ago, the rights reverted back to me.

I have since placed the article up for sale on Amazon as an ebook (you don’t need a Kindle to read it). I do plan on offering it on Barnes & Noble as well other places soon.

Here is a link to the Amazon page:

MICHAEL TARPEYDec 28, 2015 22:21
My father Vincent Tarpey served on the USS Nester. He died in 1990. If anyone has any pictures of the crew or information on a personal level that would cool. Thanks

David BrandtDec 24, 2015 15:59
My father, Herbert A. Brandt served on SC 1354 until the European war concluded and was transferred to SC 1069 for the South Pacific war. He served as Second Lt. Anyone with knowledge about either ship?

Cindy PridmoreNov 29, 2015 02:34
My dad, Robert H. Pridmore, served on SC650 during WWII. He just turned 92 and would love to hear from anyone who may have known him. He lives in Northern California and has the ship?s bell that he received when the ship was decommissioned in the Philippines at the end of the war. He also has a picture of the ship.

To Phil LeonoudakisOct 03, 2015 19:42
Read Your “guest book” entry. I’m probably the only survivor of SC690. Please contact me at e-mail

My name is also Phil

Margy Campbell LamereSep 20, 2015 10:44
My dad, Robert A. Campbell, was first officer, then commander of SC-981 off New Guinea during WW II: 1942-1944. His scrapbook is amazing, with photos, letters, cables, orders etc. If anyone served as part of his crew, I’d love to hear from them.

Stanley D. Rogers RM1 (Ret.)Sep 07, 2015 03:20
Was assigned to PCS 1385, USS Hollidaysburg, at US Navy and
Marine Corps Training Center, Toledo, Ohio1967-1970 and
made one Great Lakes cruise on her. Good times.

Leroy Loren McFallSep 02, 2015 22:00
SC1363 - I guess it will resonate in my mind for ever. My Father, Leroy Loren McFall was a Coxwain on the 1363. And of course when Dad came home, I was old enough to enjoy the stories of the Pacific Battles. Now that I have served I fully understand comradeship that was common. I think of WWII as one of our countries greatest accomplishments not to be repeated. As many, my father is with his crew now, on Subchaser 1363.

A Man! Bless them all!

Michael HaginsAug 24, 2015 21:45
Posted a number of years ago. My Father Donald Hagins was a GM on board the SC-1040 from late 43 through the end of the war. He turns 91 this October 2015.

Mike ThompsonAug 13, 2015 02:18
I commented several years ago about SC744 but my email address has changed. My new email address is
This is for anyone who for any reason needs to contact me about SC744

Cathy GriffinAug 06, 2015 23:19
My sister and I are looking for any surviving WWII veterans from the USS Lizardfish 373 from 1943 to the end of the war, for our 92 year old father, Earl Nagel. Thank you

Al MelcherAug 04, 2015 22:09
I just received word that Jim Brown, another member of the crew of the SC 506, passed away in July. He reported aboard after I was transferred to Naval Intelligence in the fall of 1942 so we never met. May he rest in peace.

I remain in reasonably good health while approaching the age of 96 and am still living near Sacramento, CA.

Denise (Luessen) DerschJul 30, 2015 01:06
My father, Harry W. Luessen, served on the U.S. SC-709 which went aground in the Louisbourg harbor, Nova Scotia, Canada on January 21, 1943. Families of survivors, please contact me at 856-467-1954.

Denise (Luessen) DerschJul 30, 2015 01:05
My father, Harry W. Luessen, served on the U.S. SC-709 which went aground in the Louisbourg harbor January 21, 1943. Families of survivors, please contact me at 856-467-1954.

Mark K SmithJul 02, 2015 03:41
America has just lost another true American Hero, ROGER B. SABOE died June 20th, 2015 of Allentown, PA.
Mr. Saboe served alongside the crew including my late father Carl D. Smith on the SC-1039 and his memory shall never be forgotten.

Al MelcherJun 19, 2015 18:50

How about removing those “hacker” ads on here and then block them so they can’t post any more?

Thank you.

Jeff YorkJun 11, 2015 18:24
My father, age 87 and still living at the time of this writing (11 June 2015) in Waco, Texas, was Huey (“Hugh”) Wilburn York and he served as a radioman/radio operator on the USS SC 658. He enlisted in Texas, October, 1944, shortly after turning 17, and served 19 months. He said that he didn’t experience combat.

Sad to say that he is dying from cancer of the tonsils and will probably be gone by the end of July. --Jeff York writing from Houston, Texas

Rosanne hoecherlMay 19, 2015 23:28
M y father was on SC 748 in the Atlantic and later on SC 699 in the Pacific. He is 90 years old but remembers the day the Japanese plane hit the ship like it was yesterday. He was thrown into the ocean and later rescued. He has a photo of his burning 699 that was taken by the rescue ship. He joined the navy in April 1942 and was discharged in 1946. From 699 he went to pgm 28 and saw lots of action around new guinea, new britain, manila, guam, Philippines. when the war ended he was on a mine sweeper around japan. He loved the navy and the guys he served with.

Daniel ClohosseyMay 17, 2015 22:19
Updating prior information relating to my father, Edward A. Clohossey, RM 2/c on SC-1349. Have been in touch recently with 3 crewmembers, Bill Reed and Frank Brock (Ohio) and Frank Sisk (North Carolina). Am also seeking information on Hon. Richard J. Cardamone, who was an Ensign/Officer at the end of SC-1349’s service. Bill Reed recently confirmed that 1349 was scuttled in the Marianas Trench off of Guam on June 20, 1946. Happy to hear from any SCers, most especially SC-1349.

Terry C SunderlandMay 07, 2015 14:40
My Father was in the engine room of the USS Alcyone (43-45) I have been looking for photos of him on his ship, any help would be greatly cherrished, I have been tring to research His service aborad this ship for a very long time thanks to all. and from my heart THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR VETS PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE WE AS A NATION COULD NEVER REPAY YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE AND YOUR SACRIFICE. THANK YOU