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Arthur JacobsAug 02, 2017 23:12

Arthur JacobsAug 02, 2017 23:09

April WickerJul 01, 2017 14:07
Robert Virgil Bennett - SC536 April 1942-February 1945 - My brother and I have documents relating to this period of service if anyone is interested.

Russell HillJun 07, 2017 15:51
Mr Melcher my Dad was on the SC504 from April 1942 to Nov. 1943 which went to Tuglagi in the Solomon Island. This boat was built in Maine and was there when PT109 Kennedy boat was sunk. PT’s and SC were both ported at Tulagi across for Henderson Air Strip. He was tranfered to the USS Caution Minesweeper which was futher north closer to Japan from Dec 43 to April 45 then Brozos which picked troops in France.

Al MelcherApr 23, 2017 19:31
Seventy five years ago today the first two subchasers, PC505 and PC506 built by Luders Marine Construction Co. left Stamford, Connecticut and proceeded to Brooklyn Navy Yard for outfitting and commissioning. I was a Yeoman, 3rd class, 22 years old, assigned to the PC506. Later the designation for the 110 foot wooden hull subchasers was changed to SC to distinguish them from the 173 foot steel hull PCs (Patrol Craft). There were 22 enlisted men and 2 officers aboard each ship, later increased to 24 and 3. After commissioning we were assigned to convoy duty between New York and Cape May, New Jersey and later between Key West, Florida and Port of Spain, Trinidad. In the fall of 1942 I was transferred to Washington, DC for Naval Intelligence training. I remained in the Naval Reserve until the late 1950s when I retired with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. I now live near Sacramento, CA.

Gregory FredericksonApr 18, 2017 18:12
Greetings, sailors. My Grandfather, Richard J. Wallace, served on Subchasers during WW1 out of New York City. They would escort the merchant ships up to Canada so they could form up for convoys.He was a Quartermaster 2nd class but always refereed to him self as a 'Fleet Quartermaster' and would tell me stories at bed time about his adventures at sea. Storms, depth charges coming loose and washing clothes by dragging them behind the ship in the prop wash. He went against the wishes of his father and joined the Navy when the United States entered WW1. His stories inspired me later in life to join the Navy and spend six years as a blue water sailor.

Richard BallantineMar 31, 2017 20:59
Bob Rawlings, a supply officer then XO of SC 648, died on March 24, 2017 in Pueblo, Colorado. He was 92.
Rawlings was the long time publisher of his family’s newspaper, The Pueblo Chieftain, where he advocated strongly for issues important to southern and southeastern Colorado, including water, education, jobs, sports teams and rail service.
According to his obituary, while Rawlings was aboard the SC 648 for a year and a half the ship participated in events at or visited ports at Leyte Gulf, Mindanao, Subic Bay and Brunei Bay and Kurchink in Borneo.
Rawlings interrupted his education at Colorado College to join the U.S. Navy for officer training.
The SC 648 was made famous of course by Ted Treadwell who was its CEO for nine months and who featured it his book Splinter Fleet. Treadwell created this wonderful web site.

Al Melcher (SC 506)Mar 04, 2017 22:37
According to the #Note,the previous entry should be removed.
“Guestbook entries which are of a commercial nature and/or unrelated to subchasers or patrol craft will be removed.”

Now is the time webmaster. Thank you....Al

Frederick StonehouseFeb 11, 2017 22:15

I am writing a book about the Great Lakes during WW II. As you know many of the PCs were built on the lakes at Defoe and Leathem Smith yards amongothers.

1129 (Defoe) was sunk by a Japanese suicide boat during the Philippines operation. I know there were causalities but can’t find a number (KIA/WIA).

Can you direct me to a source for the number?
The same is true for the 1261 (Leathem) sunk off Normandy during the invasion.

I would like to include the information as a way of honoring their sacrifice.

Thanks for your help..

Richard WeihingFeb 02, 2017 21:32
Searching for any information about the crew of SC-1046.

MarkJan 31, 2017 07:02
Hi Dale
It’s crazy that I come across this post tonight. I was just doing some seaching on the SC-1057. I use to be a deckhand on her when she was a fishing boat named the Palace II during the 80’s out of Hoboken NJ. What other parts did you find from her. It’s sad to see what happen to her. Had a lot of good times on that boat. Sure do miss her. I wish the camera technology was around back then, would have a lot of good pics of her.

daleJan 30, 2017 20:21
Does anyone know if there is a museam for the sc 1057? I know where the screws and and some other things things off of her Hull is.

David DuryeaJan 04, 2017 02:58
I am looking for any information on the SC-506 in WW2. My father served on it.

Thank you

Daniel MacDonaldDec 21, 2016 21:50
Researching my Dad’s vessel, SC 1333, based out of Key West during WWII. I am interested in who might be his shipmates, other boats from Key West, campaigns, and essentially any information that can be compiled. Understand that they looked for the German U-Boats throughout the Caribbean. I have some photos that can be shared. My Dad was the BM1 on the SC 1333. Also any links to other sites would help. Thank You.

Jeff DankertDec 08, 2016 05:21
My uncle, Willard Dankert, served with the Navy from 1941-46. He was with USS Detroit CL-8 in Pearl Harbor. From Nov 1942 to Aug 1944 he was stationed on a sub chaser, SC-635. He boarded in Miami. After sub-chaser duty, he was stationed on USS Santee CVE-29 until discharge in 1946.

Betsy L HendrixDec 04, 2016 18:30
My father, Frank O. Hendrix, from Tobaccoville, NC (outside of Winston-Salem) was on the PC553 during D-Day Normandy. He was a radio sonarman 2nd class. Over the years he relayed experiences. The one thing that bothered him the most, I believe, was watching the soldiers drowning due to their gear. They were hollering and praying and yelling “Mama! Mama!” and “Help me God!”. It was the most heart wrenching experience because the PC553 could only pick up the ones close to the ship. I would like to get in contact with other veterans who were on this ship. My father died in 2008.

Mark MNov 15, 2016 17:54
I rode on the Nevada lady in the 1960s which was a 100 ft subchaser yacht conversion that sailed out of SF Bay. It had the Pancake diesels and variable pitch props. Went from SF to Half Moon bay and back over a weekend. Does anyone know what became of the Nevada Lady? It was owned by a man who owned some radio broadcast stations. There was another 110 ft subchaser hulk that seems to be omitted from this site’s list that was derelict for years in Tomales Bay CA (into the 1970s) tied up at the Vilicich Boat Yard at Marshall. The yard owners eventually towed it to the west side of the bay, beached and burned it which got them in trouble with the National Park Service.