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Michael HaginsAug 24, 2015 21:45
Posted a number of years ago. My Father Donald Hagins was a GM on board the SC-1040 from late 43 through the end of the war. He turns 91 this October 2015.

Mike ThompsonAug 13, 2015 02:18
I commented several years ago about SC744 but my email address has changed. My new email address is
This is for anyone who for any reason needs to contact me about SC744

Cathy GriffinAug 06, 2015 23:19
My sister and I are looking for any surviving WWII veterans from the USS Lizardfish 373 from 1943 to the end of the war, for our 92 year old father, Earl Nagel. Thank you

Al MelcherAug 04, 2015 22:09
I just received word that Jim Brown, another member of the crew of the SC 506, passed away in July. He reported aboard after I was transferred to Naval Intelligence in the fall of 1942 so we never met. May he rest in peace.

I remain in reasonably good health while approaching the age of 96 and am still living near Sacramento, CA.

Denise (Luessen) DerschJul 30, 2015 01:06
My father, Harry W. Luessen, served on the U.S. SC-709 which went aground in the Louisbourg harbor, Nova Scotia, Canada on January 21, 1943. Families of survivors, please contact me at 856-467-1954.

Denise (Luessen) DerschJul 30, 2015 01:05
My father, Harry W. Luessen, served on the U.S. SC-709 which went aground in the Louisbourg harbor January 21, 1943. Families of survivors, please contact me at 856-467-1954.

Mark K SmithJul 02, 2015 03:41
America has just lost another true American Hero, ROGER B. SABOE died June 20th, 2015 of Allentown, PA.
Mr. Saboe served alongside the crew including my late father Carl D. Smith on the SC-1039 and his memory shall never be forgotten.

Al MelcherJun 19, 2015 18:50

How about removing those “hacker” ads on here and then block them so they can’t post any more?

Thank you.

Jeff YorkJun 11, 2015 18:24
My father, age 87 and still living at the time of this writing (11 June 2015) in Waco, Texas, was Huey (“Hugh”) Wilburn York and he served as a radioman/radio operator on the USS SC 658. He enlisted in Texas, October, 1944, shortly after turning 17, and served 19 months. He said that he didn’t experience combat.

Sad to say that he is dying from cancer of the tonsils and will probably be gone by the end of July. --Jeff York writing from Houston, Texas

Rosanne hoecherlMay 19, 2015 23:28
M y father was on SC 748 in the Atlantic and later on SC 699 in the Pacific. He is 90 years old but remembers the day the Japanese plane hit the ship like it was yesterday. He was thrown into the ocean and later rescued. He has a photo of his burning 699 that was taken by the rescue ship. He joined the navy in April 1942 and was discharged in 1946. From 699 he went to pgm 28 and saw lots of action around new guinea, new britain, manila, guam, Philippines. when the war ended he was on a mine sweeper around japan. He loved the navy and the guys he served with.

Daniel ClohosseyMay 17, 2015 22:19
Updating prior information relating to my father, Edward A. Clohossey, RM 2/c on SC-1349. Have been in touch recently with 3 crewmembers, Bill Reed and Frank Brock (Ohio) and Frank Sisk (North Carolina). Am also seeking information on Hon. Richard J. Cardamone, who was an Ensign/Officer at the end of SC-1349’s service. Bill Reed recently confirmed that 1349 was scuttled in the Marianas Trench off of Guam on June 20, 1946. Happy to hear from any SCers, most especially SC-1349.

Terry C SunderlandMay 07, 2015 14:40
My Father was in the engine room of the USS Alcyone (43-45) I have been looking for photos of him on his ship, any help would be greatly cherrished, I have been tring to research His service aborad this ship for a very long time thanks to all. and from my heart THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR VETS PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE WE AS A NATION COULD NEVER REPAY YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE AND YOUR SACRIFICE. THANK YOU

Thomas McLeanApr 19, 2015 01:38
Was on the sc664 in 1944. transferred to YMS as EM2. While on the 664 we went to WA,DC and escorted USS Potomac down the river with RFD on the presidents yacht to a battle ship out in the Chesepeak Bay. RFD met Churchill, Stalin and Chian Ka Check in Potsdam. We stayed at sea until the news of their arrival was noted on the radio and papers.

Ruth KendallMar 26, 2015 01:58
This is an odd request - I am trying to determine whether a sailor on a minesweeper (YMS 98) which was lost on 16 Sept, 1945, should be considered a “casualty” of wwII. (Trying to justify adding his name to a local monument.) So, if anyone could give me a casualty on SC 632 which was lost on same day, I can use that information to push my cause a bit more. Surrender was signed 2 Sept.1945 and I am guessing this 2 week time difference is the reason my sailor was not considered a casualty of the war. If anyone has any suggestions to further my search, would appreciate information. Thanks

Dave LarsonMar 20, 2015 16:47
My Grandfather was a sailor on SC 731 during the War. I recently recieved pictures he took and developed on the ship.

Dave C.Mar 14, 2015 16:20
Dad was a subchaser sailor off Greenland in WW II. SC 689.

Jim HawverFeb 14, 2015 23:46
If anyone wants to write, the email address is incorrect in my previous post.
Thanks Jim

Jim HawverFeb 14, 2015 16:06
My father bought a Gov. surplus copper clad Canadian built sub chaser,just after the war. Named it the AL&AL, kept it at the St Pete yacht basin. in Florida. He converted it to a freighter and made runs to Cuba and South America.Lost it on Chincura ? reef a number of years later. If anyone has any stories or information about the ship,I would love to hear them.

Monte Bradford, Jr.Jan 03, 2015 05:06
My Dad, Monte Bradford, was an officer on the SC 1326 in 1945. I apologize for changing my email address so many times when commenting in years past here (hope I didn’t miss any communications)--the above address is active, and would love to hear from the kids and grandkids of those who served on the 1326. I have several pics of the ship and crew, sent to me graciously several years ago by Mr. Emile Canncienne, for those who might like to see. Thanks.

John Robertson (skinny)Dec 11, 2014 17:58
I served on SC693 and SC 978 in med. I am now 91. Anybody out there serve on one of these? Did all of Africa, Sicily, Italy, Anzio, Southern France, then gave ships to France. specially remember Palermo.
I was on flying bridge at night outside Palermo and a torpedo bomber dropped a torpedo that went right under us amidship but it was too low for our 6.5 ft. Draft. I still fear the fear when I think f watching it come toward us. I knew I was dead but then it missed us.

Bradley HallOct 30, 2014 22:03
It’s me again. My grandfather served on the Submarine Chaser 699. If your loved one served on this ship, please contact me, I would love to share stories and pictures and information. This was an awesome ship (as they all were).

William CaseOct 25, 2014 13:52
I went through SCTC, Miami, FL, (1943) was MoMM 2/c. convoy escort duty from New York or Boston to Iceland and/or Caribbean. Then we put PC through shakedown & gave it to Brazil.Finally we got PC 1236 and continued same duty from New York/Boston to Cuba, until VE Day. Then took PC 1236 to Marshal-Gilbert Islands in South Pacific until we went home in 1946.

Phil RothmanOct 20, 2014 17:56
disregard any other messages on list. This is the latest and correct e-mail address to reach me. Crew member WW2, SC690, with Capt. J. Platz and Exec. Trickey, an duty in the Med. Ship turned over to the French in late 1944.

ChristianOct 13, 2014 15:46
A picture of some nice hulls;

amy m lameyOct 12, 2014 03:39
Wow, was just wondering if anyone knew who LT.Floyd “dixie”Howell or as I. Would call him Grandpa Floyd Dixie"a Howell on a Sub Chaser out of Key West?? Very proud of him. Always telling me he never regretted anything he did... Love him

Timothy EdwardsOct 11, 2014 22:32
My grandfather, Donald Edwards, was on the SC-1012. Unfortunately, I don’t know much information about his time of service on this ship. If anyone knew him or knew someone that served with him, please contact me. I’d love to hear about his experiences.

Phil RothmanOct 11, 2014 18:19
Served aboard SC690 in the Med under Capt. J. Platz and Exec
J.Trickey This will be my final search for crew members or relatives.

Daytona Maritime MuseumSep 28, 2014 13:49
Daytona Beach Boat Works built 17 Subchasers in WWII:
SC1486, and
Our Museum would appreciate hearing your or your family’s stories and any photos of the Sailors and the Subchasers you’d be willing to share with us.
Thank you.

Tim Mc HughSep 24, 2014 17:10
I asked my father, U.S. Naval Armed Guard Gunner, what the closest he ever came to “buying the farm” was. He said he had been drinking Chianti and playing cards on board another vessel tied up near his own ship, the S.S. Lou Gehrig. He left about ten minutes before German bombers came over the port and obliterated the boat he had just left. I found out years later that it was the Sub Chaser 694 in the port of Palermo on August 23rd, 1943. Every thing in my research backed his story even down the the pier or quay he was walking down when th4e bombers struck.

ChristianSep 24, 2014 17:01
Sub Chaser model hulls. In addition to the 1/32 Microglass hull you can now buy this hull in 1/72nd, 1/48th and 1/24th scales at

Richard G. BallantineSep 11, 2014 18:48
Tom Brady, you have set a high bar! A photo album set to music is a first for this site!
Wonderful photos. That’s a bi-winged plane that came apart on the surface of the ocean? And a shark hanging from the SC’s bow!
Richard G. Ballantine
whose father served on the SC691

Tom BradySep 10, 2014 21:22
I have uploaded pictures and video of my grandfather’s subchaser’s from his service during WWI. SC355 and SC284 William Manville O’Connor and Clyde A. “Cody” Carlsen" Collection. Here’s is the link to a FB page: